`309 Ridiculous Lies or Uncomfortable Truth?
Chananya Weissman

February 29, 2024


Would you believe me if I told you there was a massive fire, and everyone was frantically calling the fire department, but they were too shocked to respond for more than 7 hours?

Would you believe me if I told you Hatzalah ignored emergency calls for 7 hours because they were too arrogant to take the warnings seriously? Would YOU be too shocked to respond for more than 7 hours if you or your family were under attack?So why do you believe the same utterly absurd lies, only a thousand times greater, about October 7?

Would you believe it even if professional liars and useful idiots insisted it was true?

Would YOU be too shocked to respond for more than 7 hours if you or your family were under attack?

So why do you believe the same utterly absurd lies, only a thousand times greater, about October 7?

* * *

I'm so tired of people pushing the nonsense that this is all some plot to bring down Bibi, as if Bibi is some great protector of the Jewish people. (Check this out. If I didn't know better I'd think it was a Purim joke. All that's missing is the pom poms and cheerleader outfit.)

The guy's rap sheet is long enough to reach hell. He gave away Chevron. He voted THREE TIMES to destroy Gush Katif. He brought us building freezes, and nonstop destruction of "settlements", and horrifically lopsided hostage deals. Under his watch the rainbow people have taken over, Jews were brutally tortured until they "confessed" to crimes the state wanted to pin on "violent settlers", and the Amalekite WEF agenda became state policy.

Bibi brought us lockdowns, poison shots, seizure of basic liberties, and secret agreements with drug companies that sold out the citizens. There's plenty more.

So what if he gave a few overrated performances at the UN? Really, so what?

This "left against Bibi" narrative is so those who love Israel will reflexively, mindlessly protect the "target" of the left. (Trump plays the same role in America. And if you think Smotrich and Ben Gvir have your back, just take the Covid shots they pushed too and go back to sleep.)

The zombies who marinate in Communist-style mind control and made a death cult out of serving the state insist that Bibi's hands are tied by America. Right. So on the one hand he's a great Jewish hero, but also his hands are tied. They just rationalized genocide of the Jewish people. Sorry, hands are tied. Free pass.

There's no way Bibi and everyone in a position of any significance couldn't have known when dozens of neighborhoods were burning, it was being live streamed on the Internet, and everyone was frantically calling for help. Half the country knew as it was happening. There was no meaningful help for 7+ hours. No heads have rolled since then. The same people who presided over the mini-Holocaust are pompously ordering more Jews into death traps, under the guise of taking revenge, saving the hostages they allowed to be taken, and keeping the rest of us safe. Spare me the excuses for Bibi being some kind of clueless but genuine hero.

This is aside from the fact that a group of people so organized, sophisticated, and powerful that they could orchestrate a huge invasion and mini-Holocaust, then control a war, doesn't need to go to such lengths to bring down a single man. Nor do they need to, if they have such a firm grip on the military, the media, the government, and everyone of consequence in between. If this crazy narrative that it's about Bibi were true, they don't need to bring him down. They already run the country and can do whatever they want.

It's baffling to me that ANYONE allows themselves to be talked into something so patently absurd and deems themselves clever or "awake". There's nothing clever about talking yourself out of stark reality because it's more horrible than you wish to believe is possible.

* * *

The war isn't for the sake of the hostages. The hostages are for the sake of the war. That's why they were allowed to be taken.



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