`311 October 7 Videos From South First Responders
Chananya Weissman

March 8, 2024


South First Responders collected and shared a huge amount of photos and videos from October 7, from dash cams, surveillance cameras, GoPros worn by the invading army, and other sources. Much of this shows the attacks in graphic detail, and contradicts any attempts to justify what took place or explain away the demonic evil of those responsible for it.

I put together a series of videos from this material that contradicts the official timeline of events and shows incontrovertible evidence that the residents of the south were knowingly thrown to the wolves. We must assume that everyone throughout the chain of command — EVERYONE — knew what was happening and let it happen.

Right, left, middle, up, down...doesn't matter. They are ALL responsible, and we should assume they are all guilty of letting this happen, participating in a cover up, and quite possibly much worse, until proven innocent.

The video is available here.

Descriptions are adapted from those provided by South First Responders, with my own commentary added.  There is disturbing footage; viewer discretion advised.

South First Responders Main channel: https://t.me/s/southfirstresponders

Arabic: https://t.me/southfirstresponders_ar

French: https://t.me/South_First_Responders_French

The first video shows Arab invaders calmly looting at the Nova festival as smoke from the carnage billows in the background. Notice the time is 12:09 in the afternoon, many hours after the invasion and massacre took place. The attackers appear calm and relaxed going about their looting. Although they are exposed in a wide open area in broad daylight at one of the main sites of the invasion, they show no concern that a heavy military response might come at any moment, or even a targeted missile strike, as one would normally expect.


The next video is from security cameras at Kibbutz Be'eri. Notice the time is 9:06 in the morning. The Arab invaders calmly and methodically drag a dead victim out of his car and proceed to loot him and his vehicle, before driving it away. Notice at 3:27 the relaxed position of the Arab in the passenger seat, clearly not on alert. Once again they behave as one would only behave if he somehow knew that there would be no military response coming anytime soon.


The next videos show mass looting in Kibbutz Be'eri. At 10:41 we see one looter, who appears to be unarmed, stealing a television. In what universe would an ordinary citizen from Gaza dare to follow an invading force into a war zone hours after this shocking attack and travel to a Kibbutz many kilometers from the breached border expecting to steal a television and make it back the way he came safely?

But this was not an isolated case of a greedy fool taking an insane risk. The next clip shows a large group of ordinary Gazans (commonly referred to as “innocent civilians”) entering the Kibbutz an hour and a half later to conduct mass looting. There is still no sign of concern that they are entering a war zone and risking life and limb to grab some stuff from dead Jews. It's a free-for-all and they know it.

At 4:10 we see the next generation of fine Gazans riding away on stolen childrens' bikes to look for more stuff. They are soon followed by a large column of new arrivals from Gaza coming to join the frenzy, including an elderly disabled Arab rushing into the Kibbutz with crutches.

In the next two videos we see Arabs from Gaza stealing motorcycles and heavy agricultural equipment in broad daylight, while dark smoke billows in the distance, many hours after the Kibbutz was sacked. Somehow they knew that there would be plenty of time to take these slow-moving vehicles across many kilometers of open terrain and back to Gaza through the breached border.


The next two videos, from 5:50 to 6:34, are extremely disturbing, and viewer discretion is advised.

They show Arab forces executing Israeli female conscripts in cold blood after capturing their base. In the footage they enter a room (after throwing a grenade) full of injured female conscripts. The conscripts are hiding under a table covering their heads.

Rather than take the soldiers prisoner, as would be required by international law (ha), the terrorist moves a chair aside to fire at point blank range and execute them. The terrorists fire again. Amidst the last gasps of the conscripts, the terrorists fire a final kill shot to execute them.

Notice the alarm in the background as all this is going on. Unfortunately for these helpless soldiers, despite their efforts to sound the alarm and hold down the fort, no reinforcements would be coming to save them, or anyone else, for an extremely long time.

It is unclear when this attack on the base occurred, but considering the early hours in which Kibbutzim were already captured and looted, it seems most likely that the base was attacked in the middle of the night – contrary to official claims – yet reinforcements were still glaringly absent throughout the night and following day.

