`285 Gog Umagog Update
Chananya Weissman

October 7, 2023

A short message from Israel

So hundreds of terrorists were able to cross the border by surprise and capture entire communities, with little to no military response for many hours, in a country blanketed by cameras, with supposedly some of the best intelligence in the world, and we're supposed to believe this was a surprise attack. Never forget that the country is run by Erev Rav who work for Amalek. May Hashem save us from the enemies within as much as the enemies outside our land.


October 8, 2023


Important report from a source near the action

I received this report from a source I believe is credible. Turn off the controlled propaganda, use the brain God gave you, and draw your own conclusions:

It's worse, there was a stand down order to the now erased Gaza Division - the murderous farce started at 0400 not 0630... It took the murderous zombie horde no less than an hour to get to towns...

No IAF action for at least 6 hours, while the hordes freely came and went unbothered and freely through the border "checkpoints". . .

The Navy wiped out the sea incursions - guess they didn't need "intelligence" to stop murderous feces ...

I live close enough to see and hear comings and goings from there, for most of my military service I was attached to that division.

There was unusually heavy weirdness starting at about 0200 - at approx. 0300 there were one or two fighter planes lighting afterburners (sonic booms), one helicopter moving one way which didn't return. Then the sound of Merkava main cannon (105mm or 120mm) firing, then silence. Missile barrages started rising from Gaza. Not a single airplane or helicopter of any kind until at least 6-8 hours later. Probably no less than 5,000 missiles outgoing from Gaza by 0800 (this matches "foreign media reports").

Al-Jazeera Arabic was showing live-streamed operations of the zombie horde (uniformed terrorists) over-running the Gaza Division unopposed, one drone with a bomb blew up on a Merkava and the crew was dragged out and mutilated - none of the soldiers seemed to be armed... The enemy took 4 completely undamaged Merkavas, unopposed, they took some mutilated Jewish survivors of the massacre of Gaza Division right back across the border, through the regular totally unmanned checkpoint, some on vehicles and some being dragged on foot. From some of the footage it was obvious there were "European" looking men (blond and pale skinned) with military haircuts and first-rate equipment and military-bearing wearing beige "covid masks" helping move "prisoners" across the unmanned checkpoints.

The main enemy "force" took, in their own words, more than an hour to get to their target towns - they were followed by "Einsatzgruppen" para-military hordes for looting and kidnapping survivors of the first wave.

I say with certainty this was a "stand-down" order - they do indeed have a very expensive "obstacle" to prevent this, sophisticated tracking surveillance with remote operated machine gun emplacements, and even if they were "overrun by surprise" which is IMPOSSIBLE, the IAF has Apache helicopters for this case, and there were NONE airborne until at least 6 hours later (when hostages were being taken back to Gaza, and the terrorist were coming and going as they pleased in great numbers). The Navy managed to destroy every single enemy that attempted a mass distributed coastal landing without a single loss...

Finally, some time ago, the security for these Southern towns was handled by the Gaza Division (they'd post soldiers at each town, check people coming in and patrol). Then there was a government decision to remove the soldiers and replace them with local civilian civil defense people, but the military defunded the programs and also took away the towns weapons armories that were supposed to be distributed to the local civilian defense persons (so the civil defense asked for personally armed volunteers, and we know how "easy" it is for a Jewish Israeli to get a firearm here).

Note how all the reports in Hebrew keep talking about the "Intelligence Failure" and that it's the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War - not one word about where were the IAF helicopters and planes all those hours (but they talk plenty about how there was no military or police to be found in the towns being slaughtered by the terrorists).

Look at and pay close attention to what time this guy posted his heroic crushing of the murderous vermin who had already killed others in his town, as one example of many:
"I got up in the morning to smoke a cigarette. It was 6:15 a.m. Dawn had barely broken. Suddenly I saw a trail of light in the sky and that's how this absurd scenario began. Little by little the horrible picture became clearer," Nava Anker, who is a member of Kibbutz Nirim told Ynet. She said her son also lives in Nirim with his three daughters. "Only later did we realize that we were surrounded by terrorists. We heard small arms fire. The IDF forces arrived after seven hours or so."

From: https://www.ynetnews.com/article/rkfnlwyzp

Thanks for everything you do, מבטחנו בהשם!

* * *

A few additional thoughts from me:

Expect war lockdowns and heightened censorship for your safety. Emergency government = emergency powers, and we know how they depend on emergencies. Do not trust the people who are supposed to be "protecting" you. They are your worst enemies.

Someone who responded to my first email put it best: "My first thought when I saw the news early this morning was that a government established by Nazi collaborators, that slaughters its babies, and kills and maims its citizens with medical tyranny would absolutely allow an enemy attack with all its suffering, wounded and dead."

This wasn't an intelligence failure. On the contrary; the operation was executed as planned.

* * *

In case you still find it hard to believe that the Erev Rav who sold you out so many times would allow this to happen, this comes from another astute commenter:

The Gaza border: one of the most fortified and technologically advanced borders in the world, teeming with combat soldiers, battalions of tanks, and a heavy air force presence. There are multiple systems in place there including;
1. Static thermal imaging observation posts.
2. Manned patrol vehicles.
3. Static manned observation posts.
4. Subterranean RADAR.
5. Reconnaissance drones.
6. Reconnaissance aircraft.
7. Autonomous patrol vehicles.
8. Fence motion detection.
9. Bomb proof multi-layered reinforced fence set in concrete.
None of the above was working. Hamas militants were able to cross open ground and infiltrate into multiple Israeli cities and yeshuvim without detection or being challenged. Hamas militants were even able to make it back into Gaza afterwards with the bodies of captured soldiers, civilians and vehicles.
Somehow every single security measure was ineffective.
This does not make sense.
You can't just drive a tractor through the Gaza fence. It's designed not to be driven through. There was a perfectly shaped cut hole for Hamas vehicles to pass through.
Even with a powerful angle grinder, it takes time to cut through that many layers of reinforcement. That went unnoticed for some reason...
Even an animal touching that fence would trigger an alarm and a protocol is in place to respond to that.


Gog Umagog Update

1. Two testimonies from Israel about the Erev Rav betrayal (Hebrew)

The first video is from a former IDF combat commander. He states in no uncertain terms that this was a betrayal from within. The second video shows a resident of a border community cursing out Israel's "leaders" and stating that there were no Israeli military aircraft in the sky for 6 hours while citizens were being slaughtered.


2. How the Hamas Attack on Israel Unfolded

This short video is from the Wall Street Journal. As you watch this, ask yourself: Where were the soldiers? Where were the reinforcements? This took place over many hours in broad daylight. One helicopter with a machine gun could have taken them out. This was deliberate.


3. 'Conspiracy theories about treason are fake news and Iranian misinformation'

Here's my response to the mockingbird media: drop dead and go to hell.

* * *

Do not expect the army to protect you in the event of unwelcome visitors to your community. Anything can be used as a weapon. Organize and prepare accordingly.

* * *

Last week's class on Bayit Sheni and Redemption was called "Armies are Overrated". The Torah warned us not to put our trust in Iron Domes and high tech to protect us, and certainly not on foreign nations. We win by having Hashem on our side, and if Hashem is not fully on our side, we need an emergency operation to unify, do teshuva, and do whatever it takes to get Hashem fully on our side. That's when we really win. Here is an essential clip: Operation Unity and Teshuva

The full class is available here.



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