`302 What's Behind “Bring Them Home Now”?
Chananya Weissman

January 11, 2024


Last week I took a closer look at the ubiquitous, relentless reminders about the hostages (who never should have been able to be taken in the first place, no matter how the controlled media and useful idiots try to rationalize it). The program is available here.

This propaganda and brainwashing — that's what it is — is intended to keep the focus of the masses away from examining what really happened on October 7 and how, and, even more importantly, justify sending our finest Jewish fighters into a booby-trapped hellhole and keeping them there for months on end with no clear goal or endgame in sight.

Bring home the hostages! Whatever it takes! Whatever it costs!

The official numbers of deaths and casualties among our soldiers are as trustworthy as the official numbers about Covid, for it is roughly the same people and entities providing this information. It is in the interests of those who want this "war" to continue indefinitely to downplay the numbers so that soldiers will continue to imperil themselves, and their families will continue to support the war.

After all, it doesn't really make sense for thousands of Jewish fighters to be killed and maimed for the speculative hope of saving 100 or so hostages, whose whereabouts and wellbeing are also speculative at this point.

It doesn't really make sense for thousands of Jewish fighters to be killed and maimed to eventually turn Gaza over to some other group of Arab enemies or foreign power.

It doesn't really make sense for thousands of Jewish fighters to be killed and maimed to blow up tunnels and booby-trapped buildings (which never should have been allowed to be built in the first place) when there are less costly ways of defeating our enemies.

This is why we need to be relentlessly bombarded with glossy pictures of hostages and motivational slogans. This is why we need all sorts of campaigns to support and strengthen the soldiers.

A truly sensible, justified military operation does not and should not require relentless propaganda, downright brainwashing, to maintain soldier morale and public support. It is only when an army is suffering catastrophic losses and/or the narrative behind the war is highly questionable that a propaganda machine must be deployed.

Otherwise people will think.

Otherwise people will stop.

The Bring Them Home Now campaign seems almost as omnipresent as God Himself. Their website, bringthemhomenow.net, states the following:

"The Hostage and Missing Families Forum was formed by the families of the abductees less than 24 hours after the horrific attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7th..."

Really? Which families? Could they really have been both so valiant and stone-cold impervious to the horror and trauma mere hours after the mini-Holocaust to even be functional, let alone create a slick, humongous, EXTREMELY expensive marketing campaign?

This is as believable as the official claim that there were zero flu cases in 2020.

Here are some very interesting pieces of information for your consideration.

The bringthemhomenow.net website was registered on October 10 (see here).

The organization listed as the registrant is MMS Communication Israel Ltd.

MMS Communication Israel Ltd is also known as Leo Burnett Israel (source is here).

Leo Burnett Israel is a huge international advertising agency.

This is not a grassroots campaign by the families of abductees. A huge international advertising agency is running the Bring Them Home Now campaign. (Who is really paying for all that?)

According to CheckID, MMS Communication Israel Ltd had two "government engagements" with Israel's Health Ministry between 2019 and 2021 (source is here) . You know, when we were being bombarded constantly with Covid-related propaganda.

What a funny coincidence.

I was curious about how quickly "the families of abductees", kibbutznikim near the Gaza border, managed to create such a slick, professional website and campaign from scratch. I checked out the Wayback Machine, which takes screenshots of websites periodically, so you can get a sense of this.

Requests for information about the Bring Them Home Now website are blocked. See here.

If you think this information is irrelevant, or unimportant, or we shouldn't think about it right now because we have to SUPPORT OUR SOLDIERS, and BRING THE HOSTAGES HOME, and WIN THE WAR IN GAZA, enjoy your darkness while you can.

Enjoy all the cameras that are going up all around you to keep you safe, which didn't prevent the invasion, and which, strangely enough, are NOT going up in Gaza.

Enjoy the fences and walls that are going up around you, not around our enemies. To keep you safe, of course.

Enjoy living in your ghettos and 15-minute cities, to keep you safe. Enjoy your comfortable prisons, as long as they are somewhat comfortable.

Enjoy giving up whatever little remains of your freedom and autonomy, outsourcing what little remains of your ability to control your own life, provide for your family's needs, and raise your children, for the greater good.

Stay strong as our fighting forces are decimated, our cities turned into ghost towns, our farmland abandoned, our population turned into refugees totally dependent on the government and charity, and our ability to think and speak curtailed by increasingly totalitarian laws.

All for our own good. All for the sake of the hostages. All so we can "win".

If, however, you feel differently about all the above, you can still choose to do something about it.

You can choose to continue to follow Pharaoh's sweet talk and propaganda, or you can opt out.

You can choose to keep getting sucked into the latest controlled narrative and marketing campaign, or turn off and tune out ALL the propaganda and brainwashing.

You can choose to fear what people think of you, or fear Hashem and the consequences of placing anything else first.

You can choose to eagerly participate in your own enslavement and eventual destruction, grudgingly participate, or stop participating altogether.

You can choose to speak to people in real life (not just virtually) and gradually create a real change.

Most of all, you can see our real enemies for who they are, and recognize the war that we are really in. Then you can choose to beg Hashem to redeem us, create a truly Jewish leadership with fear of God, and make Torah the law of the land.

Or not.

It's up to you.



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