`184 Erev Rav in Israel
Chananya Weissman
Feburary 2, 2022

This article is based on a recent presentation by Rav Shalom Barel. The video is in Hebrew and is over two hours long. Rav Barel presented clips of many prominent rabbis in Israel making declarations that serve the interests of the medical dictatorship in which we find ourselves.

Rav Barel methodically demonstrated how these rabbis falsified the Torah, presented false information about the covid/crapcine situation, and even contradicted themselves. One of them is even a false prophet – not metaphorically, but literally!

Due to the importance of this information I have transcribed the clips of these Erev Rav in English, and added some comments of my own. Henceforth I will not refer to any of these men as rabbis. They are not worthy of respect.

There is great room for differences of opinion in Torah matters, and students of the Torah should honor one another even when they sharply disagree. Generally speaking one should avoid harsh language, especially when referring to rabbis.

At risk of turning off some people, I am going to use very blunt, harsh language. The crimes of these men are so egregious that harsh language is not only justified, but appropriate, even if it turns some people off. A more deferential tone would legitimize them in some way, as if this is just a regular disagreement over Torah. This is not a regular disagreement. This is a war for the bodies and souls of the Jewish people, and these people are trying to destroy us. War is ugly. You can't win a war by playing nice with those who are trying to destroy you.

The men in these clips are not students of the Torah, despite their titles and honorifics. They are moles who have betrayed the Jewish people. They have corrupted the Torah and weaponized it to push an agenda that completely opposes the Torah. They prey on the ignorance and devotion of the masses, who are afraid to challenge authority. They take advantage of Jews who want to do the right thing, and lead them astray.

They are evil.

Does this make you uncomfortable? Is this hard for you to accept? Read on and decide for yourself – but really think about it and decide for yourself. Do not whitewash evil just because the truth is hard to accept.

Here are the transcriptions, with my comments in brackets.


David Amram

Beginning at 16:55 we hear from David Amram, who is introduced to us as a dayan (rabbinic judge) and a posek (decisor of Jewish law). Amram was a guest on a program with Rav Ravid Nagar, and responded to Rav Daniel Assour, who called in to the program. Rav Assour has been a vocal opponent of the official covid narrative.

Rav Assour: We are lab rats. If there is damage, who will take responsibility for Klal Yisrael? It's pikuach nefesh (saving lives).

Amram: This is the greatness of a Rav. Rav Ovadiah Yosef permitted 1000 agunos in the Yom Kippur war and took the risks that they would be forbidden to their husbands.

[Rav Yosef permitted these women whose husbands were missing in the war to remarry, declaring that their husbands were definitely dead. Otherwise, these women would have been "chained" and forbidden to remarry forever. By permitting them to remarry, Rav Yosef was assuming a tremendous responsibility; if he were wrong, the women would be adulterers, and any children from the second marriage – which would be invalid – would be mamzerim, bearing a serious, permanent spiritual defect that renders them unable to marry Jews with kosher lineage.]

[Rav Barel paused the clip and noted that Rav Yosef turned out to be correct every single time; not a single husband he declared dead turned out to be alive. Had even one such man returned, Rav Yosef would have been forced to admit that his ruling was incorrect. After all, if the metzius changes, if the reality on which the ruling is based is not valid, then the ruling is similarly invalid. Rav Barel challenged Amram's using Rav Yosef's ruling as a comparison to obligate everyone to take these shots.]

Amram: Even if a million people die from this vaccine, the din is emes [the ruling is true]. Even if 10 million die, this is the din and this is the halacha. Even if there are 20 million deaths.

[Of course, this is complete fantasy, nothing more than the ravings of a lunatic.]

Rav Assour: People have died while taking the shots. How many have to die until you understand that the vaccines are dangerous? How many more have to die? People have died while driving.

Amram (dismissively): There are about 1000 who die like that every year, with no connection to corona or vaccines.

Rav Assour: You're giving me statistics? People took the vaccine and then immediately had a heart attack.

Amram gestures, as if to say "Big deal".

Amram: You know, ten people die in the world every year from machines of cans of cola.

The host, Rav Nagar, chastises Amram that this is zilzul [making light of something important].

Rav Nagar: If people are dying right after or during [the injections] you can't hide from it. It's a fact. I get notices every day.

Rav Assour: Right after getting it, while getting it.

Amram (annoyed, disgusted, dismissive, not the least bit concerned): You have to check and see if there is a direct connection, I don't know.

[You don't know? So why are you quite possibly sending millions of people to their death? Why don't you find out? Why don't you care? This is a rabbinic judge?]

Rav Nagar (very agitated): People died during the shots!

Amram: Well now I have an explicit Gemara. A person sees someone with a sword in his hand chasing after someone, he comes out of there with the sword dripping with blood, and the guy is dead, can you say that he killed him?

Rav Nagar: No.

Amram (triumphantly): Thank you very much.

Rav Nagar tries to continue. Amram brushes him away.

Amram: That's it, it's over right here.

