`307 Recent thoughts about the war and the propaganda
Chananya Weissman

February 26, 2024


In 1967 Israel defeated the combined armies of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan in 6 days. In 2024, with all their technological marvels, it's been nearly 5 months and Israel can't defeat Hamas in the tiny territory of Gaza? Seriously? Spare me the excuses and rationalizations. That just doesn't make any sense, no matter how you try to explain it away.

Meanwhile, Jewish casualties rival those of the '67 war against three countries (see here). It's only official numbers, by the same professional liars who claim there were zero cases of flu in 2020, but the official numbers for the '67 war are 776 military deaths and 4517 military and/or civilian wounded. The official numbers for dead and wounded from October 7 until now are bad enough, but anecdotal evidence suggests they are severely downplayed.

Almost everyone seems to know a relative/friend/neighbor who was killed or injured. The "Dati Leumi" cultists in the small Anglo neighborhoods of Beit Shemesh alone are running from shiva to shiva, yet they still believe Israel is doing fantastic in the pretend war against Hamas. At the same time, they insist that we need to keep sending more people into booby-trapped tunnels and buildings and other assorted death traps indefinitely, and more people should join the army, because we don't have enough manpower.

How does any of that make sense? It doesn't. When I try to raise a counterpoint they scream at me and run away, because that's how death cults work.

It's a meat grinder, and it's deliberate.

The war is not against “Hamas”. The war is against us.

* * *

Draft the Charedim! They should be maimed and killed too! It's only fair! And it's the only way we can win!

See here and here for some horrific propaganda that would make Goebells blush. As usual, divide and conquer. Turn the people against each other, so they won't turn against those truly responsible for this calamity, the Erev Rav from within.

Yachad Nenatzeiach...

* * *

I generally don't believe in hostage deals, but here's my proposal: all the political and military leaders who were too "surprised" and "incompetent" (not something else) to prevent the events of October 7 or even muster a meaningful response for over 7 hours, for which we still don't have much of an excuse, in exchange for the hostages. If that's not enough, we can throw in some members of the state-controlled media.
Who would be against this on EITHER side?

* * *

See here.

Truckloads of "aid" for our enemies, but no money for our soldiers to have winter coats. Don't ask questions! It's demoralizing! And treason!

* * *

How is it that the IDF seems to be perpetually short on ammunition and basic supplies, yet Hamas, which is confined to a small geographic area with few points of entry and can't get anything in without Israel letting it through, has endless supplies and ammunition? Give me your best BS answer off the cuff to explain it away, because God forbid anyone stops and thinks.



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