30 Amalek Versus a Torah Society
Chananya Weissman

July 14, 2020

Make no mistake about it: the rot eating away at Western society from within has nothing to do with rectifying any problems in society. It is a war led by Amalekites, powered by an army of empty people and useful idiots, against God and everything sacred.

This war will not be won by exposing their endless hypocrisies and mocking their twisted logic. Were that the case it would have been won generations ago – yet the good guys have continuously lost ground. Like any war, this war can only be won when a critical mass of people follows these essential steps:

1) Recognize that this is in fact a war

2) Achieve the motivation and determination to fight the war

3) Understand the nature of the war and the tactics of the enemy

4) Unify and organize

5) Prepare a response that neutralizes the tactics of the enemy and takes advantage of their vulnerabilities

6) Execute the response

Missing any of these steps renders defeat a near certainty, barring an unexpected and undeserved stroke of good fortune.

I have written extensively about the nature of Amalek and their tactics. In a nutshell, they wage war on God by sowing moral doubt and confusion, gradually eroding the convictions of even those who previously held strong beliefs, amassing an army of followers who lack moral convictions to carry out their evil designs, and overcoming a society that has surrendered its identity and purpose, having lost the will and manpower to fight before it is too late.

Amalek has successfully neutralized Europe, is in the advanced stages of conquering America without planes and tanks, and is using the same tactics to weaken Israel from within more than all its external enemies have collectively managed since the state was declared. It is the same playbook every single time. They erode the foundations of a moral society, using the system to destroy itself, until it is doomed.

The main weapon to defeat Amalek is loudly and proudly standing up for the moral truth, not compromising an iota in the face of their hollow condemnations. Those with strong moral convictions need to bolster themselves to resist their intimidation and bullying. Then they need to turn the tables on the aggressors posing as victims, challenging them and putting them on the defensive. Finally they need to rally the common folk, who are easy prey for Amalek, to stand with them for truth and God's objective, unchanging morality as expressed in the Torah – the only religious code Amalek attacks, precisely for this reason.

There are many decent but uneducated people around us who are easily lured by Amalek's incessant, insistent preaching, amplified by a compliant media that presents radical opinions as unquestionable moral truth. These decent people, the easy prey of Amalek, are the ones we need to engage and draw to our side with the light of God's truth.

As part of our vital efforts to enlighten the masses and belatedly push back against Amalek's moral erosion, I offer a comparison between the Torah's morality and some of Amalek's regressive platitudes in recent days.

Amalek: It is morally wrong to defend your property when someone seeks to take it from you or destroy it. Your possessions can be replaced, but his life cannot, and his life is more valuable than your possessions. Even calling the police is racist and immoral.

Torah: A person does not stand idly by while someone steals his possessions. A poor person is like a dead person; one should not remain passive in the face of those who seek to destroy his home and livelihood. An intruder expects that a man will defend his property, and therefore comes with the willingness to kill if necessary. Therefore, unless it is clear as day that the intruder does not come to kill if necessary, a homeowner may take the life of the intruder. If someone intends to kill you, get up early and kill him first. If the homeowner can disable the intruder without killing him, he must do so, but should not jeopardize his own life to protect the life of the intruder.

Amalek: Those born today must bear the sins of their predecessors, profess their own guilt, and make endless, arbitrary restitution to an amorphous group of proclaimed victims.

Torah: Children are not to be punished by society for the sins of their parents, nor parents for the sins of the children. Each person is held accountable for his own actions.

It was the practice of kings to put to death the entire families of those who rebelled against them, and even their political rivals. This practice continues to this day in many parts of the world to tighten the leader's grip on power. Amalek preaches it as a moral virtue. The Torah repudiates it. Indeed, King David personally supported the descendants of those who had sought his own death.

Amalek: One who committed even the slightest moral crime decades ago – based on new definitions of morality today – shall be condemned and may have his life destroyed if it suits Amalek's agenda. Penance may be demanded, but no degree of penance shall ever be sufficient. The slate can never be wiped fully clean. Guilt is permanent.

Torah: We judge a person strictly based on where they are today. Anyone can overcome their past, no matter how sordid, and is lovingly encouraged to do so with a helping hand for those who desire it. Complete reformation is possible. A repentant sinner is not to be reminded of his past. In fact, a repentant sinner is in some ways on a higher spiritual level than one who was always righteous, for he tasted the allure of sin and struggled to overcome it.

Furthermore, definitions of morality never change. One who lived what is considered to be a moral life can be confident that his past actions will never be reinterpreted and prosecuted years later.

Amalek: People who are “frustrated” or “angry” may express their emotions however they see fit, especially if they consider themselves victims of society in some way. Those who challenge such behavior are insensitive, hateful, and their mere speech can even be considered an act of aggression and violence. Hence, acts of actual violence against such people are self-defense, resistance against aggression, and entirely legitimate. Furthermore, those who belong to the same social class of “victims” who speak out against their behavior may be destroyed for being collaborators with the enemy.

Torah: Anger is the lowest of human traits, and one who acts through anger is akin to one who worships idols. The only acceptable form of anger is sincere objection toward the desecration of God's name, and even that must be restrained. Anger is never a justification to harm a person or his property, and one who does so is equally liable for damages. One who so much as lifts his hand to strike his fellow is a wicked person. A Godly person works on himself to eliminate anger. He also works to better his life through hard work and spiritual growth; he does not wallow in perpetual victimization and demand society to coddle him.

Amalek: You have to destroy society to rebuild it. The ends justify the means.

Torah: We never seek to destroy society. Avraham prayed desperately for the wicked city of Sodom to be spared from heavenly destruction, with the hope that they would improve. A Godly person seeks only to build and improve society, beginning with building and improving himself, then by contributing to society and helping others.

Amalek: If you think someone has too much money, it is your right to take it from him. He must have earned it in sin and prevented you from achieving. Even if not, it's unfair for him to have more than you.

Torah: All money belongs to God, and wealth is a blessing from Him. God determines how much people earn. Stealing from the rich is a crime. Working responsibly is a virtue; those who plant the field will have what to eat, while those who sit idle will go hungry in the winter. It is a sin to be jealous of others and covet what they have. Those who attain their wealth dishonestly – both the rich and those who seek to rob them – will be cursed.

Amalek: Those who came before us were all morally inferior to us. Whatever is the moral standard of today will be considered primitive tomorrow. We show our moral superiority by denouncing those who came before us. Parents shall fear their children and children shall scorn their parents. This is the meaning of progress. Everyone must live in fear of evolving morals and fall into line with whatever is expected of them. Morality is determined by social groupthink.

Torah: Morality is determined only by God and never changes. Parents are to be honored even if they are severely flawed, because they are our direct link to our origins, which we cherish. Everyone must live in fear only of not living up to the moral standards of those who came before them, and for failing to transmit these moral standards to the next generation. The Torah's commandments are to be clearly explained and learned by all, never to be added to or taken away from. We may only enact safeguards to protect the Torah's commandments, and even those are to be limited and carefully considered by the greatest sages. We can live confidently that what is right and wrong today will remain right and wrong forever, and we will never have to fear retroactive shaming and punishment for ever-evolving mores.

This is but a small comparison between the ideology of the Torah compared to that of Amalek, who is waging war against it. No one with a good soul and an ounce of intelligence can compare the two and side with Amalek. Therefore, it is our responsibility to spread true enlightenment to the masses, with genuine pride, and light a spark in the souls of those who are lured by Amalek's empty slogans and buzzwords.

Let us restore God's complete throne and defeat the evil ideology of Amalek once and for all.