`254 JOWMA Exposed
Chananya Weissman

January 15, 2023


Instead of rehashing everything from the beginning, I am going to assume my readers are well aware by now that the dubiously named Jewish Orthodox Women's Medical Association (JOWMA) is a Trojan horse with three primary reasons for existing:

1. Infiltrate Torah-observant communities with messages that are antithetical to the Torah.

2. Infiltrate Torah-observant communities with vaccine propaganda.

3. Gather data about Torah-observant communities so that their sponsors, who are as far removed from the Torah as can be, can achieve the first two goals more effectively.

I strongly urge those who are at all in doubt about the above to read my previous reports about this shady front organization, as follows:

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A few key bullet points about JOWMA, all of which are documented and cannot be disputed, bear repeating before we continue:

  • JOWMA has stated that "Non-vaccination is antithetical to the core beliefs of Orthodox Judaism."

  • JOWMA has stated that "There are no religious exemptions from vaccination within Orthodox Judaism."

  • JOWMA made these radical statements without any rabbinical support.

  • JOWMA has more homosexuals on its board than rabbis (zero of the latter, to be exact).

  • Despite all the above and so much more, JOWMA's advertisements continue to be published in "Orthodox" Jewish media and disseminated within Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, with no objection from those whose job it is protect the community from harmful outside influences. In some communities a pizza store that offers seating past a certain hour will be shut down by the "modesty police", yet somehow JOWMA gets a free pass.

I recently obtained more explosive information about JOWMA that further exposes them for what they are: moles and mosrim, reshaim, enemies of the Jewish people.

Exhibit A is their financial statement for 2021. Two items stand out in particular:

1) Back in 2019, when JOWMA first burst upon the Orthodox community with a ridiculous cover story and relentless vaccine propaganda, their revenue from membership dues was $7996. Their revenue from membership dues in 2021 was a paltry $19,228. It's remarkable that an organization that purports to be community-based receives an insignificant amount of support from inside the community, and in fact makes no discernible effort to fundraise within the community.

Despite massive growth in JOWMA's budget and their activities, their membership remains virtually nil, and this does not concern them. This obviously means that the overwhelming majority of their support and funding comes from outside the Orthodox Jewish community – which brings us to the second item.

2) In 2019 the neophyte organization supposedly created by a medical student in her spare time to increase opportunities for Orthodox Jewish female doctors still managed to receive $72,827 in grants, not to mention a disproportionate amount of media attention and collaboration with high-ranking public officials. In 2021 – despite attracting very few members from within the Orthodox Jewish community – JOWMA's revenue from grants increased to a whopping $562,041.

There is no explanation for this that makes any kind of sense except that JOWMA exists specifically for outside influences to infiltrate the Orthodox Jewish community under the guise of chipper young Orthodox-looking female doctors providing medical education for the community.

Exhibit B is the 81-page contract between JOWMA and the Fund for Public Health in New York, Inc. (FPHNY), which dispersed funds to government collaborators on behalf of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the infamous Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

In simple terms, the DOHMH, FEMA, and the CDC were the parents, the FPHNY was the financial umbilical cord, and JOWMA was one of their many babies.

Do you think these groups were sending JOWMA huge grants to provide objective information to Orthodox Jews about vaccines? For doctors to do their own research, arrive at independent, objective conclusions, and share their professional opinions with callers to JOWMA's hotline? For the community to be told anything other than “the vaccine is safe and effective”, reassured that anyone who claimed otherwise was spreading “misinformation”, and encouraged to hurry and get those shots as soon as possible?

We don't need to speculate. The contract states as follows at the very beginning:

“B: Pursuant to an Agreement dated as of July 1, 2021 between the City acting by and through DOHMH and FPHNY (the “DOHMH Federal Funds Emergency Contract”), FPHNY has agreed to provide to DOHMH services, on a requirements basis, in connection with disbursing emergency Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) and Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”) funds to support the Jewish Orthodox Women’s Medical Association in staffing a hotline to respond to COVID-19 vaccine questions in a culturally sensitive and confidential way to increase vaccine confidence in the Orthodox community (“the Project”).

“C: In furtherance of the purpose of the DOHMH Federal Funds Emergency Contract and the Project, FPHNY requires certain assistance and services of the kind Contractor has offered and is able to furnish, in consideration of the compensation set out in this Agreement.”

In other words, the government needed help accomplishing its project – getting recalcitrant Orthodox Jews, who are rightfully suspicious of secular governments and their heretical, eugenicist ilk, to take the covid shots. They hired the pretend-Orthodox women of JOWMA as a cover to manipulate Jews on their behalf and under their direct supervision.

Here is another very significant clause from the contract:

“F. No Publicity: Contractor shall not give any interviews, issue any press releases or otherwise disclose any information whatsoever about this project and this agreement without at least 48 hours prior written notice to FPHNY. Contractor will cause its officers, employees, consultants, agents and representatives to observe the requirements of the foregoing provision.”

