`281 Rav Elya Brudny: A Bombshell Recording
Chananya Weissman

September 12, 2023


The recording from an anonymous citizen journalist is here.

Chazal informed us long ago that in the generation of Moshiach the meeting house of the rabbis would be a place of prostitution (last Mishna in Sotah). We are witnessing the fulfillment of their words.

This should be both a source of comfort and a call to action. Chazal did not indicate that we are supposed to wait for Moshiach to begin taking out the trash, to the best of our limited abilities. On the contrary, this is our responsibility.

Why is JOWMA allowed to continue spreading their Amalek-sponsored propaganda and filth in our communities and media?

Why are publications that work hand in hand with JOWMA and their Amalekite sponsors continued to be sold in Jewish stores and brought into our homes as Shabbos reading?

Why are Judenrat rabbis, charlatans and mosrim, allowed to continue leading our shuls, yeshivos, and institutions? Why do we continue to trust them to teach our children, protect us from spiritual danger, and lead us on the correct path?

Why is Aaron Glatt, despite a mountain of evidence that he played a key role in the medical murder of Debra Bucko, still employed by the largest Young Israel congregation in the world, without an ounce of noise from the community?

Why are people likely to be more irate at me for bringing this up than at the perpetrators themselves?

Why do monsters in rabbinic garb even feel safe strutting around our communities, let alone enjoy reverence? Why has not a single one of them faced the wrath of his community and been driven out of town? What will it take? Do we have any red lines?

A few weeks ago in an article called Rubber Stamp Rabbinics I called out the numerous rabbis who speak with authority and add their names to proclamations when in reality they have no idea what they are talking about, did absolutely no research or due diligence, and are simply piggybacking on others.

For some reason that is beyond me, I need to explain to people very patiently that this is completely antithetical to the Torah. The fog is that thick.

In the article I noted the following:

“A prominent Rosh Yeshiva from Brooklyn appeared on a propaganda video in which he promoted the Covid narrative; get tested, wear masks, etc. I have a recording of him admitting that he did the video because he was asked to, and he accepted what other rabbis had ruled on the matter. In other words, this rabbi had no idea what he was talking about, but he went on video giving people instructions with life-and-death implications.

“I do not have permission at the present time to share this recording, but the specific identity of this pathetic excuse for a rabbi is less important than how widespread this sort of thing has become. There are numerous rabbis who did exactly the same thing, or, worse, actually DID know what they were talking about but misled the community anyway, because they really work for someone else.”

I can now share that the prominent Rosh Yeshiva is Rav Elya Brudny.

Brudny is a Rosh Yeshiva of Mir in Brooklyn, and a member of the dubiously named Moetzes Gedolei Torah (Council of Torah Greats) of Agudath Israel of America.

The first segment is a propaganda video in which Brudny and other Aguda figures shilled for the Covid Shmad agenda. "...Social distancing, masks, they make a big difference!" Brody declared from on high.

Following that is a leaked recording of Brudny browbeating a community member who attempted to ask him questions. Brudny was extremely dismissive and repeatedly cut him off, hardly letting him get in a word.

The audio quality is not great, but take note of the following stunning statements from Brudny:

1. Without allowing the person to get a question out, Brudny declared: "The Rabbonim probably took everything you know into consideration."

2. Deflecting any personal responsibility for the fact that he went on a video, as a Rosh Yeshiva and "Torah great" telling people what to do in life-and-death matters:

“You have to call one of the Rabbonim that was part of the process.”

3. "Once the Rabbonim came to this conclusion I was asked...to promote it. Because I DO trust Rabbonim. I don't think I'm smarter than the Rabbonim...That's why I made the video. They asked me to make a video. Because once I accepted what the Rabbonim said, I made a video suggesting it to people."

Not only is this gaslighting, this is a stunning admission that Brudny was leveraging his rabbinic authority when in reality he was just a mouthpiece, nothing more than a social media influencer. And he stated this as if this was perfectly normal and acceptable, and the caller was out of line.

Brudny then admitted that he didn't even look into anything, he made the video because Rabbi Reisman asked him to, and he fully trusted Reisman. Brudny had no idea what he was talking about, and he's totally fine with that, because he trusted whoever told him what to say.

So who needs Brudny?

This is scandalous.

Aguda is essentially controlled opposition and a bunch of grifters, pretending to defend the Orthodox community even as they sell us out to those who want to destroy us. They receive many hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from the government (if not more) to act as a liaison. See here for just one example. How much can they really be expected to stand for you against the very people who feed them?

It is high time the Jewish community rose up like a lion, as one, and did a thorough Pesach cleaning.

This is a call to action. Wherever you live, your community is crawling with these lowlifes. I want you to question them. Make them answer for themselves or run away like weasels. Get it on camera and share it.

Call the organizations that sold you out to Amalek. They have the chutzpah to take blood money from them, while they continue to come to you with their hand out to "support their urgent work for Klal Yisrael". Call them. Ask them tough questions. Record it and send it to me.

We can't stop Amalek from paying them, but it's high time we put them on notice. We know what you are. We're not afraid of you. We're going to expose you, and we're going to take care of business.

Close down the rabbinic houses of prostitution and send these lowlifes running to their pimps. Am Yisrael Chai.



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