`267 JOWMA Promoting Immorality and the Murder of Babies
Chananya Weissman

May 9, 2023


Click here for clips from JOWMA's "Women's Health Webinar: Family Planning" on May 7, 2023. Warning: This presentation is obscene, highly disturbing, and completely antithetical to the Torah.

JOWMA's advertisements regularly appear in major Jewish media such as Mishpacha and Ami, and JOWMA is officially supported by the OU, the not so Orthodox Union: https://accelerator.ou.org/.

To this day there has been no public condemnation of JOWMA by rabbis (excluding yours truly and a very small number of others), who either tacitly support these ghoulish heretics or look the other way for the sake of personal convenience.  The goyim in America brought a beer company to its knees for promoting perversity, yet the Jewish people are silent while JOWMA and their allies poison the minds of our people.

For more on this insidious front group that is waging war on the Jewish people read JOWMA Exposed and the linked articles at the beginning.

Related articles about JOWMA and the war against us by Erev Rav from within, who are funded and guided by Amalek from without:

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The Atheist Convention: Medical Missionaries in Williamsburg and Boro Park

I call upon all Jews with true commitment to the Torah, fear of Hashem in their hearts, and concern for their community to raise your voices and drive this evil from our midst.

Send Mishpacha, Ami, the OU, and anyone else who dares support JOWMA in any way a very clear message:

This Bud's for you.



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