`296 A Leisurely Invasion in Halacha
Chananya Weissman

November 5, 2023


The Mishna in Avoda Zara 70B states as follows:

בולשת שנכנסה לעיר בשעת שלום חביות פתוחות אסורות סתומות מותרות בשעת מלחמה אלו ואלו מותרות לפי שאין פנאי לנסך

If a [gentile] military force entered a city in peacetime, open wine barrels are forbidden [because we assume they poured the wine for idolatrous libations]; sealed barrels are permitted. During war, these and those are permitted, for there is no spare time to pour libations.

If there is no time during an invasion to splash some wine, there is certainly no time to take selfies, make videos, torture people to death, mutilate them, take smoking breaks, sit down for meals in people's homes after murdering them, and walk around at a leisurely pace over many hours – when you know there are military bases with Apache helicopters within earshot and anyone can take a bus from anywhere in the country and arrive during all that time.

An invading army during the heat of war does not conduct itself with leisure. This is a fact of the world since time immemorial, and halacha is based on this truth.

Yet the invaders from Gaza did conduct themselves with leisure. They acted as if they had plenty of time, contrary to all reason and the way all invading armies have been known to behave since time immemorial. And somehow they got away with it! The one invading army that behaved contrary to reason and the ways of the world happened to be the one that guessed right, that there would be no meaningful military response for many hours while they rampaged. They had time to pour libations, and a great deal more.

There is only one explanation for this that makes sense.

They knew they would have leisure time.

And there is only one explanation for how they could know.

If you can't accept it, the problem is with you.

*   *   *

Of course, the establishment liars and propagandists are delighted to offer you a way out from believing the obvious truth.  World Economic Forum shill Eli Beer was asked how there was no military response for 6 hours (because of course a Hatzalah guy would be privy to such sensitive information if he wasn't a WEF shill like the whole  rotten bunch).  Instead of answering the question (because they can't), he spun a ridiculous tall tale to cover for what really happened on Simchas Torah.

Listen here.

The story goes as follows.  The hundreds and thousands of terrorists dressed up like farmers.  Sure, it was weird, but no one made much of it.  Then they sent drones with explosives that somehow made it inside the military bases, found the women who monitor the cameras, and killed them.  Then they fired a bunch of missiles, so the soldiers ran into shelters, and then the farmers jumped out and started shooting everyone.

Amazing!  Maybe next time they will dress up as Santa Clause, because no one would expect that.  Or maybe as Hatzala guys! 

Beer was wearing a very authoritative-looking uniform, and Hatzala is so wonderful, and the rabbi in the video who did the puff interview is a brand name, so it MUST be true.  Clearly I'm the crazy one for smelling a stinking pile of rats.

Thanks to Eli Beer for reminding everyone that Hatzalah is just another front organization that spreads propaganda and grifts from the community.

Frankly, I wouldn't take 100 to 1 odds that his well-publicized miraculous recovery from a covid-induced coma, right before Hatzala started pushing a pharmaceutical product, which is totally not their job, which just happened to be the crapcine, isn't another WEF production.

Either way, if they are going to such great lengths to weave ridiculous explanations for what happened, while avoiding the military response that DIDN'T happen, it's obviously a smokescreen.

Again, if you can't accept the truth because the truth is too disturbing, that's your problem — and exactly what they depend on.

*   *   *

2020: Now isn't the time for questions. It's a pandemic!

2023: Now isn't the time for questions.  It's a war!  

Why are so many people who knew better in 2020 following the propaganda now?



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