`315 Who Supervises the Orthodox Union?
Chananya Weissman

April 12, 2024


A concerned citizen recently sent me the following information (she apparently also sent it to Rabbi Green, who wrote about it here):

You've been trying to alert your readers that the people we have been counting on to protect us aren't on our side.

You might already be aware of this particular issue regarding kosher dairy products. We were not. Perhaps your readers are also unaware..

We recently learned that 90% of all cheeses made in the US use a bio-engineered enzyme FPC - "Fermented-Produced Chymosin". FPC is made by Pfizer using CRISPR gene editing technology.

Is it safe for human consumption? The safety of FPC was evaluated in a 90 day trial of rats. Good enough?

Pfizer's FPC was granted a "Generally Regarded as Safe" (GRAS) status by the FDA. Products with FPC do not require special labeling or indication of its source or method of production. (GRAS is a giant loophole for food companies.)

We contacted the OU and asked if the OU approves the use of FPC in their kosher products.

Their response: "At times, consumers inquire about the source or other details of milk or dairy ingredients. Unfortunately, the OU is unable to divulge this information, as a manufacturers source of supply is proprietary information. We are bound, both legally and morally, to maintain this confidentiality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you have any further questions.


The Webbe Rebbe,

Orthodox Union Kashruth Division"

In other words, "we're not telling".

We'll assume this means yes and will no longer be buying OU cheeses.

Many thanks for all your hard work, writings, and classes.

End of quote.

The concerned citizen subsequently sent additional information, as follows:

“Here are sources for FPC;


It's interesting that European cheese makers do NOT use FPC for product they distribute to Europe, but they use it for cheeses they ship to US.”

I called the OU Kosher's consumer hotline during normal business hours, and got an automated system. After being placed on hold for many minutes hoping to speak with a human being about this matter (on a recorded line) the system forced me to leave a voice message, promising that someone would return my call. Not surprisingly, no one called me back.

We should not be shocked by any of this. The OU and their main posek, Hershel Schachter, were megaleh panim b'Torah to push the poison shots. Menachem Genack, the CEO of the OU's Kosher Division, put out a bizarre and disturbing video in 2018 that reads like a script from the Amalekites at the UN and the World Economic Forum. If you haven't seen it yet, please watch it here.

Most recently, the OU “ruled” that Frankenmeat produced by kofrim is kosher. I did an in-depth investigation of that here. The information in that article should be of great concern to everyone.

So none of this should surprise us anymore. This is what the OU has become, and Torah-observant citizens need to adjust accordingly.

The Orthodox Union is supervising what Torah-observant Jews eat, and so much more...but who is supervising the Orthodox Union? Who do they really work for?

The above should give us a pretty good idea, but, not surprisingly, they don't want us to know. A 2018 article called The need for financial transparency at the Orthodox Union noted the following:

“The OU is classified as a 501(c)(3) “religious organization” which means it is both exempt from paying taxes on its revenue and donors may deduct their contributions from their personal income taxes.

“But the OU also benefits from a less well known tax and regulatory advantage for some religious nonprofit institutions, 26 USC 6033, which exempts “churches, their integrated auxiliaries, and conventions or associations of churches” from requirements to file Form 990 with the IRS. This is the form which contains important and detailed financial information that both the government and the general public can use to ensure that nonprofit organizations are acting in accordance with their mission and with sound financial practices. It was filings on these forms that contributed to the investigations of financial misconduct at high profile nonprofit organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project and the Red Cross.

“While the OU does release an annual impact statement, the financial information in the report is barely more than basic pie graphs detailing broad categories of revenues and expenses. The annually published impact statements lack the detailed financial transparency of the Form 990, which would also include a much more specific description of expenses, a detailed accounting of revenue sources, the salaries of board members and executive officers, the cost of office and fundraising expenses, expenses for conferences, and the budget allocated for general staff salaries and overhead.”

So the OU operates like a mega-corporation, claims to be a religious organization representing and protecting Torah-observant Jews, is megaleh panim b'Torah to kosherize the Amalek agenda, and enjoys the legal status of a church to hide their financials from the public.

Concerned citizens and whistleblowers, what are you going to do?



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