`110 Moshiach's First Order of Business
Chananya Weissman
July 16, 2021

אור החיים על פרשת בלק כד:ז

עוד ירצה באומרו וירום מאגג שתחילת פעולת מלך המשיח היא מלחמת עמלק שכל עמלק בא מאגג כידוע, ואמרו ז''ל (תנחומא ס''פ תצא) שאמר הקדוש ברוך הוא אין הכסא שלם עד שימחה זכר עמלק ותנשא מלכותו על כל העולם

The Torah also wants to teach by saying “And he will be raised over Agag” that the beginning of King Moshiach's actions is the war against Amalek, for all of Amalek comes from Agag, as we know. And our sages said (Tanchuma end of Ki Seitzei) that Hashem said His throne is not complete until He wipes out the memory of Amalek and His kingdom is exalted over the entire world. (Ohr Hachaim Bamidbar 24:7)

I have written extensively about the nature and tactics of Amalek. (See Amalek’s Last Stand, Amalek Then and Now, Amalek Versus a Torah Society, and Amalek's Partner.) It is unmistakable that Amalek governs the world like never before, and is engaged in a physical and spiritual war against all that is good. This is a war that spans the generations and is reaching its climax in our time.

Many charlatans have attempted to distill Amalek into something esoteric and amorphous, thereby disarming us and absolving us from the mitzvah to obliterate our arch enemy. Even if we cannot fulfill this mitzvah in the most literal way until Moshiach leads us, we must yearn to fulfill this mitzvah in the most literal way. Those who recognize what Amalek is and what he is responsible for will have no “moral” or theological struggles with this. Hashem's intentions regarding Amalek are quite clear, and Hashem is always right. If some people need to learn this the hard way, so be it.

Contrary to many theories about Moshiach, his first order of business is not to chauffeur decadent galus Jews to Israel, or build the Beis Hamikdash, or make everyone's life comfortable. It is to wage war against Amalek and finish them off once and for all. Many people are finally waking up to this, which is a necessary first step in the redemption process.

Those who express a desire for Moshiach to come (sincerely or otherwise) but have “issues” with the mitzvah to destroy Amalek have quite a conundrum on their hands, for that is the first thing he is going to do. As I've said many times, if someone has an issue with something the Torah commands us to do, the individual must adjust his beliefs to align with the Torah, not the reverse.

When we pray for Moshiach, we should do so with a desire to see the destruction of Amalek. The two go hand in hand. Indeed, the result of this victory will be all the material and spiritual joys we desire as well, but first things first: the destruction of Amalek.

I can't wait.