This was not an “intelligence failure” or any of the other ridiculous explanations by the ruling class to cover for what it really is. Everyone in power who pushes such explanations is desperately trying to cover what really happened. They are depending on us accepting any alternative explanation, no matter how porous, because we just can't believe the depths of evil across the gamut of those who rule over us.


The next video shows the initial attack at Yachini, near Sderot, from CCTV camera footage.

In the video we can see the initial moments where an old woman (checking her car, unaware that a bullet hole caused a flat tire) runs away from the arriving attackers. (South First Responders confirmed she's alive.)

Afterward two unsuspecting girls arrive and are surprised by the attackers. After seeing 4 IDF troops arrive on the main road, it seems that the terrorists force the girls to try to warn them off. They take cover in the ensuing firefight and survived this incident.

These troops are not part of any organized fighting force, since no such force would be coming anytime soon, but are clearly acting on their own to defend their people. There can be no doubt that these troops, and many others, sounded the alert about what was happening as they were engaging an overwhelming fighting force, but these reports were deliberately ignored.

Indeed, as horrific as the massacre was, it would have been many times worse if not for the heroic intervention of off-duty soldiers, soldiers who defied orders and rushed to help, local police, and local citizens, who fought like lions against impossible odds, and stalled and depleted an invading army that ambushed them with overwhelming numbers and weaponry.

We must recognize Hashem's incredible mercy in helping His people even during a mini-Holocaust, for otherwise this would have been many times worse.

We must recognize the heroism of the Jews who were abandoned by their rulers to be massacred, who did not go down without an incredible fight that greatly limited the enemy.

We must also recognize that the window of time in which our external enemies were allowed to rampage was intended to inflict far greater damage, and it is only because of unexpected heroism of the few against the many, with plenty of divine intervention, that this did not occur.

Our internal enemies, of course, have not a word to say about this. Instead they distract us. We should not allow them to do so.


The next video shows another example of the above. The city of Ofakim was overrun by Hamas terrorists who rampaged through homes, killing civilians and taking hostages. In widely published security camera footage, Ofakim resident Ariel Livia was seen bravely evacuating his young children and other members of his family to safety on to the roof of their grandmother's home after terrorists burst their way in.

Tragically, Ariel was not able to escape in time.

Drone footage shows Israeli police, completely outnumbered and outgunned, took back their city from Hamas, including battling the terrorists who killed Livia in the same home.

We can see police and civilian volunteers battling terrorists house-to-house, on the streets and rooftops, to rescue hostages throughout the city. An Israeli police officer battled terrorists still barricaded in the Livia house, as Ariel's body lies tragically on the roof after saving the lives of his family.


The final series of videos shows security camera footage from Sderot on October 7th.

The videos show Hamas terrorists attacking the city center and police station, shooting Israeli parents at point blank range in front of their children, and a heroic rescue by Israeli police under fire.

Clip 1: Terrorists attack the area with heavy weapons and start killing civilians.

10 seconds in, the terrorists fire on passing civilian vehicles and execute the driver at point-blank range (left side of the screen).

48 seconds in, the terrorists fire an RPG at the police station.

Clip 2: Execution at point blank range.

10 seconds in, the terrorists fire at another approaching vehicle and fire on the occupants at point blank range

They execute the mother in front of their small children in the back of the vehicle.

According to the media, the father of this family was also killed in the attack that day, turning those young children into orphans.

Clip 3: The children are rescued by Israeli police

15 seconds in, Israeli police begin fighting back the terrorists. At first, the policemen pass the vehicle with the children inside, but then upon hearing their screams, return to rescue the two girls and rush them to safety.

"I'm here with a baby!"

This bodycam footage from the same scene (widely published in Israeli media) shows the moments Israeli police rescue the two orphaned children under heavy fire.

I'm no fan of the Israeli police, but we have to acknowledge the heroism and humanity of these officers who, like the citizens they rescued, were meant to be slaughtered on October 7.

I urge everyone to share this information widely to wake people up once and for all as to what truly happened on what we are really dealing with.



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