`313 Simcha Is Canceled
Chananya Weissman

March 20, 2024


A shul in Jerusalem recently made it known that music would no longer be permitted in their simcha hall, even for weddings. “Unfortunately due to the situation we are in. We [have] been receiving a lot of complaints regarding music coming from the hall...The committee decided to not allow music during events.”

You might have noticed that the streets of Israel are missing much of the usual pre-Purim festivities. This is because simcha has officially been banned this year — by the same Erev Rav who banned public prayer gatherings over “health risks” — because, of course, the hostages. How can we dare celebrate a Yom Tov in accordance with halacha when hostages are suffering in Gaza?

Mind you, the same Erev Rav and virtue signalers who canceled simcha this year did not cancel simcha due to the countless thousands of people who are suffering from vaccine injuries and infertility.

The same Erev Rav and virtue signalers did not cancel simcha because the Beis Hamikdash is still in a state of churban.

Simcha was not canceled because of all the countless others who are suffering in all kinds of ways for all kinds of reasons. Whatever. Life must go on.

Simcha was not canceled during the Holocaust in the camps.

But because of the hostages in Gaza we must cancel simcha, even — especially! — when the Torah commands us to experience simcha and express simcha. Right.

David Yosef, brother of Chief Erev Rav Yitzchak Yosef, called for public displays of simcha on Purim to be canceled this year. The usual propaganda sites, like Arutz Sheva and VINnews, dutifully publicized this message, but we are not supposed to wonder why they decided to publicize this specific utterance of this particular rabbi and what goes on behind the scenes to make it happen.

David Yosef declared that celebrating Purim publicly would be a chillul Hashem, a desecration of God's name.

David Yosef previously had this to say about the Covid shots in 2021 (see here):

“I never heard anyone say that one shouldn't take the vaccine...The doctors established that the vaccine is excellent and very good. A person goes to the doctor and does whatever the doctor tells him...I didn't hear one expert talk against the vaccine. I didn't hear anything clear and founded against it.”

How about we cancel the Erev Rav who canceled simcha?



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