`316 Abudarham and Chazal Set the Record Straight
Chananya Weissman

April 18, 2024


As we see time and time again, no amount of evidence will convince people who choose to blind themselves — and it's a choice.

If a thousand people get injected with something the "experts" declare is "safe and effective" and drop dead right before their eyes, some people will insist it was a coincidence, or it would have been worse if they didn't take the shots. They are blinded by their egos, their dependence on the false gods of scientism, and the terrifying implications of admitting their foolishness. Better to remain a fool, even if it destroys whatever is left of their health, even if it means sacrificing their children and their children, too...

Some people will continue to believe we can simply vote genocidal tyrants out of power, because we live in a "democracy" and we have "rights". The government committed another atrocity, and some minister called it a travesty in a press-release, so he must be anointed the next Prime Minister, nay, Moshiach himself. Never mind that he's done nothing of consequence, and quietly advances the globalist agenda like all his colleagues on the other side of the pretend aisle.

Some people will continue to believe the corporation known as the State of Israel actually represents the Jewish people, because the people behind it have Jewish-sounding names and pay lip service to the Torah when it suits them.

Some people will continue to believe the IDF is a Jewish army and that the principal obligation of every Jew is to join and otherwise support this institution, no matter what. No matter that the IDF is run by heretics. No matter that the IDF is filled with immorality — deliberately, as a matter of official policy, by people who are at war with Hashem and His laws.

No matter that the IDF has been systematically destroying Jewish communities for decades. The IDF has destroyed more Jewish communities than every external enemy combined since Israel Inc. was founded, and it's not even close. The IDF continues to do so regularly, while other "security agencies" are devoted to persecuting Jewish "settlers", even while we are supposedly under "existential threat" from Hamas and Iran, and the IDF supposedly has a severe manpower shortage.

No matter that the IDF is sending endless truckloads of supplies to our enemies, and beating the families of hostages who protest, while Israelis can't afford their grocery bills, and the IDF's own slaves — er, soldiers need Jews around the world to donate food and gear.

No matter that the IDF has a long and glorious history of sending our best people into death traps, on suicide missions, while it boasts about being the "most moral army in the world". No matter that the IDF stood down on October 7 while our people were slaughtered, tortured, disfigured, and led away to hell in Gaza. We must continue to "support the IDF" with our wallets, serve up our children, and force "haredim" to perform hara-kiri too. Why should they get to keep their legs?

No matter that the policies and agenda of those giving orders to the soldiers — who must follow orders, of course, or face criminal prosecution — have little to do with the health and wellbeing of the soldiers or the best interests of the Jewish people. No matter that the IDF is never deployed to actually vanquish an enemy, decisively win a war, and achieve clear gains that we will never relinquish — things that might actually be worth the price.

No country in the history of mankind has refused to win as a matter of official policy, and surrendered so much of what it gained in spite of itself. No matter — we must continue to send people to be maimed and killed for Pyrrhic victories that aren't even victories at all, because state-controlled rabbis say so, the media pulls our emotional strings, and we wish so badly that it wasn't all a sham.

At the same time, partially because of all the above, but mainly due to the yetzer hara and the many "reasonable" excuses it provides, some people will continue to believe that it is against the Torah for the Jewish people to return en masse to our homeland until Moshiach comes and brings them.

No matter that there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary throughout Tanach and Chazal. These people cling desperately to one source, hide behind contemporary rabbinic statements against the Zionist gangsters who founded Israel Inc., and conveniently disregard the mountain of Torah sources that don't suit them. The three oaths! Vayoel Moshe!

Nothing will get through to some of these people. They are buried in a plague of darkness, like so many others in so many ways, and it is their free choice. You cannot convince anyone of anything. You can only present them with information. If they are humble, intelligent, and intellectually honest, maybe they will acknowledge a mistake and change course. But you cannot make them do it, no matter what.

In this week's Torah class I shared yet another explicit source people can ignore, but they cannot contradict. It comes from Sefer Abudarham, which was written by a Rishon. In his explanation of the Shemoneh Esrei, which we say three times every day, he quoted the Riva, one of the Ba'alei Tosfos, as follows:

. וכן תחלת הגאולה קבוץ גליות ובהתקבצם ימנו שופטים להשמיד הרשעים ובכן צדיקים יראו וישמחו ותשכון שכינה בישראל ואז בן דוד בא. ולמדת שקבוץ גליות קודם לצמח דוד בדברים רבים

And so the beginning of the redemption is ingathering of the exiles, and when they gather they will appoint judges to destroy the wicked, and because of this the righteous will see and rejoice, and the divine presence will settle in Israel, and then the son of David will come. And you learn from here that ingathering of the exiles precedes the blossom of David in many matters.

I am fairly confident that the Rishonim knew the Gemara in Kesubos about the oaths, not to mention the Anshei K'nesses Hagedola, who preceded the Gemara and arranged the Shemoneh Esrei. There is no contradiction.

We're not returning en masse because of the Erev Rev gangsters who run Israel Inc. We're returning in spite of them — because we can, and therefore it is a divine sign that we must.

The Yefeh Kol writes on Medrash Shir HaShirim 4:1:16 as follows:

. מזה נראה כי מתחלה יהיה קבוץ גליות ואח"ז יבוא מלך המשיח והכי משמע בפ"ב דמגילה שתקנו תקע בשופר מתחלה על קבוץ גליות ואחר זה שאר הברכות עד בונה ירושלים ע"ש. ושים עינך היטב פה על סדור הישועה אשר עליה אנחנו מצפים

From here it seems that at first will be ingathering of the exiles, and after this the King Moshiach will come, and so is indicated in the second chapter of Megilla, that they instituted [the blessing in Shemoneh Esrei] "blow the Shofar" first regarding the ingathering of the exiles, and after that the other blessings until "Who builds Jerusalem". Pay good attention here to the order of the salvation about which we are anticipating.

If your first reaction is to deny, explain it away, or hide behind authority, please accept that you are an intellectually dishonest person and no amount of Torah sources will ever convince you. At least do that, because there is no point having a conversation about Torah with someone who engages in such shenanigans. There is no need to write to me with your angry retorts. Go on believing whatever suits you, and face the consequences in due time. You'll be on the wrong side of the ocean when Moshiach comes, and you won't participate in the really important work that precedes his arrival, but eventually, hopefully, you'll be able to return, and we'll still let you in.

If you previously believed in all innocence that we are forbidden from returning en masse until Moshiach comes, and you are both intrigued and delighted to learn otherwise, I'm thrilled to be the shaliach to deliver this important information, and look forward to seeing you soon.

We have a lot of work to do, and we need all the straight-thinking, Torah-true Jews we can get.



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