76 Wholesale Sinners
Chananya Weissman
February 24, 2021

This one is long and thorough, as it needed to be.  It is intended to give people chizuk that the Torah is firmly on their side, and strong ammunition against those who pervert the Torah against them.

Additional notes and goodies follow the article.

Happy Purim,

Wholesale Sinners

Many Jews are aggressively pressuring people to take a new drug, dubiously referred to as a vaccine, and they claim that this is a Torah obligation. Much as the evil tyrants in power are permitting themselves to run roughshod on basic human rights in the name of "public health", these Jews are trampling the entire Torah behind a fig leaf of "saving lives".

Here is a brief overview of the many Torah commandments, as enumerated by the Rambam, that these people are violating in the name of the Torah.

#13: To love other Jews—Leviticus 19:18

As Hillel explained, that which you hate, do not do unto others. This is about as fundamental as it gets.

Even those who believe that this drug is perfectly safe and will save many lives are oblivious to the fact that demonizing "refusers" will eventually come back to bite them. Sooner or later there will be another "wonder drug", one that they don't want to take, and their comrades will turn on them just as they are turning on others now. If you would hate for people to rob you of your medical autonomy and basic human rights for a drug you don't want to take – rightly or wrongly – it violates the most basic Torah commandment to do this to others.

#15: Not to hate fellow Jews—Leviticus 19:17

Walk into many shuls these days without a mask, or now in some shuls without proof that you got injected with a new drug, and you will see hatred. This has nothing to do with science or saving lives. It's raw, unbridled hatred.

#17: Not to embarrass others—Leviticus 19:17

“Rabbi Elazar Hamodai says, one who embarrasses his fellow in public (literally, causes his face to turn white)...even if he has Torah and good deeds, he has no share in the world to come.” (Avos 3:11)

Have you been on social media lately? Or to one of these Judenrat shuls? If so, you've come across many “religious” people who have forfeited their share in the world to come and then some. They will stand before the Heavenly Court and insist that they were just following the rules, or trying to save lives. The Heavenly Court won't be amused.

# 19: Not to gossip about others—Leviticus 19:16

What would the Chafetz Chaim say about the gossip and lashon hara that is being peddled about the "crazy conspiracy theorists", "anti-vaxxers", and "rodfim"? I've studied his seforim, and he would condemn these slanderers in the strongest of terms. They have no heter for what they are doing. They are not saving any lives; they are destroying lives in so many ways.

#501: Not to insult or harm anybody with words—Leviticus 25:17

The other side cannot, simply cannot, argue their position without undermining people and insulting them in the most disgusting ways. Their words are so replete with insults and harmful words that if you removed this content there would be almost nothing left. It is difficult to even fathom a justification for their blatant disregard for this commandment.

#569: Not to curse any upstanding Jew—Leviticus 19:14

Those who violate this and other commandments always have a “good reason”. In this case they will argue that the Jew is not upstanding; he's a murderer!

God knows the truth, and it doesn't take a prophet or a scholar to see through this false righteousness, either.

#495: Not to put a stumbling block before a blind man (nor give harmful advice)—Leviticus 19:14

The drug pushers are so cocksure of their positions. No matter what new information comes to light, no matter what scientific evidence emerges that challenges their position, no matter how many informed, intelligent, highly qualified people speak out, they do not experience even a moment of reflection. They cannot grant the slightest legitimacy to those who oppose masks or even have concerns about the “vaccine”.

They would argue the same about us, of course – one of their favorite rhetorical tactics is to try to make hypocrites of those who challenge them, instead of responding to the challenge with substance. But just because both sides make the same claims about each other doesn't mean they are equally true, nor that who is right and who is wrong cannot be determined.

The drug pushers are so ruthless, deceitful, and malicious that one simply cannot trust their advice. Those who urge greater caution, seek more information, and can understand the legitimacy of other viewpoints even if they disagree with them are far less likely to give harmful advice. Unlike the drug pushers, they actually fear this commandment. That's the whole point.

