`235 Moles and Mosrim in Brooklyn Part 8
Chananya Weissman

October 7, 2022


On February 23, 2022 the Boro Park Jewish Community Council (BPJCC) staff and consultant David Rubel presented a “Partner Engagement Plan”, as part of their contractual arrangement with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). It is available here. Since they tend to couch their true intentions in buzzwords, euphemisms, and mumbo-jumbo, we will translate from Forked Tongue to plain English.

The BPJCC, who had been awarded more than a million dollars in grants to serve as government moles in the Orthodox Jewish community, planned to “engage” with more than two dozen prominent Jewish organizations, institutions, rabbis, politicians, and businesses to do the government's bidding while pretending to be serving the people. The plan was to collaborate with them to gather intelligence on the community, “target” various populations with government-approved Covid propaganda, and, most of all, convince their trusting constituents to take the accursed Covid shots.

Those being “engaged” were referred to as “stakeholders”, a vague corporate term that essentially refers to those who have a vested interest. The vested interest of those engaged by the BPJCC is not difficult to surmise: financial rewards and the good graces of those in the halls of power.

Conspicuously absent from the list of stakeholders, despite being strongly affected by the decisions being made on their behalf, was the general public. They were instead referred to as “targeted populations”.

Each stakeholder was assigned a “Potential role in the activity”, an “Engagement strategy”, a “Follow-up strategy” for sharing data and lessons learned, a “Priority Population Targeted”, and a level of priority for their activities. We will comment on some items of particular interest.

We must also note that merely being on this list is not evidence that the “stakeholder” in question actually collaborated with the BPJCC. We do know for certain that many of them pushed the Covid agenda – they did so loudly and proudly – but it is quite possible that some of them quietly demurred. The Partner Engagement Plan is just that – a plan.

The first listed stakeholder was Ami Magazine. Although Ami was the only media company mentioned in this document, the BPJCC explicitly mentioned Mishpacha, Wellsprings, and the Flatbush Jewish Journal as potential strategic partners, as discussed in parts 3 and 6 of this series.

The "engagement strategy" for Ami was to "Provide a culturally sensitive and well-respected outlet for the community to gain information as to where to access public health resources. Partner with a writer from our community to put together sensitive public health articles that will speak to this community."

In plain English: Leverage the community's trust in Ami as a “kosher” magazine to spread tailored propaganda (described by the BPJCC as “correct public health information”). This government propaganda would come under the guise of general content from a regular contributor to Ami, who would serve as a covert missionary.

Notice how they always frame their devious, malicious activities as if they are providing a service to the community. If you take their words at face value, the Orthodox Jews in New York simply needed help "to gain information as to where to access public health resources". Really? They had no idea? And they needed an extremely well-funded, covert, deeply insidious government campaign to supply them with this information?

On a certain level, though, it's an impressive feat to get paid not only by those producing propaganda but those receiving it.

The next stakeholder was Bikur Cholim Chesed Organization Guardians of the Sick. They provide disabled people and home-bound seniors with meals. The BPJCC envisioned them delivering those meals with a side of Covid propaganda. Considering the carnage caused by the Covid shots, one wonders if this vulnerable population needs guardians from the guardians.

Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, Executive Vice President of Agudath Israel, was the first individual mentioned. His potential role was to “provide backing to the BPJCC's CDG [Covid Disparities Grant] health initiative so that the community can trust in and accept our mission and leadership.” The plan was for Zwiebel to join their advisory committee, and “also send letters to the schools and synagogues endorsing this program”.

Why was this endorsement assumed? On what was it to be based?

If you still believe that “rabbinic endorsements” are the product of rabbis delving into the Torah and a pressing issue without being swayed by outside pressure or a conflict of interest, and arriving at an independent, informed, sincere conclusion, which is then communicated in a way that truly informs and teaches the public, it's high time you woke up and smelled the sewage. It stinks.

The follow-up strategy was for Zwiebel to “attend in-person and virtual monthly meetings and discuss how Agudath Israel will help encourage the community to better take care of their health”.

Quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep were not what they had in mind. Abstaining from unnecessary, dangerous pharmaceutical products was most definitely not what they had in mind.

The next two individual “stakeholders” were Senator Simcha Felder and Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein. In the words of the BPJCC, “The community trusts the senator and therefore is more receptive to anything that has his endorsement. Having senator Felder endorse our program to the community will help us a lot”. Eichenstein was to play a similar role.

Both politicians had already been pushing the shots. One example from Felder can be found here. Eichenstein had already collaborated with Hatzalah; see this nauseating bit of propaganda, in which the accursed shots were equated with the splitting of the sea.

