`305 Should we go Rambo on our enemies? + Milei Is Just Another Psy-Op
Chananya Weissman

February 15, 2024

Should we go Rambo on our enemies?


There are a lot of tough-talkers out there saying we should be vigilantes and do this or do that with the assistance of physical weapons, and some of them can even reference a pasuk in Chumash or a story from Tanach. What amazing Torah scholars and tzaddikim these people are! Surely they know something the overwhelming majority of gedolim throughout Jewish history somehow missed, or were too cowardly to apply, and these brash provocateurs are here to save us (or, more accurately, get us to save ourselves), if only we would heed their wise, responsible guidance.

That's right, according to these sages and heroes, many of whom are not exactly paragons of competence and personal achievement in their own lives, we should rush into battle against all our foes internal and external and take them out. In fact, our unwillingness to do so is THE reason why Hashem is unhappy with us and allows our state of exile to continue. Other than that we're basically doing fine, no need to have serious discussions about how we're keeping the rest of the Torah as a nation. We just need to get bloody, even nuclear, with our enemies and all will be well.

I will leave it to you to determine which of these people are severely misguided, which are severely disturbed, and which are government plants. None of them, however, should be nominated for the next great leader of the Jewish people, let alone Moshiach. Settle down.

In this week's Torah class we learned an illuminating Midrash about the sort of vigilante behavior these people live for. Oddly enough, Chazal — who were by no means pacifists or cowards — would not be supporting these Rambo wannabes and rabble-rousers, even as they would fully recognize the evil and tyranny that we face.

So when are we supposed to start a fight with our enemies that we have no realistic chance of winning without open miracles?

We learned this and much more in this week's Torah class, which is available here.

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Milei Is Just Another Psy-Op

February 14, 2024

So now the propagandists want us to believe that some Argentinian politician prayed, and then miraculously two Argentinian hostages were rescued from Hamas by the IDF.  Never mind that the IDF was too “incompetent” (or something else...) to prevent the hostages from being taken in the first place, mysteriously absent and paralyzed for EIGHT HOURS while Arabs on motorcycles and Toyota trucks broke through the world's most sophisticated defenses, then leisurely rampaged through dozens of communities.  

We're supposed to believe that the IDF is alternately incompetent and unjustifiably overconfident to such an absurd degree to being the pride and joy of our people, depending on the propaganda of the day.  Right.

So the same shmucks who wave the flag like cheerleaders waving pom-poms while Jews are being maimed and killed by the thousands for an agenda that has nothing to do with keeping us safe or bringing back the hostages now believe that it's the prayers of an Argentinian goy that brought back two hostages, all because the same media that lies to them day and night, that they keep turning to and trusting like the shmucks they are, told them so.

Mind you, the same people scorn those who have no interest in joining the army and being thrown into the meat grinder by kofrim, but emphasize JEWISH prayer over wayward, thoughtless “hishtadlus”, yet now believe that the prayers of a goy brought back our hostages.

Maybe instead of calling for more Jews to be thrown into the meat grinder by kofrim, they could call for the ghost of Biden to pray for the hostages to be released.  Something tells me that would be far more effective...


February 15, 2024

I wasn't going to write more about Javier Milei, who is so deeply in love with the Torah and the Jewish people that I am overcome with emotion just thinking about how he cried at the Kotel. I don't really know what's in his heart, I don't really care, and I have other things to do. But I have to revisit it for a couple of reasons:

1. The Erev Rav media really, really want us to be enamored with this man and this narrative. Why? What's their motive? I have several theories, but speculating about the true reasons and arguing over their likelihood is only slightly productive at best. The main point to keep in mind is that everything the Erev Rav media pushes is intended to mislead us and eventually bring us to spiritual and physical harm. Even if we cannot uncover all the details of every branch of their plans, we need to be highly skeptical of every narrative they push, especially those that sound too good to be true – like the one about this Milei character.

2. So many incorrigibly gullible Jews, and even some who are generally sharp, had their BS radars completely malfunction here. They want so badly to believe the narrative, because it's so inspiring and heartwarming, that some of them were very upset with me for scoffing at it. That made it impossible for me not to gather more information and rip this fairy tale to shreds completely. Some people will continue to believe what they want to believe no matter what — there's probably a name for this syndrome — but that's on them.

