`304 Stop Supporting Your Enemies
Chananya Weissman

February 13, 2024


Even people who are generally aware that the Jewish people have enemies on the inside who collaborate with enemies on the outside — whether for profit, power, or plain malice for Torah-true Jews — remain in denial about the extent of their evil and to what degree these traitors have infiltrated our nation. It is safe to say that there is no aspect of our communal life that is not deeply influenced, if not mostly controlled, by Erev Rav.

This problem did not begin yesterday, and it won't be solved in a day, but we cannot begin to address it if we don't acknowledge it and take it seriously. Torah-true Jews talk a good game about protecting themselves and their children from foreign influences that are antithetical to the Torah, and I believe most of them are sincere, but they remain blissfully ignorant to how much spiritual poison they are inviting into their lives — and even paying handsomely for the privilege. We are personally supporting the very people and entities who work day and night to destroy us from within.

We cry foul that the pseudo-Jewish corporation known as the State of Israel sends “aid” to our enemies, even as they pretend to fight a war against them, but when we support Erev Rav institutions, are we not doing quite the same?

I've spent the last few years exposing various such institutions, and urging the community to separate from them. We cannot necessarily put them out of business — after all, they are richly funded by the government, large corporations, and other spiritually impure sources with spiritually impure intentions — but we can certainly punish them and limit their ability to target our people.

No one can argue in good faith that we are not obligated to do this, that this is in fact not the call of the hour.

Yes, it would be difficult in the short term to enjoy the full range of kosher products if we stop relying on big organizations that long ago sold whatever souls they might have once had. We might need to stop outsourcing kashrus to huge multinational corporations and give up eating processed foods with dozens of ingredients from all over the world, and instead revert to simpler, more natural foods with local kashrus supervisors that we personally know and trust — God-fearing people who actually work for us, not for a board of directors and mega-sponsors.

Yes, it would be difficult to adopt different models of educating our children if we stop outsourcing this most critical responsibility to soulless institutions. It would mean caring less about what people think and more about the safety and development of our children. It would mean making different career choices, adjusting our lifestyles, and putting more of our trust in Hashem and ourselves than in cultish, predatory indoctrination camps.

Yes, it would take time to learn how to protect our health and deal with medical problems without relying on the eugenic deathcare system for all our needs. If we recognize that hospitals are places where people with years to live were sent to die horrible deaths in isolation during the Covid era...

If we recognize that the vast majority of doctors and other “experts” who remain in the system knowingly harmed their patients during the Covid era to protect themselves and their miserable jobs...

If we recognize that those who didn't do this knowingly are astonishingly ignorant and blindly follow protocols from a chart like an amateur who follows a recipe and believes he is an expert chef...

If we recognize that the deathcare system is less interested in keeping you healthy than making money off of you as long as your life is still considered useful, until such time as they will profit more from the termination of your life...

If we recognize that they view us and our bodies merely as products to be managed, controlled, and experimented upon, and not as unique, infinitely precious human beings with God-given souls...why do we continue to entrust ourselves to these demons in white coats any more than absolutely necessary until the system can be replaced, and why are we not collectively working in earnest to do just that?

Yes, it would be difficult to “keep up with the news” and “know what's going on” if we stop turning to the media — and even the “alternative” media — that we know with certainty lie to us and distract us for a living. But what person in his right mind addictively turns to known liars and propagandists day after day for information?

What person in his right mind continues to allow such people and companies to decide which “stories” are important, choose which “narratives” are worth discussing and arguing over, influence his opinions even slightly, and manipulate his decisions on critical matters without his even realizing it?

What person in his right mind would even glance at such material, let alone spend endless hours hungrily taking it in and sharing it, then consider himself “informed”, even “awake”, yet somehow impervious to all the poison he just consumed? Why does he believe he is “more prepared” after this frequent exercise in time-wasting, stultification, and self-harm, which never leads to meaningful, productive action?

So yes, it would be more difficult to maintain the illusion that you are informed and not controlled if you quit the pseudo-Jewish propaganda sites cold turkey and cancel your subscription to Erev Rav print media. You might have to find other ways of occupying yourself on long Shabbos afternoons (Torah learning and enriching time with family remain the best options) without allowing un-Jewish influences couched in a “Jewish family magazine” into your home.

But isn't it ironic that the very people who are on a crusade against Internet and smartphones (and with good reason) allow Erev Rav publications to subtly erode their families in much the same way, just because they feature kosher recipes, hagiographies about rabbis, and “yeshivish” lingo?

Why are there protests in many neighborhoods outside stores that sell smartphones, yet no one seems to care that these sinister publications are sold in seforim stores and Kosher supermarkets everywhere?

Who's the hypocrite? Who's the fool?

The truth is, we all are, to varying degrees. We all need to take serious steps in the right direction, with the eventual goal of separating ourselves from the Erev Rav and their influences completely.

And yes, it would take time to replace the Erev Rav, the fake-Jewish leadership, grifters, and corrupt useful idiots, with authentic, Torah-true shepherds. We need a total house-cleaning, from the local rabbis without an ounce of yiras shamayim and accountability, who promoted death shots to their communities and got away with it, to the chief Erev Rav, who, without exception, work for evil governments and other kofrim, and act as liaisons to manipulate us down the path of destruction.

But how can we not at least start the process, beginning with driving the lowest hanging fruit out of town? If we cannot be bothered to clean up the mess in our own backyards, why should Moshiach come and take out the trash on top?

It begins in our own homes, and extends outward to our local communities.

What will you do to start?



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