`229 Moles and Mosrim in Brooklyn Part 2
Chananya Weissman

September 8, 2022


People who internalized the lessons of history would be disturbed by covert government operations to compile sensitive data about populations based on ethnicity and race. Throughout history such intelligence gathering by the state has rarely been used for the benefit of these populations, to put it mildly. Those in power don't surveil specific demographics to be able to serve them better, but to manipulate them, control them, and, if they see fit, to wage war on them.

Of course, it's the 21st century, the Western world is enlightened, genocidal evil has ceased to exist, it could never happen again because we say so, and there's a pandemic, so the usual rules don't apply. So while airport security and police officers can no longer engage in racial profiling, but must assume that men from certain Middle Eastern countries should be scrutinized no more frequently than little Jewish grandmothers from Brooklyn, public officials are downright obsessed with race when it comes to Covid.

Racially profiling people when it comes to thwarting terrorism is the bad kind of racism, even if it might save lives, but racially profiling people when it comes to pushing Covid shots is equality, because it might save lives. Got it?

As Orwellian as this sounds, this is the American government's cover story when it comes to their funding for Covid shot propaganda. Certain racial and ethnic populations are underserved, and huge sums of money need to be allocated to provide greater “access” to this vital “health service”. Because the government cares about their lives so very much. How touching.

Never mind the fact that anyone who really wants a Covid shot can get one without any difficulty. They can just walk into the nearest Walgreens, for example. If there is a problem with people being turned down for Covid shots at the pharmacy due to the color of their skin or their Yiddish accent, we would surely know about it.

On February 9, 2022 there was a meeting with representatives of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), the Boro Park Jewish Community Council (BPJCC), the Boro Park Y (BPY) and JOWMA. Fifteen government and community leaders attended in all (see attached).

What concerned them more than anything else? A few specific zip codes in Brooklyn with a high concentration of Orthodox Jews weren't taking enough Covid shots. We would have loved to be a fly on the wall to hear their heartfelt concern for the lives and wellbeing of Yiddish-speaking Jews, which no doubt keeps them all up at night. Fortunately, we have the next best thing.

The meeting notes.

Some items of particular interest:

“Race and ethnicity – 11219 as a whole is diverse, but DOHMH recommends focusing on Hasidic and Haredi Jewish communities have been identified as needing the most support based on age, race, and place data”

Who “identified” the Hasidic and Haredi Jews as “needing support”? Was the community collapsing and reaching out to the government for help? Was the community collapsing and too daft to realize that they needed the government to help? Or was this just another example of the government feeling particularly philanthropic toward Hasidic and Haredi Jews, and prioritizing them for unsolicited support, as is typical of the government?

After all, Hasidic and Haredi Jews were obviously too primitive and stupid to understand how badly they needed these Covid shots, so the government needed to step in and convince them. How? By recruiting Jews from within to spread culturally tailored propaganda.

In the list of “objectives” appear the following items:

  • “increase access to COVID-19 prevention, testing, and vaccination

  • Build collective action to address racial disparities and resource needs for longer term recovery

  • COVID is not the only thing we want to address; we recognize that these communities have other needs as well”

Not surprisingly, all roads lead toward “vaccination”. There is no other acceptable option. They could have cut out all the buzzwords and mumbo jumbo about “engaging the community” and stated their objective in plain English: Get every Orthodox Jew to take the shots.

The government's frustration with certain ethnic groups being skeptical of these shots, and their obsession with coercing them one way or another, is reframed as “addressing racial disparities”. If the shots are a good thing (of course they are), and some communities are taking fewer of these shots, then a government with a heart must intervene to correct this racial inequality.

Of course, despite their manic obsession with pushing the shots, they have to pretend that it isn't all about the shots. The communities do have other needs as well.

Now back to pushing the shots.

Next the participants expressed a desire “to engage community in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways. How: Through trusted messengers”

Simple translation: the Jews don't trust the shots and don't trust the government. So we need insiders who look like them and speak their language who can effectively pretend to be serving the interests of the community.

This is precisely the role the Judenrat played for the Nazis. It was a critical role then, and there is nothing new under the sun.

Lest good-hearted but naive people still believe that this is all a big misunderstanding, let's take a quick look at two of these present-day Jundenrat who participated in the meeting.

We have Alyssa Masor, Orthodox Jewish Community Liaison with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. First of all, “liaison” to the government is a wonderful linguistic substitute for “Judenrat”, since it indicates that she is really representing the Orthodox Jewish community, which did not hire her or nominate her for this role, as opposed to the government, who hired her and pays her to work specifically for them.