Those who mislead the blind are also cursed in the Torah. (Devarim 27:18)

#482: Not to murder—Exodus 20:13

Chazal teach that one who disqualifies others is in fact himself disqualified. Shmuel adds that he disqualifies others with his very own blemish. (Kiddushin 70B)

Millions of perfectly healthy people are being defamed as “murderers” because they do not wish to take an experimental vaccine. This accusation is preposterous and does not need to be refuted here. The relevant point is that the very people pointing the accusatory finger at perfectly innocent people are guilty of the very crime they wish to project onto others.

Every human being has a God-given right to refrain from taking this experimental vaccine, and must suffer no discrimination or consequences if he chooses to refrain. Those who pressure and essentially force others to get injected with a drug against their wishes are responsible for anyone who is harmed as a result. In the normal course of life, some people will get sick, and some of these sick people will unwittingly get other people sick. Such people are not murderers. Those who pressure people to actively inject a drug into their body that may kill them are the ones who violate this commandment.

#16: To reprove wrongdoers—Leviticus 19:17

#489: Not to stand idly by if someone's life is in danger—Leviticus 19:16

Those who see this happening – especially those who understand the risks and have the ability to do something about it – and do not try to prevent this atrocity are violating this commandment.

#487: Save someone being pursued even by taking the life of the pursuer—Deuteronomy 25:12

There have been reports of elderly people in nursing homes being injected against their will. Many of these people suffered harm and death. One who witnesses this is obligated to intervene. It is quite possible that tyrannical governments will deploy Gestapos to physically force “vaccine refusers” to get injected. This commandment would apply to all those with the power to rescue potential victims from such a life-threatening attack.

#583: Not to strike your father or mother—Exodus 21:15

#584: Respect your father and mother—Exodus 20:12

#585: Fear your father and mother—Leviticus 19:3

Many children have coerced their parents to take this experimental vaccine against their desire. It is fair to assume that these children have the best interests of their parents in mind, but they had best tread very carefully. Did they even consider these commandments before tormenting their parents to put this experimental drug in their body?

#168: Not to castrate any male (including animals)—Leviticus 22:24

Regardless of what the propagandists claim, it is valid to be concerned about fertility issues until these concerns are conclusively resolved. This will take many years; there are no shortcuts. Those who dismiss these concerns also dismiss this commandment, and may well be violating it.

#474: Not to rob—Leviticus 19:13

Tyrannical governments have robbed countless people of their livelihoods and their rights. Those who are complicit in this crime, who actively support the financial destruction of “refusers”, violate this commandment.

#467: Not to steal money stealthily—Leviticus 19:11

Those in power, who are using this virus as an opportunity for the greatest transfer of wealth in history, are violating this commandment.

#18: Not to oppress the weak—Exodus 22:21

The rich and powerful are becoming even more rich and powerful during these times, at the direct expense of the weak. They are actively oppressing the weak, and will not cease until forced to do so.

#576: Not to testify falsely—Exodus 20:13

This and many of the following laws refer to the court system, but the principles apply outside of court as well. Those who are engaging in deceit and fraud regarding the virus, the response to it, and the treatment options, are violating this commandment.

#555: The court must not kill anybody on circumstantial evidence—Exodus 23:7

The commandment literally reads “Distance yourself from falsehood.”

There is not enough time and space to catalogue all the ways the drug pushers violate this one. Perhaps the best commentary is simply LOL.

#565: Judges must not accept bribes—Exodus 23:8

Politicians, doctors, rabbis, members of the media, and anyone else must not receive a bribe of any kind from those who wish to influence their position on these matters. Considering the widespread lack of intellectual honesty, it is fair to assume that many such people make a living by violating this commandment.

