`131 Rabbis, Robots, and Rodfim
Chananya Weissman
September 1, 2021

Explosive information about Aaron Glatt, who in March 2020 was hired by Nassau County Executive Laura Curran to be a "liaison for Orthodox Jewish communities", which in plain English means he works for the government to run around pushing their agenda to get the shots, etc. Can there be any greater, more open conflict of interest that would immediately discredit a rabbi from espousing the supposed Torah view?

Here is a report that I just received. After reading this I find it amusing that the fake rabbis call people like ME a rodef.



Several months ago, Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt and Mount Sinai Hospital of South Nassau (where he is the Chair of Department of Medicine), blocked a prescription for Ivermectin for a dying COVID patient (Deborah Bucko), who became progressively ill under their care, that was prescribed by an infectious disease doctor there as an emergency measure. Deborah's husband, Scott Mantel, had to sue 3 times to force Glatt and the hospital to allow it. The court forced them the first two times, in which Glatt and the hospital only allowed the treatment for 5 days each, even though Dr. Pierre Kory demonstrated that her prognosis was improving while on the treatment. Deborah Bucko, a 52 year-old wife and mother of two, died while her husband was trying for a third time to get ivermectin.

Link to Scott Mantel's original affidavit pleading with the court to force them to not block the emergency prescription:


Link to Dr. Pierre Kory's response to Dr. Glatt, in which among other things, he details numerous errors, inaccuracies, and misrepresentations made by Glatt in his explanation of why he is blocking the prescription (Glatt's explanation can't be seen, as the hospital requested restricted status):


2 articles that discuss this story:



Rabbi Dr. Glatt is arguably the most influential "expert" in COVID-related matters for the Orthodox Jewish community in the US. You can hardly escape his opinions published in newspapers, his recommendations of (draconian) shul COVID policies/school reopening policies, or his actual assistance in drafting such policies. Yet he denied a safe emergency treatment to a critically ill patient, despite evidence provided of effectiveness. Furthermore, as Scott Mantel showed in his exhibits, several other hospitals were sued for the same thing, and those critical patients improved under continuing ivermectin treatment. Gee, I wonder why people don't trust the medical establishment.

In conclusion, this case raises serious questions of both ethics and trustworthiness in modern orthodoxy's main "expert" in this area. Why should anyone trust anything that comes out of the mouth of someone who fights family, doctors, and courts, to purposely withdraw potentially life saving treatment seemingly for the sake of politics? Only the willfully blind and ignorant could trust such a person.

Here is a link to a meta-analysis by Theresa Lawrie, MBBCh, PHD, who consults for the W.H.O., that concludes with "moderate certainty," that Ivermectin prevents and treats COVID-19:


End quote.

It is difficult to read this and not come to the conclusion that Aaron Glatt and the others who were charged to care for Deborah Bucko are responsible for her death. If Glatt and the others who did everything in their power to deny Ms. Bucko ivermectin, even after it had been shown to improve her condition, and even after multiple courts orders, have a conscience or a soul, there is no evidence of it.

How is it possible that Glatt is still a respected, trusted voice in the Orthodox world, whose shrill cries of “Sheker!” anytime someone raises a concern about the crapcine he has been hired to convince people to take are not thrown back in his face by anyone who encounters him?

Why is it left for ordinary people to bring this information to the public, while the Jewish media runs a steady stream of advertorials for the crapcine and censors those who veer from the pre-approved storyline?

When will the Jewish people rise up like a lion and expel these godless, corrupt, paid-off phonies from their midst?


Speaking of Erev Rav...

Compare these two videos of Erev Rav from Baltimore and the Five Towns, which I have spliced together. Not only is it obvious that they are reading from a script, in many cases it is word for word the same script, only with different actors.

The Baltimore video is openly sponsored by the government. While the Five Towns video was being filmed, a call was placed to Kolrom, which produced these videos, and they were asked where the funding was coming from. They were very uncomfortable, and while they acknowledged that people had a right to know, they refused to give any information about this and disconnected the call.

Notice that in the Five Towns video a plethora of Jewish front organizations are shown at the end, but this time no government involvement/sponsorship is openly indicated.

The people speaking in these videos are nothing more than paid spokesmen for the government, using and abusing their rabbinic positions to betray the Torah and their followers. Their citations from the Torah are taken grossly out of context and twisted to support utterly false conclusions, in true missionary style.

Not surprisingly, Glatt makes an appearance to urge us to take responsibility for our neighbor's health, just as he took responsibility for Deborah Bucko and who knows how many others.

The other pathetic schlumps pretending to be rabbis then beg and plead and urge you to get vaccinated now! Now! Now!

Can you imagine Rav Moshe or Rav Shlomo Zalman doing this? Can you imagine a true rabbi appearing in a video like this, reading from a script, debasing himself, pushing a government agenda in the guise of a mitzva?

These Erev Rav have discredited themselves and can no longer be trusted about anything. They are the false prophets of today, distorting the Torah and taking bribes to please their patrons, while they lead good Jews to physical and spiritual harm. Do not respect them and do not fear them. They should be removed from their positions and ostracized from the Jewish community.

Am Yisrael Chai.