(The infamous Aaron Glatt is also a “liaison”, though he too was appointed to the position by Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, not the Orthodox Jews he supposedly represents. For more on Glatt's heroic achievements as a “liaison” to the Orthodox Jewish community, see here and here.)

Keen-eyed readers might recall seeing Masor in the leaked recording of a conference call in which Laura Kurcfeld shared her propaganda strategies for the Jews of Baltimore. When one participant raised concerns toward the end about bribing people to push and take the shots – not the moral/halachic issues, but the potential fallout – Masor abruptly cut him off and ended the call.

In this meeting, Masor is noted as a resource for information about the dubiously named Haredi Health Coalition. Considering Masor's educational background, it seems her main qualification for these positions is her ability to appear Haredi. Indeed, Kurcfeld emphasized the importance of “people who look like me” in convincing Jews to take the shots.

We also have Mimi Knoll, of the front group JOWMA, which was created specifically to push vaccines and propagandize inside the Orthodox Jewish world. In another recently leaked video, one of their doctors confessed that she lacked confidence in her own sales pitch, and sought reinforcement so she could more effectively do her job – not the official job of a doctor, but the unofficial job of a drug-pusher.

In addition to her fine work with JOWMA to save Orthodox Jews from monstrous anti-vaxxers, Knoll receieved nearly $7000 in 2021 from AstraZeneca in “consulting fees”. She received similar amounts in the two previous years as well. No conflict of interest there. No reason to be concerned. Nothing to see here. Move it right along.

If you think that this was really a meeting of people who were being paid specifically to fool Orthodox Jews into taking Covid shots, then you must be a crazy conspiracy theorist. They were obviously just being paid for their time.

The next item in their meeting notes makes that abundantly clear: “Goal is not to compel people to get vaccinated, it’s to ensure that they have the information they need to make an informed decision. Information needs to be communicated in a way that resonates”

Compelling people to take the shots would be extremely messy and inefficient, not to mention a public relations nightmare. Rather, the goal was to give people just the right information, delivered in just the right way, to convince them to take the shots, while believing that they arrived at this decision entirely on their own.

How was this goal to be accomplished?


  • Focus on wrap-around services instead of leading with vaccination helped within communities of color

  • Storytelling – hearing other people’s stories can help people feel reassured, perhaps even more so than data

  • Provide spaces for conversation with no pressure

    • “if you’re not ready to make the decision today that’s fine, here is a home test kit”

Strategy #1 was to pretend they were really there to offer some service, and then casually introduce the shots, almost as an afterthought. Kind of like how the Moabite women enticed the Jews in the desert with their charm and hospitality in order to lure them to immorality and idolatry. That sort of strategy.

The charming moles at JOWMA, by the way, have been deploying this tactic from day one. They pose as an organization committed to advancing the careers of Orthodox female doctors and providing health education to the community, but this is a thin cover for relentless vaccine evangelization.

Strategy #2 was to lure people's trust with stories. Everyone loves stories! You know, like the one about the anti-vaxxer who got Covid, had a tube shoved down his throat, and died a horrible death in isolation. You wouldn't want that to happen to you, would you?

Or the one about the selfish Jew who had ridiculous, far-fetched concerns about the shot, and because of him people were dying. You wouldn't want to be a murderer like him, would you? Would you?

Of course not. So be like this smiling Holocaust survivor, and this holy-looking rabbi, and this person who looks just like you who took the shot and has never been happier.

Strategy #3 was to pretend they weren't obsessed with getting people to take the shots by indulging them in conversation and even allowing them to think it over before arriving at the one acceptable decision. In the meantime, go home and test yourself for Covid. No pressure.

The meeting continued with the idea of a “deep dive into Midwood”. Just in case those recalcitrant Jews needed more help in making the right decision.

There's more in these three pages of meeting notes that is worthy of attention, but we will conclude this installment with one item from their “Post-Engagement Recommendations”.

“Leverage multiple channels of engagement for tailored messaging

a. Religious leaders, community groups, local providers, trusted messengers”

Those Baltimore and Five Towns rabbis didn't spontaneously decide one day that they needed to save Jewish lives, the shots were the best/only option, and they needed to record a professional video to that effect. They, and so many others, were recruited by Judenrat and front organizations, who themselves were paid by the government and pharmaceutical companies, to “leverage” their trust to “engage” the community with “tailored messages”.

But this is only the notes from one meeting. We're just getting started.

To be continued.



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