JOWMA was on the list, of course. BPJCC would “utilize the existing content from JOWMA” (all of which has since been removed from the JOWMA website, as it aged like fine vinegar). “We will also partner with them for their Podcast and help publicize it. Included in all health messaging will be the JOWMA hotline so that community members can speak to a trained professional at any time regarding their health concerns.” Trained professional medical propagandists, that is.

The next “stakeholder” is another example of how deeply insidious this operation was. “Yad Efraim provides kosher food to families of patients in the hospital...Initial meeting with Yad Efraim on how to use their data to encourage community members to be more COVID-19 mindful so they don't end up where they need to utilize the Yad Efraim's services.”

That sounds almost like a Mafia threat. Better take your Covid shots. You wouldn't want to wind up in the hospital needing Yad Efraim to deliver food to you, would you?

In previous parts, mainly part three, we discussed the plan to infiltrate the yeshivos with Covid and vaccine propaganda in the guise of a science curriculum. This was to begin at stakeholder Bnos Jerusalem of Belz with a trial run. “Upon positive feedback, we will have further meetings to discuss developing a full curriculum and implementing it within this school. We will also discuss if they can refer and endorse the curriculum to other schools.”

We noted that this curriculum would be promoted to other schools via the Yeshiva Principals Association. You might have wondered what this association is. Probably an initiative to unite yeshivos in support of improvements to their yeshiva curriculum, right?

Wrong. As described in a 2017 article about a “Yeshiva Education Expo” organized by the Yeshiva Principals Association, they work “to unite yeshivos in support of improvements to secular curriculum”.

Guess who was the executive director of the Yeshiva Principals Association.

Avi Greenstein. Who also happens to be the President of the Boro Park Jewish Community Council – the very same BPJCC that was partnering with the NYC government to covertly introduce a Covid / vaccine / “science” curriculum in yeshivos all over Brooklyn.

The incestuous web of conflicts of interest is remarkable, and we are surely just scratching the surface.

Rabbi Yaakov Weinfeld of congregation Khal Lev Avrohom is another interesting stakeholder. I have no information regarding whether or not he agreed to participate, but here is how the BPJCC described their plan for him: “Rabbi Weinfeld will join our events as the religious representative and the individual our community looks to for guidance. He will speak on the importance of maintaining one's health within religion.”

Such as by doing whatever the government-approved “experts” say?

Old-timers who were around before 2020 remember when it was standard for rabbinic leaders to study things for themselves, slowly and carefully, and arrive at independent conclusions, which were not necessarily the conclusions desired by the establishment. We looked to certain people for guidance specifically because they were not able to be recruited by the establishment to rubber-stamp their activities and messages – even and especially those that pertained to people's health.

But now rabbis know their place, and they submit to the hand that feeds them.

This brings us to Josh Mehlman. “Mr. Mehlman is the Chairman of the FJCC (Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition). The FJCC has a large association of community rabbis that can be utilized in helping us get religious support for this cause. Mr. Mehlman will join our events as well as get local Rabbinical leaders to join our events in which a well-respected Rabbi will be featured to answer all questions on health questions related to religion.”

Please note that “all questions” did not include questions such as these. We already know their answers were nothing more than rhetoric to take the shots, do what you're told, and stop asking questions. The BPJCC took it for granted that community rabbis would fall into line and endorse their program without a peep of opposition. At no point did they express the slightest reservation that rabbis would challenge anything, or even hesitate to cooperate.

The only way they could be so confident is if the rabbinic establishment was already in the bag, and had proven that over a long period of time. Before you continue, let that sink in.

The Partner Engagement Plan also included carefully selected stores in the community. “Teachers Edition is an arts-n-crafts store in Boro Park. Since they are the main source of school supplies for teachers and students, they can assist in the creation of a curriculum [that] will raise student awareness of public health. Curricula and books about both public and private health for students, as well as resources for teachers to utilize, will be made available to the community through their store.”

Follow-up strategy: “A meeting will be held to determine which resources were well accepted and which ones should be eliminated or revised. The success of this program and the potential for other ones will also be discussed.”

While you were innocently shopping for school supplies, the government's eyes on the ground were tracking you, researching you, and refining their efforts to brainwash you.

Yuck! I'll go buy some Jewish books instead.

“Eichlers is one of the largest Judaica stores in Brooklyn. They will assist us in the dissemination of public health information as well as partner with us for street-level outreach.” The BPJCC would be following up with them as well to collect data and “inform our assessments”.