[Rav Nagar's response to Amram's “explicit Gemara” is very disappointing; he should not have granted this point any legitimacy. Amram is referring (perhaps unknowingly) to a Gemara in Sanhedrin 37B:

Rav Shimon ben Shetach related that he once saw a man chasing his fellow into a shack. Rav Shimon chased after him and saw his sword dripping with blood, while the man he chased lay in his death throes. Rav Shimon said to him: “Rasha! Who killed this man? It was either me or you. But what can I do, seeing that your blood is not given over to my hands, for the Torah says 'According to the mouths of two witnesses the dead one shall be put to death' (Devarim 17:6). The One Who knows all thoughts will collect from this man who killed his fellow.” They said, they didn't move from there before a snake came, struck him, and he died.

There was no doubt that the man murdered his fellow, but due to a legal technicality – the absence of two valid witnesses – Shimon ben Shetach could not have the murderer executed in a human court. Therefore, Hashem had to take care of it directly.

In any case, the “explicit Gemara” Amram claims ended the discussion is completely irrelevant. He is corrupting this source to try to demonstrate that if you cannot prove someone is a murderer to the extent that he would be executed in court, then you cannot say that person is a murderer, and therefore (somehow) we cannot say the shots are killing anyone. This is not only absurd, it is a distortion of the Gemara. Rav Nagar should have shot this right down by noting that we most definitely can refer to such people as murderers, as Shimon ben Shetach did, even if technicalities prevent us from executing them.

In sum, Amram engaged in cheap rhetoric to deny reality and pretend the Torah ties our hands from calling a spade a spade – or a murderer a murderer.]


Nir Ben Artzi

Beginning at 31:45 we hear from Nir Ben Artzi. He comes dressed in a tallis and tefillin, like props for the act he is about to perform. If you ever wondered what false prophets were like back in the day, he plays the part to a tee. He literally declares that God told him all kinds of...interesting things.

Ben Artzi: The Borei Olam [Creator of the world] says, listen only to the Ministry of Health. The fifth wave is no game. It's very dangerous and hard to get out of it. So listen to what the Borei Olam says. Listen only to what the Ministry of Health says. Don't listen to anyone! Listen only to the voice of the Ministry of Health!

Borei Olam placed a malach [angel] in the Ministry of Health who is guiding them what to tell you. Only to them did He place a malach. To no one else did He place a malach, to tell you what's with corona. Only to the Ministry of Health! Listen to them! Don't listen to any Jew! They are lying. “Don't take the vaccine, not this, not this, with the corona...” Don't believe them!

Borei Olam tells me that those who don't take seriously the matter of corona “They will not live”. They will receive terrible illnesses from the corona plague. So listen only to the voice of the Ministry of Health. Not Rabbonim, not teachers, not members of the Knesset, not the mayor, no one. Only to the Ministry of Health, those who are responsible to give instructions what to do about this plague. If they say to vaccinate everyone, do the vaccination. There's a blessing from heaven from the Borei Olam. Don't believe anyone! Don't believe someone who says there is no plague, not to take vaccines. Don't believe him! [Incoherent] They are causing people to die.

The fifth wave of corona is very tough, says the Borei Olam. And it's very hard to get out of it. This is not a game, it's very dangerous. And you brought this plague upon yourselves to Israel. Borei Olam [says] there is no cure in the world and there will be no cure. In Europe, Asia, and Africa. In South America and North America in all the places in the world all kinds of plagues will spread. So the fifth wave, says Borei Olam, is deadly dangerous. What the previous ones were is nothing, compared to the fifth wave, which can spread and kill people in the streets.

[What a nut.]


Ayal Amrami

Beginning at 1:02:17 we hear from Ayal Amrami, yet another head of religious institutions who displays a complete absence of worthiness. One can only wonder how people like this attained such prominent positions. It is hard to imagine that they earned it on merit, for their Torah arguments are not even amateurish, and their character is poor. What exactly do they bring to the table to warrant prestige and authority?

Amrami: Rav Kanievsky says to take the vaccine, you don't ask questions at all, is it good for me, or not good for me, is it healthy, will it harm my health or not. It doesn't matter. “It will make us paralyzed.” The Tzaddik says to take the vaccine, Rav Kanievsky, finished! You don't ask questions. No questions at all. End of story.

[Rambles on incoherently.] You put on a kippah, you don't believe the gedolei hador [great men of the generation]? “This vaccine will make us paralyzed.” What do we care? We follow the commandments of the chachamim, end of story. We don't ask questions at all. What? What is this? A gadol in Torah says something, you don't ask any question, end of story. What?

[Really? Even asking questions is forbidden now? He just eliminated 90% of the Talmud and turned Judaism into a cult.]

Question from audience [unclear why this is allowed]: Harav, even if he is sensitive?

Amrami: That's something else. If he has a medical illness, that's not...but if he's a regular normal person, go take the vaccine. This is bittul Torah. Children aren't learning. Do you know what it is when children aren't learning Torah? There is no protection for the world. Get the vaccine, end of story, enough.

