`286 FAQ About the Erev Rav Betrayal
Chananya Weissman

October 9, 2023


Q: Why would they allow and abet Arab savages to invade Israel and slaughter its people? What do they have to gain?

A: Because they are Erev Rav who work hand in hand with Amalek. Their goal is the physical and spiritual annihilation of the Jewish people, albeit in more covert ways.

When you understand this simple but essential point, everything else makes sense. If you don't, you have to bend over backwards to explain it (or accept the explanations conveniently provided by the mockingbird media they finance and control), but if you spend two seconds actually thinking about it, nothing makes sense.


Q: It can't be. They would never do such a thing.

A: That's not a question. But why can't it be, and why wouldn't they? The truth is awful, but this is the only explanation that stands up to any scrutiny. Plus, we have a long history of enemies from within betraying us to our external enemies. Stop deluding yourself that it can't be just because it's painful. Get over it and live with reality.

They count on you being unable to accept the existence of massive evil that is highly organized and sophisticated. It makes you easy prey.


Q: Come on, they were surprised and dropped the ball.

The deep state is fine with us believing that the Hamas invasion was due to incompetence. Then they can have a commission, fire some scapegoat, and promise to do better in the future. But if people realize this was betrayal at the highest levels, their grip on control and their ability to manipulate us become much more tenuous.


Q: How do you know? Where's the evidence?

A: Unfortunately we don't have the Shabak at our disposal to torture confessions out of people, but fortunately the evidence is indisputable. (See here for a summary.) There is simply no way there could have been such a massive infiltration in broad daylight, with hundreds of executioners running amok for hours on end, with absolutely zero meaningful response, without our fearless leaders deliberately allowing it to happen.

This is aside from the fact that border communities had their local security disarmed shortly before the attack, of course for their own protection. Because if people can protect themselves, they won't need or want Big Brother to do it for them.

See this report: Israeli town residents welcome state surveillance after Muslim invasion

So the official story is that the killers got in because the cameras by the border went down...and the solution is to install cameras around the residents themselves. Right.


Q: But the cameras on the border WERE hacked and shut off! I saw it on a very trustworthy news site that gets all their information directly from the government!

A: Disinformation and misdirection. You seriously believe the cameras were hacked and shut down for hours, yet no one thought too much of it?

Let me ask you a simple question. Let's say you were part of the military brass and you were just informed that the cameras and computers all just went offline. Do you wait 6 hours for them to come back online? Do you call HOT and Bezeq? Do you reset your router? Or do you call a red alert and get all hands on deck to the borders immediately?

What about all the desperate calls from people being massacred? Or the livestreams on Arab channels showing the massacre in real time? You can take a bus from one end of Israel and back in all that time, and one helicopter could have mowed them down, yet there was NOTHING FOR 6 HOURS.

Seriously, how can people still be so damn stupid at this point?

I realize you desperately want to cling to the fantasy that your fearless leaders are trying really hard to keep you safe, and they are under a lot of pressure, and we have to "support our country", but they want you to desperately cling to that fantasy too.


Q: This is really not the time to be making such accusations. We need to unify and support the country. Don't you care about our soldiers who are in danger?

Now you're just gaslighting.

Here's an email I received today from a statist who used to be relevant, but is now nothing more than a smoking ember from the rubble of "Religious Zionist" leadership:

"This is NOT the time for these emails!

The nation needs to be strong and you are causing people to be weak and lose faith.

May HaShem curse all people who send these emails and weaken the Nation of Israel!

Yes, there are many questions that need to be answered but NOT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop this immediately."


And here was my response:

"May Hashem curse all the people who encouraged everyone to take poison shots, poison their children, and both physically and psychologically abuse them with masks. May Hashem curse the traitors who allow Jewish blood to be spilled by the most savage people on earth. May Hashem curse all those who strengthen our enemies from within and without. May Hashem curse all those who weaken our nation by serving as useful idiots and Judenrat."

Continuing to have "faith" in the people and entities who betrayed you again and again is a deadly mistake.

Continuing to believe they have your best interests at heart and rely on them to protect you and your family is a deadly mistake.

Continuing to get your information from controlled media that literally work for them and broadcast their messages is a deadly mistake.

Continuing to "serve your country" is a deadly mistake. Serve God and serve your people. "Your country" is a fictitious entity, a corporation that will lie to you, sell you out, and send you to be slaughtered if it serves their interests.


Q: You're right. But what can we DO?

1. Daven

2. Teshuva

3. Unify

4. Organize

5. Take out the trash

In the meantime, understand that protecting yourself, your family, and your community is YOUR responsibility. Any sharp or blunt metal object can be an effective weapon — even a slingshot like King David used! Granted, unwelcome visitors are likely to be better armed and trained, but there is no reason to be easy prey. Furthermore, if someone else is their initial target, others can rush them and overwhelm them even with lighter weapons.

At the very minimum, let them know that you will fight like a wild animal in the jungle, and nothing will make you happier than to take one of them down.

Since we know God is real and is with us, we don't need the best weapons and training to protect ourselves. The main battle is spiritual in nature. But we don't need to huddle at home waiting to be slaughtered, either. Arm yourself spiritually, arm yourself physically, and prepare yourself mentally to fight like hell at any time.

The people who control your land are not coming to save you. They are working against you. So stop deluding yourself and do what you need to do — not with fear, not with panic, but with rock solid faith in God and ice cold determination.

* * *

Bonus question: How come you still want to live in Israel with such a government?

1. I'm a Jew who believes in God and the Torah. This is where He wants us to be. Read Go Up Like a Wall and my numerous other articles on the subject.

2. This is my home, and it's worth fighting for.

3. This is the safest place to be at the end of days. It's the only place on earth guaranteed to have a positive ending. You think the Jews are safe in America???



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