So let's take a deeper look before falling head over heels for the narrative.

Whaddaya know, the Erev Rav propagandists at Mishpacha featured Milei on their cover just a few weeks ago. Here are some fascinating snippets from their "exclusive" puff piece:

“The arrival of a leader who openly confesses his intention to convert to Judaism after his term ends (according to sources, he wanted to do so earlier but was advised to wait)” – Because people whose souls yearn to join the Jewish people choose to wait until their political careers are over.

Milei “travels to the Ohel of the Lubavitcher Rebbe” – Because we need more converts from Christianity who pray to dead people and think they are the Messiah.

“Axel [his rabbi, Shimon Axel Wahnish] doesn’t take a step without consulting Rav Asher [Weiss]”. No comment necessary.

Not to be outdone, this week Ami Magazine featured Milei and Wahnish on their cover with an “exclusive interview” with the latter. See here.

I previously documented how Mishpacha and Ami were prime instruments to infiltrate the Orthodox Jewish community with Covid propaganda, working with other “stakeholders” to not only run regular advertisements, but to couch government propaganda as feature stories. See here and here.

If you think this was a one-time boo-boo, and they never did anything like that before or since, go on being easy prey and don't let me waste your time.

If not, tell me again why the God-fearing public allows these publications to be sold all over their communities without a peep of protest.

Here are some interesting facts about Milei and his celebrity rabbi that Mishpacha and Ami forgot to mention:

1. Whaddaya know, Milei is involved with the fine Amalekites at the World Economic Forum who literally stand for everything against Hashem and Torah that Milei is so deeply in love with. See here.

I'm told Milei rebuked his colleagues and some aspects of their agenda, and therefore we should all believe in him as some sort of renegade who is threatening Goliath. Spare me. Milei is still alive and well and being touted by these same people in their controlled media, so forgive me for being unmoved and continuing to believe it's all just another psy-op. As long as someone continues to hang out with Amalek, I consider him one of them.

2. Whaddaya know, Milei is also a professional actor! See here. Just like Trump, Trudeau, Zelensky, and so many others. I wouldn't call them all particularly good actors — I have high standards — but audiences around the world continue to be taken by their performances, and you can't argue with results.

So you'll also have to forgive me for not being moved by his emotional display at the Kotel. Do I know what's truly in his heart? Nope. Am I all but totally convinced it was a show? You betcha.

Sorry, but sincere, God-fearing,Torah-lovers don't bring camera crews to holy places to film their highly emotional, intimate moment with Hashem. That's what celebrities and politicians — in other words, professional frauds — do to promote their brand and their agenda. And their emotional, intimate moment with Hashem is just as fake as their mascara.

3. Speaking of another highly celebrated faux-Jewish hero that so many people wanted to believe in...here's Milei sharing a warm Jewish moment with Zelensky. Maybe they will be chavrusas in yeshiva someday.

4. Among other things, Milei “is indifferent to same-sex marriage...supports drug legalization and the legalization of prostitution...[and] champions free love”. See here.

I realize that he may also promote certain positions that are more in line with biblical teachings, but they don't cancel out the kefirah-ish positions. Just because people are desperate to believe in someone, anyone, who will be the real deal and save us doesn't change that. Sober up, people.

5. A source in Argentina shared that Axel Wahnish, Milei's dubious rabbi, gave a speech in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral with the city's priest and imam present. See for yourself here.

Aren't you proud?

Jews are forbidden from setting foot in such places, let alone giving speeches there as representatives of the community. Asher Weiss ruled that Wahnish is close to royalty, and therefore he is not only exempt from this prohibition, but obligated to go to the cathedral.

Anyone want to double check that with Weiss, if he's not too busy answering questions for the Shabak?

I'm sure there's more, and I encourage people who are interested to dive into this further. Personally, I think this should be more than enough red flags (really, one should be enough) to get those BS meters functioning again, and hopefully teach those who were taken to be less susceptible to propaganda and charlatans.

Seriously, we don't need more people like this joining our nation, or even “supporting” it from afar.

We have enough trouble from fake Jews already.



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