#574: Transgressors must not testify—Exodus 23:1

Politicians, drug companies, researchers, and media members who have a history of lying and criminal behavior are ineligible to testify about the safety of a drug. This is particularly true when they have a tremendous financial interest in the matter and enjoy immunity from liability. Nowadays, the media establishment and big tech companies only accept testimony from these pathological transgressors.

#481: The court must implement laws against the one who assaults another or damages another's property—Exodus 21:18

The aforementioned immunity from liability runs in direct contradiction to this commandment.

#571: Carefully interrogate the witness—Deuteronomy 13:15

The “scientific consensus” is determined largely in advance by those with money and power, who deploy their troops in the media to concretize this as accepted fact, affirmed by compliant “fact-checkers”. Those who dare question this gospel are punished. So much for this commandment, and so much for science.

#541: Not to appoint judges who are not familiar with judicial procedure—Deuteronomy 1:17

Knowledge of the pertinent science and the scientific process is not a prerequisite for becoming a judge in these matters. Obedience to the establishment is the main criteria.

#561: A judge must not pervert justice—Leviticus 19:15

#563: Judge righteously—Leviticus 19:15

In light of the above, all those involved in the establishment are violating these commandments. If some of their conclusions are in fact correct, it is merely by coincidence, not by design.

#422: To rejoice on these three Festivals—Deuteronomy 16:14

Those who impose draconian restrictions to prevent people from rejoicing on the festivals according to Jewish law are violating this commandment. I know, they are saving everyone from killing everyone else by being together and breathing. Spare me.

#581: Not to diminish from the Torah any commandments, in whole or in part—Deuteronomy 13:1

The Torah has 613 commandments, which branch off into many more obligations. The commandment to guard one's life and the lives of others is paramount, but it is still only one of many commandments, and it is balanced by the requirement to protect the other commandments. One of the main reasons we are permitted to violate Shabbos to save someone's life is so he will be able to observe Shabbos many more times. Similarly, one of the main reasons we must guard our lives is so that we will be able to continue observing the other commandments.

If increasing our presumed chances of avoiding a particular virus comes at expense of observing other commandments, indefinitely or even permanently, then this clearly violates the above commandment. A temporary suspension of certain rules to protect the foundation is built into Jewish law. Indefinitely altering our way of life at the expense of the Torah is unacceptable.

#327: Impure people must not enter the Temple—Numbers 5:3

Some Jews are forbidden to enter the Temple, such as impure people and drunkards. Watchmen from the tribe of Levi would prevent such people from entering. These Levites did not stand at the gates with thermometers to check people's temperature. They did not require people to wear masks during a time of plague, or certify that they were injected with a drug to protect them from illness, or ensure that people kept a distance from one another, or prove that they did not carry a virus by shoving things up their nose.

People who were spiritually pure and sober were presumed to be healthy without any further action on their part, and graciously welcomed. Typhoid Mary would surely have been expected to take precautions not to infect others, but it is against the Torah to assume that everyone is Typhoid Mary unless they regularly prove otherwise.

Our shuls are likened to the Temple, and the same rules apply. It must also be noted that our shuls are not private property. Every Jew has a semblance of ownership of every shul, even if he is not a dues-paying member. Paranoid hypochondriacs do not have the right to assume everyone is a Typhoid Mary and deny them entry. It is certainly not for Bill Gates and his godless flacks to decide who may come to shul.

#304: To show reverence for the Temple—Leviticus 19:30

Those who dismiss the previous remarks and make a disgraceful scene when “undesirables” wish to attend shul violate this commandment.

#20: Not to take revenge—Leviticus 19:18

#21: Not to bear a grudge—Leviticus 19:18

Those who use this situation as an opportunity to take retribution against Jews they despise anyway are guilty of these commandments.

#73: Not to tear the skin in mourning—Deuteronomy 14:1

This commandment literally refers to a paganistic practice. Chazal further apply it to those who divide the Jewish people. Those who are fomenting hatred under the guise of “public health” and “saving lives” are violating this commandment, and their sin is too great to bear. They are like Korach, and the earth should swallow them up.

