`318 An Oct 7 Bombshell
Chananya Weissman

April 22, 2024


Former Mossad head Yossi Cohen "assumed an ambiguous role in the Hostage Family Forum", an extremely shady organization that is behind the Bring Them Home Now psy-op (which I exposed in an important article here and podcast here). This was casually dropped in an interview with Mishpacha propaganda-zine.

Yeah, nothing weird about that.

Just like there's nothing weird about a huge advertising agency registering the domain name for the Bring Them Home Now campaign.

The same advertising agency that worked for the Ministry of Health during the Covid psy-op.

And there's nothing weird about the State of Israel running Super Bowl ads in conjunction with Bring Them Home Now (see here and here for two of the ads, and here for a Jerusalem Compost article about it, and here for the National Hasbara propaganda wing of the government).

Of course, if these ads were designed to achieve sympathy and support from goyim around the world who are apathetic at best about Jewish hostages thousands of miles away, it only had the opposite effect. Of course it did.

And there's nothing weird about the State of Israel having unlimited funds for expensive stunts like this, and feeding all of Gaza, while its own people can't make ends meet and IDF soldiers rely on charity for food and gear.

But it gets even crazier. The following information was brought to my attention by an anonymous follower.

Way back in 2000 the northern border with Lebanon was breached by infiltrators. They abducted three soldiers, who were subsequently murdered.

There were intelligence warnings about a well-planned attack on the morning it took place -- but they were ignored. There were clear signs at least a month before the attack and warnings from IDF soldiers at the site of the attack that something big was imminent. But these warnings were dismissed.

A crucial part of the electronic security fence "malfunctioned", but this information was not shared with the soldiers patrolling the area, and demands to repair the fence went unheeded.

The cameras didn't work that day.

Soldiers in the area were forced to drive in unprotected jeeps.

The kidnapping was incredibly easy.

Even after the soldiers were kidnapped, the IDF was slow to respond, waiting 45 minutes to send helicopters, which was more than enough time for the terrorists to disappear. Furthermore, they did not prevent vehicles from leaving the Arab village of Sheva, where the kidnappers were suspected of hiding after the attack.

As always, the criminals investigated themselves and it all went away. We collectively forgot this ever even happened. (A Hebrew article with more details is available here.)

The general in charge of the area was Aaron Haliva, who is also the head of military intelligence today. He was reportedly absent the day of the attack in 2000, just as he was absent on October 7, 2023.

Oh, and the date of the kidnapping in 2000?

Shabbos Shuva, October 7.



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