According to a since-hidden Facebook post by Blimi Marcus, a notorious vaccine extremist waging war on the Orthodox community from within (see here), the owner of Eichler's, Mordy Getz, “paid for trucks to park near an anti-vaccine rally last year and blast warnings from speakers.

Chaim Fischer was tapped by the BPJCC as a board member of Maimonides Hospital. “He will put out messages to the community in which Maimonides is backing our public health initiative which will give us a large measure of credibility and respect and trust...the BPJCC has gained a massive partner in order to reach the Boro Park community.”

Last but not least, we have Hatzalah, which moonlights as an emergency medical response organization when they aren't busy conducting huge fundraisers and pushing Covid shots. In totally unrelated news, Eli Beer, Founder of United Hatzalah of Israel and President of Friends of United Hatzalah, is buddy-buddy with the World Economic Forum (see here and here).

The WEF believes there are far too many people in the world and the population needs to be culled, among other delightful ideas totally in line with the Torah, while Hatzalah supposedly exists for the singular purpose of saving lives. It would seem to be an odd shidduch – unless one of them is fudging it.

The BPJCC noted Hatzalah as a high-priority stakeholder, though their collaboration on spreading Covid propaganda was strangely understated. “Information on how to prevent having to call Hatzolah, as well as basic first aid information resources provided by Hatzolah, will be distributed to the community by outreach events and through Hatzolah's own organization. Meetings will be held to determine if the amount of information is sufficient to avoid unnecessary accidents, injuries, and illnesses; and whether it would be beneficial to develop more material regarding this topic, will also be discussed.”

That's an odd departure from the topic at hand, no? Suddenly the priority was preventing sprained ankles and burns?

If that were the case, Hatzalah probably wasn't the best address. They were distracted with other things – convincing people to wear masks and take Covid shots, and collecting huge amounts of data on the Orthodox Jewish community to advance these goals.

In June of 2021 they sponsored a study by Nishma Research with the title “COVID-19 Attitudes and Vaccine Sentiment in the U.S. Orthodox Jewish Community: Views Among the Chasidish, Yeshivish, and Modern Orthodox Segments”. The study is available here. There is much there to analyze and discuss, but for now we should take note of a volunteer first-aid and ambulatory service spending its money – money they relentlessly beg for from the community – to sponsor sociological research on Orthodox Jews, broken down into categories, for the purpose of determining how to get more of them to obstruct their breathing with face-coverings and take accursed shots.

So who is more deceptive on their shidduch profile, the World Economic Forum or Hatzalah?

Is it any wonder the BPJCC considered engaging with Hatzalah a high priority?

Here is a complete list of “stakeholders” in the Partner Engagement Plan. Those who rebuffed invitations to participate in the BPJCC's insidious propaganda campaign are urged to come forward and publicly disassociate themselves from it.

Ami Magazine

Bikur Cholim Chesed Organization Guardians of the Sick

Ezra Medical Center

Rabbi Chaim Zwiebel – Executive Vice President of Agudath Israel

Boro Park Y

Senator Simcha Felder

Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein

Community Board 12 (note: Avi Greenstein is a member there as well)


Toys 4 U

Yad Efraim

Boro Park Y

Joel Rosenfeld, Together We Are

Bnos Jerusalem of Belz

Masbia (here is a video from Alexander Rapaport, Executive Director of Masbia, pushing the measles shots on behalf of the Mayor's office in 2019. Note the institutions that received a shout-out as this incongruous spokesman for healthy living waddles by them: Hatzoloh of Williamsburg, Maimonides Hospital, Bikur Cholim, Yad Ephraim, Refuah Resources, Ezra Medical Center. All part of “the family”.)


Rabbi Weinfeld

Teachers Edition



Chaim Fischer

Eichlers Judaica Religious Articles & Gifts

COPO – Council of Peoples Organizations

COJO Flatbush – Council of Jewish Organizations Flatbush

Josh Mehlman

Considering the depth and scope of the operation targeting the Orthodox Jewish community (and greater society), we must assume this list is not exclusive, but representative of the near-total takeover of our institutions, organizations, schools, community leadership, rabbinic establishment, political representatives, and media.

It's been a full month since this series began. Not one Jewish media agency has picked up the story or even contacted us with an inquiry. Not one Jewish media agency found any of this information remotely interesting, let alone one of the most significant stories of our time.

They will not publish a word about this, because they are all just as guilty of corruption and collaboration. Shining a light on the BPJCC and their various partners would require exposing themselves to very uncomfortable questions as well. So they will ignore it and count on the community to not only continue to do nothing, but continue to trust them and support them.

Are they right?

Or will the community unite, rise up, and finally change the game?



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