`322 Safe for LGBT but Not for Thee
Chananya Weissman

May 20, 2024


Consider the following Mockingbird media missives put together:

1) April 15, 2024: In Bid To Prevent Another Tragedy, Knesset Passes Bill Setting New Rules For Lag BaOmer In Meron

The same gangsters who orchestrated the mass homicide at Meron, covered it up, blamed the victims for their own deaths, and smeared "haredim" in general for the tragedy, predictably used this false flag as a pretext to seize greater control over the site and crush Lag B'Omer along with the people.

The "overwhelming" vote of 23-0 is especially interesting, considering 80% of Knesset members were conveniently absent from the vote, so it could take place with a minimum of fanfare. This is reminiscent of Covid-related power-grabs, such as this one:

Knesset Plenum approves extension of major coronavirus law and videoconference law until January 31, 2022

"In the vote, 16 MKs supported the bill and three opposed it."

101 MK's were conveniently absent.

Democracy in action, slaves.

Your vote makes a huge difference...in affording a veneer of legitimacy to the enslavement system.

2) May 9, 2024: IDF cancels Lag B’Omer celebrations on Mount Meron in light of Hezbollah attacks

Of course they did. The same people who were beating the hell out of Jews in Meron in the hours BEFORE the mass homicide event...the same people who smear "haredim" as disease-spreading parasites, who have way too many children, who pose an existential threat to "democracy", nay, the entire country...yes, these same people are EXTREMELY concerned with the health and safety of "haredim", to the point of doing everything they can to give them lots and lots of safe and effective injections, and now to keep them from gathering in large numbers to celebrate religious events.

It's just too dangerous. The Zionist Mafia would hate to see something bad happen to them.

Fortunately, police will be out in full force, risking their lives from Hezbollah attacks, to beat the hell out of anyone who tries to pray at Meron on Lag B'Omer, in order to keep him safe.

3) May 16, 2024: Chief Rabbis in a call to the public: Do not go up this year to Mount Meron on Lab B'Omer

Of course they did. Do whatever the security forces tell you, just like they told you to do whatever the health officials told you. It's for your safety. It's what the Torah demands.

Israel Prize to Maran, the Rishon L'Tziyon, Rav Yitzchak Yosef

Here's Chief Erev Rav Yitzchak Yosef awkwardly standing on stage in very close proximity to a woman whose presence is not due to her intellectual or spiritual attributes, before shaking hands with Amir Ohana, Speaker of the Knesset, who is married to a man, while receiving the Israel Prize for Literature, as everyone there who tramples all over the Torah pretends momentarily that they are honoring the Torah.

It's extremely honorable for rabbis to receive awards for their seforim, especially in ceremonies such as these, which is why there is a long Jewish tradition of this. Makes me wonder why none of the authors of seforim on my bookshelf ever won an award for literature.

תנו כבוד לתורה

4) May 8, 2024: Tel Aviv cancels annual Pride Parade out of respect for hostage situation

"The normally exuberant celebration of LGBTQ life...a highlight of the city’s annual calendar for the last 25 years" has tragically been canceled — not because of fears of rockets, but because even the celebration of LGBTQ life, which is normally the most important thing in the world, must take a back seat to relentless hostage/war propaganda.

Mind you, the LGBTQ agenda never gives an inch, defers to anyone, or takes a back seat to anything. There won't be any cases brought before the Supreme Court of Sodom against the city of Tel Aviv for canceling the parade, nor will a single stooge in Mockingbird media cry foul over this.

You can see how important the hostage/war psy-op really is to the gangsters who control both the pervert agenda and the hostage/war agenda .

5) May 16, 2024: Jerusalem Pride parade to march for hostages’ release, LGBTQ rights

So the pervert capital of Israel has canceled the parade, but the spiritual soul of the nation is marching on with it. That's right, the "religious" mayor of Jerusalem that all the fake "gedolim" ordered people to vote for cannot do what the dog-eating mayor of Tel Aviv did and cancel the parade out of deference to the hostages, let alone deference to the overwhelming majority of non-perverts in Jerusalem who don't want filth in their streets (democracy in action!).

It's also interesting that in Tel Aviv the pervert parade must be canceled out of respect for the hostages, while in Jerusalem the parade is specifically going on for the very same reason! A joint parade with the two psy-ops!

If this doesn't make sense to you, you probably still think there are only two genders, and marriage is a sacred union specifically between one of each.

What do rainbow people and the shady Bring Them Home Now people have to do with one another? If you said nothing, you really don't get it:

In stark contrast to the freewheeling conviviality of Tel Aviv’s frolicsome parade, Jerusalem’s heavily secured march is generally seen as both a Pride celebration and something of a protest against intolerant religious fundamentalist forces in the heavily religious city seeking to proscribe LGBTQ rights...

"'The connection with the Hostages and Missing Families Forum is natural and necessary, as they fight for the same values we have been marching for over two decades – the sanctity of life, human rights, and the right of every person to be free,' said Jonathan Valfer, chairperson of the Jerusalem Open House.

Here's the kicker: There is no expression of concern that a large gathering of rainbow people and hostage psy-op people would be just about the most enticing target imaginable for Hezbollah, which we are frequently told can accurately target any location in the country. We are seriously supposed to believe that a bunch of Jews singing and praying at Meron would have rockets raining down on them, but the rainbow/hostage parades are of zero interest to Hamas and Hezbollah, and it's only crazy knife-wielding "haredim" they need to fear.

Fortunately, police will be out in full force to beat up some of them who innocently stray within a few blocks of the parade, too.

To keep everyone safe.



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