`161 More Disinformation About Rav Kanievsky
Chananya Weissman

November 27, 2021

This is really important. Please share it widely.

1. Propaganda from Arutz Sheva

2. Propaganda from the Jerusalem Post

3. Propaganda from Yeshiva World

4. 10,000 shekel offer they will never accept

5. What rabbis REALLY have to say

6. Leaked resignation letter in protest

7. Published paper on some of the tactics the Mafia of Health uses to manipulate religious Jews 

1. Get a load of this nonsense they expect people to believe. If this were real, don't you think the gangsters in white coats would have videotaped the whole thing and released it to the public? What would be better than seeing and hearing Rav Kanievsky brilliantly interrogating the doctors, receiving thorough answers, and issuing a detailed ruling?

Of course no such thing happened. The frauds at the Mafia of Health made up the whole thing, took a picture, sent their stooges at Arutz Sheva a press kit telling them exactly what to publish, and the Judenrat followed their instructions.

It's laughable that they didn't even make up a quote for Rav Kanievsky, they just told a story about what supposedly happened at this intense meeting. What a crock! No one believes this ridiculous propaganda anymore. They are exposing themselves for the frauds they are, all of them.

Arutz Sheva is a propaganda arm of the government, like all the others. They publish some pro-aliya and pro-Israel pieces so people will believe they are "one of us" and then trust the propaganda. It's all a ruse. And the mask is off.  

2.  Here's the Jerusalem Post's version of the propaganda:  


I love this paragraph...an admission that they are losing ground:

"The meeting at Kanievsky’s home was arranged by the Health Ministry’s public diplomacy committee for the haredi sector that has suffered from disinformation campaigns regarding Kanievsky’s opinion on vaccinating children. Since Kanievsky today is the most authoritative rabbi in the non-hassidic haredi community, this disinformation threatens to undermine the coming vaccination drive."

Disinformation indeed. 

I'm overjoyed to see that virtually ALL the comments are all over the propaganda.  It's not working like it used to. 

3. Here's Yeshiva World's version of the propaganda:

As Fear Of 5th Wave Rises, HaRav Chaim Tells Parents To Vaccinate Children

Of course Acting Prime Minister Bennett rushed to urge people to follow the ruling of the great sage, as he is wont to do....

4. I am making an open offer for Shuki Lehrer, whose photo is being used in all the reports about Rav Chaim Kanievsky's "ruling", to appear on my podcast for an interview about the meeting that he witnessed.  I would like to hear all about the information he was given, the detailed questions he asked and answers he gave, and other general information.  This is a great opportunity to spread Torah, share a precious experience with a Gadol, and even save lives.  

I am willing to pay Shuki 10,000 shekels for this interview.  That's a lot of money for a photographer, especially in these times.  The same offer applies to  Dr. Meshulam Hart.  Please share this offer with them.  I'm sure they will be most happy to be interviewed, and would probably even do it for free for the benefit of the Jewish people.

5. Please share this widely.  You can either believe what the Ministry of Health and their propaganda stooges claim Rav Chaim Kanievsky said (no evidence other than their word) or you can believe all this. 


6. Mutiny at Arutz Sheva?  

This resignation letter from a former employee of the company has been leaked in protest over their knee-jerk "reporting" of the supposed "ruling" from Rav Kanievsky, which is as bogus as a PCR test.  

There was no ruling.  There is only a claim by government operatives — corrupt, evil people and pathological liars — that he made this ruling.  They could just as easily have claimed that he encourages people to get Smartphones and play games all day.  They send press kits to the media and tell them what to "report".  This is then reported as fact, without question or investigation.  

The government holds Rav Kanievsky and people close to him hostage and uses him as a propaganda tool. Enough! We need to expose this and end it once and for all!

7. See this. They've put a LOT of research and resources into this, and they will do anything to get what they want.