`319 IDF cancels Lag B'Omer events in Meron
Chananya Weissman

May 10, 2024


Surprise, surprise. As reported in a government missive disguised as a news article in Arutz Sheva and other Mockingbird media, the IDF has declared the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai a closed military zone from May 24-27. Police and IDF soldiers will be out in force to prevent entry to the site.

In other words, there will be a greater IDF presence at Meron to keep Jews out of a holy site than there was on October 7 to keep Hamas out.

Because they care so much about our safety.

They're doing this to protect us from our enemies, because they can't protect us from our enemies.

If you can accept that Israel is ruled by wicked Erev Rav with biblical names, and that the only war they are actually fighting is a covert war from within against the Jewish people, then everything makes sense. If you can't accept that, nothing makes sense, and you have to engage in all sorts of gymnastics after the fact to try to make it make sense.

I'll keep hammering this home until people get it.

* * *

Then again, at least they won't be able to try to kill thousands of Jews there like they did two years ago, when, thank God, they "only" managed to kill 45 Jews. They definitely get an A for effort. When they try, they sure do try.

Below is the some of the video evidence that I preserved on my Rumble channel. Do share.

The Israeli government murdered the Jews in Meron

Ramp of death at Meron - built by the "police"

Massacre in Meron

Child Murdered at Meron

Removing the cameras from Meron the day before

Gestapo roughing up random Jews at Meron

Terrorists in Police Uniforms at Meron Halting Ambulances

Crowd being suffocated by police at Meron

Terrorist Attack in Meron

Terrorists at Meron setting up barricade to block the crowd

Meron - Gestapo showing the Jews who is boss

Terrorists in uniform beating a Jew at Meron

Terrorists in uniforms putting Jews in their place

Terrorists in Meron standing over people dying

Father of one of the murdered Jews at Meron

Interviews with Witnesses from Meron

View from above as terrorists at Meron murder Jews

Terrorists in uniform beating the hell out of a Jew at Meron

Detailed account of terrorist attack at Meron

Terrorists in police uniforms prevent first aid from entering the area

Terrorists at Meron doing crowd control

The Propaganda Wing of the Terrorists at Meron

Police provocateur dressed as religious Jew


R&B Medical War Crimes #39 - The Meron Terrorist Attack - Rabbi Ephraim Luft



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