`280 Covid Judgment Day
Chananya Weissman

September 3, 2023


Considering the ever-dwindling number of people who still believe the official Covid narrative, it's remarkable that the Amalekites are trying to bring it back. Are they simply nostalgic for the good old days? Do they feel a Covid comeback is their best chance to frighten the masses into another round of submission, tyranny, and poison shots, after the monkeypox and polio scare campaigns flopped?

Whatever their thinking is – and you can bet Covid II has been meticulously planned like most "natural" disasters these days – this offers us a precious opportunity.

The opportunity to do complete teshuva [repentance].

Teshuva requires three steps: vidui [confessing the sin to Hashem], charata [regretting it], and kabala [making a firm commitment not to do it again].

But this is only regular teshuva. As the Rambam writes at the beginning of Chapter 2 in the laws of teshuva, there is a different category called complete teshuva. This requires a fourth step, which is not always possible. He writes as follows:

"What is complete teshuva? This is one who encounters the very matter that he sinned with in the past, and he has the ability to do it, but he withdraws and does not do it because of his repentance – not out of fear or lack of strength.

"What is an example? One had forbidden relations with a woman. After some time he found himself alone with her, and he still loved her, and had the same physical ability, and it was in the same country in which he had transgressed, but this time he separated himself and did not transgress – that is a fully repentant person."

I think it's fair to say that most people who were duped and blackmailed into taking the poison shots have come to regret it (whereas no one who didn't take the shots wishes they did), but the sins of the Covid-19 era extend far beyond that. I enumerated a whopping 38 sins in a 2021 article called Wholesale Sinners. These sins have not been addressed, particularly on the communal level.

Although people have a tendency to move on from the past and act as if it never happened, the sins don't just disappear. They must be addressed sooner or later. This will happen in one of two ways: repentance, or punishment. Hashem, in his incredible mercy, often waits a lengthy period of time before bringing punishment so people can wake up and do teshuva instead.

Say to them, by My life, says Hashem Elokim, that I do not desire for the wicked one to die, but for the wicked one to turn back from his ways and live. Turn back, turn back from your evil ways, for why should you die, House of Israel? (Yechezkel 33:11)

The first time around, most of us were caught off guard. We didn't know better, and it wouldn't have been fair to expect us to know better. We didn't realize the extent to which our leaders, institutions, and media have been corrupted. It was too much to accept that so many people we implicitly trusted were colluding with the most evil people imaginable to murder and enslave us, that they were traitors and moles without a pang of conscience.

We've had three years to learn, absorb the awful reality, and respond accordingly. For some people the learning curve was relatively mild; for most it was steep. Some still cling to their fantasies and official narratives, because the truth is just too devastating for them, or they can't be bothered.

But eventually time runs out. The sins must be addressed. The debts must be paid.

Hashem, in his incredible mercy, has manipulated the enemy to bring back Covid. Not another manufactured health scare by a different name, but the same script, with the same name, and even most of the same actors, like a bad movie on rerun.

What will you do this time?

Will you put a mask on your face, which causes harm in so many ways and no good, and is absolutely forbidden by the Torah? Or will you resist as one should when his physical and spiritual wellbeing are under attack?

Will you take their new and improved vaccines – which I have no doubt will be even more effective than the previous poison shots – or will you refuse, no matter what, just as you would refuse to be stabbed in the heart?

Is your faith in God so flimsy that you will roll the dice and take one of these shots just to keep your lousy job, or attend an indoctrination center that is being paid millions in grants to force you to take these shots? Do you really believe God will let you starve and die unless you take these shots?

Why do you even want to attend these "schools" after what they did? Do you really need that piece of paper so badly? At any cost? Do you have any principles? Will you ever take a real stand against corruption and evil, even if that makes your immediate future less certain?

Will you make it clear that any school, company, or institution that colludes with the enemy will face a swift and merciless backlash until they are driven out of business?

Will you make it clear that any rabbi or community leader who prostitutes himself to the enemy will be publicly condemned for being a moser and treated accordingly?

Or will you shuffle along once again like a pathetic sheep and reserve your fury for those who have the courage and principles you so sorely lack?

Will you do what the Torah unequivocally demands, or will you turn the Torah on its head to rationalize everything that violates it?

Will you turn your children over to predators in white coats and charlatans in rabbinic garb, or will you fight like a wild animal in the jungle to protect them if that's what it takes?

Will you continue to believe the Mockingbird Media and the pathological liars they work for, or will you turn them off once and for all?

Will you close the shuls, cancel Torah learning for the children, and even cancel the Jewish holidays again if they demand it? Or will you fight for everything that matters?

Will you continue to believe that the very people who openly state their intentions to massively reduce the world's population (in other words, mass murder and sterilization) are also deeply concerned about your health, and want nothing more than to save you from "Covid"?

Honestly, could anything be more stupid than that? Do we really need to get into the nitty-gritty of scientific studies and data when that's on the table?

Will you continue to be a highly educated schmuck, or will you truly think, humble yourself before Hashem and the truth, and do the right thing?

According to whistleblowers and recent reports, the Covid campaign is scheduled to really get going (at least in North America) on September 15.

September 15 is the eve of Rosh Hashana. Judgment day. The Jewish New Year when the entire world is judged, and all of us pass before the Heavenly Court one at a time, where our deeds are examined like a sheep being examined by the shepherd.

This is an incredible opportunity to do teshuva – complete teshuva.

The reward for doing so may well be complete redemption.

The punishment for blowing it this time is losing everything, for this time there are no excuses.

What will you do?



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