`220 JOWMA erases all Covid-19 propaganda from their site
Chananya Weissman

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August 15, 2022

JOWMA, a front organization that has relentlessly assaulted the Orthodox Jewish world with vaccine propaganda and messages that are antithetical to the Torah, has quietly removed their COVID-19 propaganda from their site. It was previously found at https://jowma.org/covid19, but now that page has been wiped clean. The material is still archived at https://web.archive.org/web/20211229160447/https://jowma.org/covid19.

I exposed JOWMA in great detail nearly a year ago at https://chananyaweissman.com/article.php?id=381 and in episode 12 of my Medical War Crimes series, https://rumble.com/voochv-r-and-b-medical-war-crimes-12-unmasking-jowma.html. These vaccine whores received massive amounts of funding from unsavory sources to finance their infiltration of the Orthodox world.

Why did JOWMA suddenly remove all their COVID-19 resources? Are they feeling some heat? Did their sugar daddies realize this particular jig is up?

A glorified sales agent for big pharma, Dr. Ellie Carmody of JOWMA, was all over the Jewish media pushing vaccine propaganda. In one interview, mentioned in my article, she promoted mandating vaccines (in other words, forcing people to take them) and denied that this was a religious issue.

Carmody was a member of JOWMA's now-defunct COVID-19 “task force”, the only member with any relevant training (it was headed by a psychologist and featured four Pre-Med students – experts indeed).

I will soon be posting a bombshell recording of Ellie Carmody expressing serious reservations about the covid death shots that she never intended for us to hear.

Expel the Erev Rev and Amalek from our midst.