In other words, the fact that JOWMA was officially working for the government was to be kept confidential, and the government would tightly regulate all interactions between JOWMA and the media. It's no coincidence that representatives of JOWMA received regular softball interviews on the Nachum Segal show, but, like so many in the establishment, weren't available for comment to those less enamored with their cover story.

Not only wasn't it convenient for them, they were contractually forbidden from commenting in any forum without permission from the government. If I wanted to interview someone from JOWMA, even if they were personally willing to face tough questions, it would be breach of contract without approval from their handlers in the regime.

It is impossible for anyone to argue that JOWMA has been providing objective medical information. They are undercover mouthpieces for the government and the CDC.

But JOWMA's subservience to the establishment goes even deeper. The contract further states:

“Approvals: Contractor shall submit to DOHMH the final draft copy of each piece of written material, educational material, manual, survey, test, brochure, flyer, pamphlet, questionnaire, or video developed by it under this Agreement, as applicable, for review and approval prior to printing. DOHMH will respond in writing to Contractor within twenty (20) business days indicating approval or need for modification of the submitted material. Should this response indicate need for modification, specific written guidance will be given to Contractor. Contractor shall make the modifications as indicated by DOHMH, and resubmit the material for DOHMH’s final approval. The format and content of educational programs (if any) will also be subject to the approval provision of this paragraph A.”

In plain English, literally all the material JOWMA produced required approval by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. They are as independent and objective as a parrot.

And if that's not enough:

“B. Copyright Ownership: All materials, publications, videos, curricula, reports, and other material produced under this Agreement (“Material”) shall be considered “work-made-for-hire” within the meaning and purview of Section 101 of the United States Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C Section 101, and the City shall be the copyright owner thereof and of all aspects, elements and components thereof in which copyright protection might subsist. To the extent that the Material does not qualify as “work-made-for-hire,” Contractor hereby irrevocably transfers, assigns and conveys exclusive copyright ownership in and to the Material to the City, free and clear of any liens, claims or other encumbrances.”

In plain English, all the material/propaganda that JOWMA created for the sake of “the Project” is owned by New York City. It's only fair; they paid for it and supervised it all, but it's remarkable to see the actual contract.

It's not as if JOWMA would divulge this in one of their puff interviews – nor could they.

As we saw, one of JOWMA's primary responsibilities as a contractor for New York City was to run a hotline encouraging callers to take covid shots. The contract outlines it with Orwellian terminology:

“Contractor will run an educational hotline to answer community members’ questions about the critical importance of vaccination to eliminate and stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

While we are not privy to all the phone conversations, it's fair to assume that most of the callers were not asking about the critical importance of vaccination, but expressing concerns about taking the shots. Such questions should be answered with unbiased, truthful information with the needs and best interests of the individual caller in mind. In reality, the job of those taking the calls was to brush aside any concerns and urge one and all of “the critical importance of vaccination”. All roads lead to the shots.

According to the contract, JOWMA's hotline served another purpose:

“Contractor will collect a variety of caller information including but not limited to phone number, vaccination status, religious affiliation, and zip code of residence. Contractor must provide callers additional educational materials via email or mailing to anyone who requests it. A follow up phone call must be made to those who have not yet been vaccinated to determine if they subsequently got vaccinated.”

JOWMA was serving as the eyes and ears of the government, KGB spies with Brooklyn accents and medical degrees.

Further: “Contractor will market this service, prioritizing the Orthodox community, through social media channels, such as Instagram and WhatsApp.”

New York City hires moles to spread medical propaganda and gather data on the Orthodox community, and has the chutzpah to call it a service.

This data was crunched with German precision:

“Bi-weekly reports are due Monday following the reporting period. Reports will include number of calls answered, number of calls forwarded to Infoline, number of voicemails left, number of calls missed, number of people called back, number of people called back who were not vaccinated (if available, Contractor will report out how many of those called back subsequently got vaccinated), demographic information, major concerns and barriers addressed in calls, and other relevant information .Reports should also detail any challenges that affected Contractor’s ability to achieve activities outlined in this work plan, or as otherwise instructed by DOHMH.”