#11: To emulate His ways—Deuteronomy 28:9

God is merciful, slow to anger, and the source of all goodness. Those who are tearing the Jewish people apart, behaving with malice and cruelty, and destroying lives in so many ways stand in direct opposition to God and His ways.

#7: Not to profane His Name—Leviticus 22:32

Jews who hide behind the Torah to violate the above commandments are profaning God's name. Once again they project this onto the “refusers”, but it is they who are profaning God's name, and full repentance for this is impossible. Rabbis who call responsible people criminals and murderers, and call for their lives to be destroyed, will be judged especially harshly.

#60: Not to be superstitious—Leviticus 19:26

#121: To afflict and cry out before God in times of catastrophe—Numbers 10:9

Masks and pharmaceutical products have become the great hope of so many people, to the exclusion of real belief in God. It is no coincidence that normative Jewish life is so readily sacrificed on the altar of “science”, whose belief of the day is sacrosanct and inviolable. Those pushing this new religion are godless people. They view religion as primitive, useless, and a threat to their agenda. God is a buzzword to them; He is certainly not their Boss.

Those who fall prey to this evil ideology are violating these commandments. It is true that advances in science and technology can bring great blessing to the human race. When these advances are made with fear of Heaven, they are a fulfillment of Man's mission in this world. However, when these advances are made with greed, lust for power, and a desire to control people, they represent an assault on God's rulership of the world.

The source of all power and all healing is God. All the scientists in the world cannot create a single mosquito. In the history of the world no doctor has cured a single illness. The best they can do is assist the body in healing itself; that is their role. It is certainly not their role to decide public policy and control people's lives.

Those who do not just turn to “experts” in a time of need, but rely on “experts” to play god, violate these commandments.

In sum, “vaccine refusers” stand on very solid Torah ground. Those on the other side make great appeals to emotion and engage in clever rhetorical tactics, but they trample all over the 38 commandments listed above, and quite possibly others. We haven't even discussed the numerous prohibitions against idol worship, the spirit of which they definitely violate.

Jews who stand firm in the face of this assault are soldiers in God's army, and the Torah is firmly on their side. Let no one dare claim otherwise.


(How's that for an unbiased title to a news article?)

Wonderful news! The deeply corrupt Mafia of Health, headed by a man who studied foreign languages in university in Moscow, revoked Dr. Avni's medical license. It shows they consider him a real threat to their agenda. This will only give him great publicity and rally more disenfranchised people to support Rappeh.

Haman was hung on the very gallows he made for Mordechai. May the Hamans of today similarly see their downfall with the very devices they employ against the Mordechais of today.


Rappeh Party Calls Israel a 'Medical Apartheid'

When an interviewer acts like a prosecutor. Weak and totally unprofessional. Just another example of why you shouldn't trust the media for anything more than sports scores. You definitely shouldn't let these shills influence your opinions or your behavior, let alone what drugs you put in your body.


Call him Rav....Erev Rav

This is a Rabbi Kurland at Darchei Binah.

He decides what's best for the children, not the parents, to the extent that he can instruct the children to lie to their parents. The parents are paying ten thousand dollars tuition to pay his salary so that he can replace them. They might want to reconsider that.

He won't be responsible if these girls are harmed. He's just following what some other rabbi said, who's just following what some godless "expert said", who's just following what rich and powerful people ordered him to do. They are all just following orders.


A few people were bothered that I gave the finger to an abusive bus driver the other day. I'm sure Shlomo Carlebach would have reacted differently under the circumstances, and I respect that.  But we are fighting a war, not running a kumzits.  People need to realize that.  Trying to light a spark in the corrupted soul of an abusive person is less important than sending a strong message to protect his next potential victim.  Maybe he'll think twice before starting up with the next person, who might be more vulnerable.

Sometimes you have to kick a bully in the teeth.