`320 Lowering the bar for Moshiach
Chananya Weissman

May 12, 2024


I have to say, the bar to be Moshiach has really been lowered.

Bar Kochba waged a rebellion against the mighty Roman empire for years, restored Israel to Jewish control, and achieved miraculous military victories reminiscent of biblical times. We can understand why even Rabbi Akiva believed this was the real deal.

Over time the bar was lowered to being a charismatic Torah scholar who supposedly performs wonders.

Then the bar was lowered to being a mystical, mysterious, spiritual/Kabbalist type who speaks in riddles that no one can understand, but can be interpreted as prophecy by believers. Bonus points for being a hidden tzaddik that lots of people know about, however that works.

Then, for many people, the bar was lowered to talking big about throwing all the Arabs out of Israel and waging all-out war against our enemies.

Then the bar was lowered even more. Now all you have to do is talk big about destroying Hamas.

And for many Jews, you don't even have to be alive anymore to be Moshiach. No wonder it's become such a crowded field of contenders for Moshiach.

We're willing to settle for way too little!

Make Moshiach great again!




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