`308 I Wasn't Planning On Voting
Chananya Weissman

February 27, 2024


I wasn't planning on voting in the municipal elections. Your life stinks, you're a slave, and it's going to keep getting worse no matter who you vote for. You're getting Klaus and friends no matter who you vote for. I'm done giving legitimacy to the system.

Some people tell me that I'm just one person, and boycotting the elections won't make a difference. But it makes a difference to me. And your vote doesn't.

I'm sure you'll accomplish great things with your defeatism, though. Very inspiring.

Anyway, I wasn't planning on voting. Then cars started riding around the neighborhood blasting music in favor of various candidates. It was like color war. Around and around they drove, blasting narcissistic songs day and night.

That definitely got my attention! It takes a lot of money to hire people to compose an original song and professionally record it, then get some joe to drive around playing it from loudspeakers. These candidates clearly know how to get things done! And if people have to be disturbed when they're trying to work, or learn, or daven, or put a child to sleep, so be it. We have to vote for the right person to continue to manage public funds so responsibly, infringe on our lives, and live a cushy life for the privilege.

I also couldn't help but notice all the posters and billboards they plastered all over the place with their mug and a vapid slogan. Change is possible! Save Yiddishkeit! For the residents! For all of us! The Rabbis have ruled!

One of these rabbis departed for the other world quite a few years ago, but his visage still directs people who to vote for.

Then the candidates littered the streets and sidewalks with election-related advertising. We all want a clean city, but right now it's color war. They're not spitting on us with the noise and litter. They're not mocking us with their empty recycled slogans. They're fighting for our vote, because they care...about getting that cushy life working for people who work for Klaus.

Of course, all of them will force you to take poison shots if so instructed, and all of them will support war propaganda, and 15-minute prison cities, and the war on cash, and increased surveillance, and decreased independence, and prison-style lockdowns, and other forms of tyranny if need be.

Other than that, though, they'll fight for you to get a bigger piece of the pie, because they care.

So I wasn't planning on voting...and in the end, I didn't.



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