Exhibit C is a “Covid-19 Vaccine Education Hotline Update” provided by Miriam Borvick, the Covid-19 Hotline Director. Included was a partial transcript of one such conversation. The caller had heard that some people had “bad reactions” to the shot and wanted to know if it was safe. The hotline volunteer replied with this rambling, unscientific propaganda:

“So based on what we've seen, so far, this has been the it has been a record breaking number of people who have received a vaccine. And we already see the side effect profile, and we know what the side effects are. And for the most part, they seem to be mild, all these extreme side effects that you will hear about, usually there, there's a certain level that we, when we do any scientific experiments, there's a certain level that we consider coincidental, and that's already like prevalent in the world where like the incidence, the incidence of that type of side effects is rare, but it can happen just by chance alone. And we haven't seen people have with the covid vaccine, a reaction, side effects have increase of those side effects. Like it's not that there's that specific to the COVID vaccine that caused those severe severe side effects. But what we have seen is that, that there it has been protected against severe infection and hospitalization and deaths from COVID, which is why we recommend taking the vaccine. And but even when you do have COVID, you have people then ask about immunity to COVID. And you will develop antibodies because you would right now are fighting the virus in your body. But people have gotten the vaccine even after being infected with COVID, because it would strengthen their immunity, obviously it wouldn't be like right after recovering.”

After convincing the caller to take the shot – despite her natural immunity and without mention of indications that those who took the shots after previously contracting illness are at even greater risk – the volunteer then added a disclaimer: “Yeah, we're not going to tell you definitely take it. We're just here to give you the education that we have and what information we have about that. So, it's been safe, and it's been effective against hospitalization, death and severe infection.”

This is called covering one's tuchus. If JOWMA and their ilk are ever hauled before a court to face prosecution for their chicanery – may it be soon in our days – they will blithely argue that they didn't tell anyone to take the shots, they were merely “giving people education and information that they had”.

Their call script – yes, they had an actual script – is available here.

JOWMA received $9091.91 every two weeks for operating this hotline (see here). Their grant proposal in which they requested $100,000 in funding is available here.

As part of their data collection, they asked callers for their specific “religious affiliation” within the Jewish world, as well as their zip code, all to better tailor their propaganda.

Perhaps most disturbing of all is the following item from their hotline update:

“A rabbi of a large congregation in Ohio, with about 1000 congregants, called in to consult with an expert physician because he is being asked a lot of questions about getting the vaccine by his congregants and he does not know how to address their concerns.”

Whoever this rabbi is, he should be fired immediately for negligence, incompetence, and recklessly endangering the lives of his congregants. As we saw from the beginning, JOWMA's position is that they and their “medical experts” have usurped the authority of rabbis to rule on matters of Jewish law, and that rabbis should function as mouthpieces for the establishment just as JOWMA does.

While rabbis certainly must consult with experts in various fields to obtain information, it is the responsibility of rabbis to vet this information, to hear multiple sides of an issue, and to evaluate for themselves both the quality of the information and the credibility of those providing it. They must take into account whether those providing the information are biased or otherwise have conflicts of interest. They must also recognize that the ultimate responsibility for clarifying the Torah's position is on them, and cannot be outsourced to external “experts”.

In other words, the rabbi doesn't submit to a doctor. The doctor provides information, which the rabbi must evaluate for himself in accordance with Jewish law.

When this unnamed rabbi is prosecuted for misleading his congregation, he cannot throw up his hands and say he was simply “following the experts”. The buck stops with him.

As the truth becomes less plausibly deniable with each passing day, it is incumbent on everyone to hold these moles and mosrim accountable for their treason. Make no mistake about it; they know what they did, and it was deliberate. It is not by accident that JOWMA scrubbed all their covid-related material from their website, instead of taking a victory lap for saving the Jewish community with their heroic “education” and leadership.

They continue to spread propaganda within the Orthodox Jewish world, and their advertisements continue to be printed in “Orthodox” Jewish media. It might still be difficult for people to accept that publications such as Mishpacha Magazine are also Trojan horses, but it should be impossible for anyone to believe otherwise about JOWMA at this point.

Why is Mishpacha still printing their ads? Where is the public outcry? Where are the rabbis who are supposed to be vigilant about protecting the community from harmful outside influences? Mishpacha would never print an ad from a Reform organization, or from Jews for Jesus. Why is JOWMA more acceptable; because they put “Orthodox” in their name?

A recent article outlining more of JOWMA's war against the Torah, written anonymously, is available here. The related documents from JOWMA are available here and here.

Chazal teach us that in a place where there is no man, strive to be a man (Avos 2:6). In other words, when there is a crisis of leadership, take charge and do the job. JOWMA's hotline should be inundated with furious callers asking them tough questions and demanding answers (recorded for quality assurance). Media that publish their ads should be told in no uncertain terms that they will no longer be welcome in Jewish homes, and stores that carry these publications should be informed that the kosher consumer will not patronize establishments that promote mosrim.

JOWMA should be forced to report to their handlers that they can't find any takers for their advertising dollars.

The mosrim themselves should be very uncomfortable showing their faces in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods. Rabbis who still have a vestige of responsibility should form a Jewish court, examine the evidence, and, in my opinion, officially excommunicate the whole rotten bunch of them.

There is a real war against Hashem, His Torah, and His people. The Jewish world needs to wake up already and take it seriously.

Don't just read this and move on. Do something.



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