Especially when all the gedolei Torah said. Rav Shalom Cohen, Maran Harav Yitzchak Yosef.

[Rav Barel interjects at 1:06:00 and shares a clip of Rav Avraham Cohen, a direct relative of the aforementioned Rav Shalom Cohen. He testifies that they don't allow people to speak with Rav Shalom Cohen. “When I meet him at a simcha they place guards around him, they don't let you say a word to him. Someone from the family tried to speak with him and they sent him to the underworld.”]

Amrami: If the gedolei olam are wrong, if you know for sure that they are wrong, let's say you are a big doctor and you know the vaccine damages one's health, and the gadol hador says take the vaccine, you are sure that he is wrong [he wrongly attributes this to a statement in the Sefer HaChinuch about following the Sanhedrin] we are not allowed to disagree with them, and we do according to their mistake. Do not divide the people.

[So now we are told that even if one is a big doctor and knows that a medical procedure will kill someone, he must ignore what he knows and follow the orders of the rabbi. I admire Rav Barel for having the patience to painstakingly debunk statements that are so clearly absurd and against the Torah. Those who are interested can watch the program, for I do not have such a high level of patience.]


Daniel Zer

At 1:21:14 Daniel Zer plays a card we have become all too familiar with.

Zer: Even if they tell you left is right, listen to him.

[Like all those who play this card, Zer provides no context. He is referencing the oft-corrupted teaching, based on Devarim 10-11, that we must follow the rulings of the Sanhedrin in settling ordinary cases of doubt, even if we believe they got it totally wrong. He takes this teaching out of context and blows it out of proportion to justify violating whatever else the Torah teaches, if some authority figure gives us such orders. Zer abuses a Torah teaching to turn Judaism into a cult of blind obedience.

He is attempting to bludgeon ignorant people with a source, misleading them instead of teaching them. This is known as megaleh panim b'Torah she'lo k'halacha. As Rabbi Elazar Hamodai teaches, one who does this – even if he is a scholar who performs good deeds – has no share in the world to come (Avos 3:11). (See More Rabbinic Malpractice and Fake Torah.)

I wrote about the actual context of the teaching here, with links to additional writings on the subject.]


Ben Zion Mutzafi

Beginning at 1:23:06 we hear from the wretched Ben Zion Mutzafi, yet another high-ranking rabbinic figure who desecrates the Torah and disgraces the Jewish people. I'm not sure what he has done to warrant the deference he receives; his title honors him, but he does not honor his title. It seems all he does is yell at people and embarrass them in public. His face is contorted in hate. I believe he hates the Jewish people.

Mutzafi was a guest on a program, and the host asked him about the polemics over the vaccines.

Mutzafi: What polemics? What polemics? I don't understand.

Host: People ask futile questions–

Mutzafi interrupts the host, as is his wont.

Host: You didn't hear the end of the question.

Mutzafi (interrupting him again): I heard!

Host (trying to get in a word): You didn't hear.

Mutzafi: I don't want to hear! I don't want to hear your nonsense.

[What an evil man.]


David Yosef

Beginning at 1:42:34 we hear from David Yosef, son of former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who seems to have found a new position as the Chief Rabbi of the pharmaceutical industry.

Yosef: I never heard anyone say that one shouldn't take the vaccine.

[Have you been in a coma for the last two years? Did you have your hearing checked?]

Yosef: The doctors established that the vaccine is excellent and very good. A person goes to the doctor and does whatever the doctor tells him. Sometimes [when?] one should get a second opinion.

[Yosef blathers on about this being a one-sided issue, Rav Zilberstein researched it as needed, etc. Rav Barel has a field day with all this. We hear again from Yosef at 2:09:00.]

Yosef: I didn't hear one expert talk against the vaccine. I didn't hear anything clear and founded against it.


I will conclude by once again referencing the words of Chazal in the last Mishna of Sotah, that in the generation in which Moshiach comes the gathering place of the rabbis will become a place of prostitution (see Can so many rabbis be wrong?). There is no chance that these “rabbis” studied the Torah thoroughly and arrived at these conclusions honestly and independently. This is why, on the rare occasions one can even approach them, they react with deceit and malice. They are getting paid to corrupt the Torah and mislead the people.

They are whores. They are evil.

There is no mitzva to respect them. On the contrary, it is a mitzva to expose them for the charlatans that they are and banish them from our midst. We are a holy nation. The Torah commands us to learn, understand, and be able to discern truth from falsehood. One does not need to be a towering scholar to discern that these people are phonies. They are getting rewarded to corrupt the Torah and lead Jews to destruction (though perhaps some of them are so wicked that they do it for pleasure).

This is not a time to be humble and defer to authority. This a war for our physical and spiritual survival. We must not be afraid. We must speak out, rid ourselves of these Erev Rav moles, and establish true Jewish leadership – with fear of Hashem, and Torah as our law.