2014 50 Reasons Why You Are Still Single
Chananya Weissman
2014, The Jewish Press

All of them are true.

1. You donít really want to get married.

2. Youíre trying too hard.

3. You arenít trying hard enough.

4. Youíre too different from everyone else.

5. You donít stand out enough.

6. You need to be a go-getter.

7. Youíre too aggressive. Let things come to you.

8. Youíre too focused on getting married. Lighten up and enjoy being single.

9. You need to get serious and settle down already. Getting married should be your number one priority.

10. Youíre too open about yourself on dates. Keep it light for a while before getting personal.

11. You need to be more open about yourself to connect with someone and show you are serious.

12. You must be doing something wrong to turn people off.

13. You need a makeover.

14. You need to pick up a new hobby to become more interesting.

15. You need to get out more.

16. You need to take advice.

17. You need to relax and just be yourself.

18. You need therapy.

19. You just need to keep trying.

20. You should take a break from dating for a while.

21. You just havenít met the right one yet.

22. You met the right one and turned her down.

23. You need to pray more.

24. You should find holy people to pray for you.

25. Youíre relying on God to do too much.

26. You should move to another apartment.

27. You should move to another city.

28. You should move to another country.

29. You move around too much.

30. You should have more than one therapist.

31. Listen to your parents. They know whatís best for you.

32. Listen to your friends. They understand you and can be honest with you.

33. Listen to the experts.

34. Trust your instincts. Only you know what is best for you.

35. Donít just go for coffee. It makes you seem cheap.

36. A first date should be light. Just go for coffee.

37. Donít call back right away. It makes you appear desperate.

38. Call back promptly. It shows you are interested and sets a positive tone.

39. Ask her out again at the end of the date. It shows you are bold and serious.

40. Donít ask her out at the end of the date. It puts her on the spot.

41. You should give everyone a chance.

42. If you donít find her attractive, keep going out. Eventually you will find her attractive.

43. If it isnít working, keep going out. Eventually it will work.

44. You keep doing what isnít working.

45. Youíre afraid of commitment.

46. Youíre afraid of being rejected.

47. Youíre too nice.

48. Youíre a jerk.

49. You really should talk to someone. Maybe a therapist?

And of courseÖ.

50. Youíre too picky.