`200 Rav Chaim Kanievsky and Elder Abuse Revisited
Chananya Weissman
April 10, 2022

I was a guest last week on The Jerusalem Report with Ilana Rachel Daniel, which you can see here. The entire program is informative, and the segment with me begins at 17:30.

Apropos to what we discussed, here are three propaganda videos in which Rav Chaim Kanievsky was used and abused. I wrote about this back in November, here, and spoke about it here and here.

FYI, the first video seems to have been largely scrubbed from the Internet, after previously being posted on many of the fake media sites that "reported" on Rav Chaim's "rulings".

When you watch them one after another, a few points should be painfully obvious:

  • Rav Chaim was the victim of elder abuse by the Erev Rav deep state and his handlers in their employ.  He is clearly uncomfortable and seems to want nothing more than for them to just leave him alone already.

  • No reasonable person will claim that whatever Rav Chaim uttered in these videos constitutes a ruling on Jewish law, let alone a mandate that the Jewish people must follow.

  • The entire production was staged from start to finish by the Mafia of Health.  Notice how Yanky holds a paper before Rav Chaim in all the videos.  What is that all about?  What was written on the paper, and why was it needed?  Was it the response they expected him to say, perhaps to what he believed was a different question?  Since when does a rabbi need a script or a prompt to give a ruling on Jewish law?

  • Notice how the government stooges nod like bobblehead dolls when Yanky manages to torture the desired response from Rav Chaim.  What a bunch of monkeys feigning respect for an elderly sage that they clearly hold in contempt.

  • Notice how the Mafia of Health poorly edited their commercial to try to make the whole circus seem less painful and pathetic than it was in real life.

  • Notice how Rav Chaim is pretty much unable to hear and speak.  Then compare what you see with your own eyes to the fake media reports:


“A teacher or an educator who hasn’t been vaccinated won’t come to teach,” said Kanievsky, suggesting that vaccines fulfill the Jewish value of safeguarding life.

Based on what you saw, does it even seem physically possible that Rav Chaim said this?  If your life depended on getting this right, would you bet that he really said what the media attributed to him, or that they are flat out lying?

Well, this really is a matter of life and death.

If Rav Chaim really said this, don't you believe they would have gotten it on video and broadcast it relentlessly?


"According to Ynet, Kanievsky’s grandson Yanky, who acts as a spokesman and go-between for his 93-year-old grandfather, has received threats on the street."

This lie was widely reported by all the fake media outlets in the employ of the government. But I appreciate the open acknowledgment that Yanky was the "spokesman and go-between" for Rav Chaim.  He was a lot more than that.


"The meeting at Kanievsky’s home was arranged by the Health Ministry’s public diplomacy committee for the haredi sector that has suffered from disinformation campaigns regarding Kanievsky’s opinion on vaccinating children. Since Kanievsky today is the most authoritative rabbi in the non-hassidic haredi community, this disinformation threatens to undermine the coming vaccination drive."

Disinformation campaigns, huh?  You don't say.  That's rich, coming from a state-run propaganda entity known as the Health Ministry’s public diplomacy committee for the haredi sector.

"Attending the meeting was the head of the national Magen Israel program for combating corona, Prof. Ran Balicer, COVID czar Prof. Salman Zarka, and Kanievsky’s personal doctor Mushlam Hart, all of whom “requested to hear his [Kanievsky’s] Torah perspective regarding vaccinating children,” according to the public diplomacy committee, and to receive his blessing for the child vaccination campaign."

Sure, it's quite evident from the videos that the monkeys with their bobbing heads and scripts were quite interested in hearing Rav Chaim's Torah perspective, as opposed to torturing a pre-determined response out of him, and that the government's policy was going to bend to Rav Chaim's Torah perspective.

"In addition, Balicer presented data to the rabbi regarding the vaccination of one million children in the US and research on the effects of vaccinating children. “The health benefits and advantages to vaccinated children significantly outweigh risks and side-effects of the vaccine,” Balicer said.

"The doctors also spoke with Kanievsky and his advisers about how to best promote vaccination for children in this age group."

I thought they came to hear his perspective, not the other way around.  So why did they do all the talking?

"After having had the information presented to him, Kanievsky said that children over five should be vaccinated, and gave a blessing to those who vaccinate to be healthy, and a blessing for success for those working in the health system."

Is that what you saw in the videos?  That's not what I saw.  Based on what I saw, I doubt the whole meeting lasted any longer than it took them to arrange all the actors in their proper places and scream at Rav Chaim until he managed a word or two.


"Rabbi Kanievsky listened to the doctors' words, and after he questioned, investigated, and ensured that the data and the results of the studies on the balance between the vaccine's safety and efficacy and the risks of COVID-19 had been received, he arrived at the conclusion that children ages 5 and over should be vaccinated."


"After an extended discussion, HaRav Chaim paskened that parents should vaccinate their children aged five and above and gave the pediatric vaccination program a bracha for success."

These ridiculous lies from Arutz Sheva and The Yeshiva World would be funny if they weren't so tragic.  Do the Mafia of Health, Israel's Erev Rav deep state, and their stooges in the "religious Jewish media" really believe you're so stupid that you would believe this?  That there was an "extended discussion", and Rav Chaim thoroughly "investigated" everything before he arrived at a conclusion?  Oh, and that no one bothered to record any of it, because it's really not important?

Yes. Yes they do.

"Only minutes after HaRav Chaim’s p’sak was published, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who has made vaccination the center of his battle plan against COVID, quickly shared the post on his social media accounts, writing: “An important call from HaRav Chaim Kanievsky – vaccinate the children.”"

That's right, Bennett has the utmost respect for Rav Chaim.  They all do.  They drink his teachings with thirst and strive to lead Israel in strict accordance with Torah law. 

Rav Chaim was the victim of elder abuse, plain and simple. These wicked people made cynical use of him until God mercifully relieved him from their clutches. 

According to Jewish law and plain common sense, it is forbidden to trust any of these people, entities, or fake media outlets about anything.  It is certainly forbidden to subject yourself or your children to their crapcines. 

They hate the Torah.  They hate religious Jews.  They loathe true Torah sages.  They despise Jewish children.   They will do anything to destroy Torah-observant Jews.  Nothing is too low for them.  They come dressed as your friends and saviors, but they want you dead. 

This is an outrage, a disgrace to the Torah, and a war to the death against the entire Jewish people. Everyone who is responsible for abusing Rav Chaim and intentionally misleading the Jewish people must be held accountable.  We must ensure that nothing like this can ever happen again.