`303 Empty Chairs, Flu Shots, and Brainwashing Everywhere
Chananya Weissman

January 22, 2024


Last week I had occasion to visit a Maccabi dental clinic and two Meuhedet “healthcare” clinics. People who enter these places tend to be preoccupied, so they are unlikely to take note of their surroundings. Even self-proclaimed “awake” people lose sight of the fact they are entering the teeth of the devil, and, if they must do so, should proceed with the greatest of alertness and caution.

The dental clinic had one of those nauseating yellow “empty chairs”, with a poster taped to it declaring that we won't stop until we “bring them home now”. In other words, we won't stop sending our men into a meat grinder, breaking up families, traumatizing children, abandoning our land, destroying small businesses, and preventing our farms from growing the food we all need to eat, until we “bring home all the hostages”.

Of course, this is an entirely grassroots movement, with expertly designed, hugely expensive posters and billboards plastering the entire country (except “haredi” communities...) created by the families of the abductees less than 24 hours after thousands of terrorists expertly penetrated our southern border on paragliders, trucks, motorcycles, while our intrepid IDF was powerless to stop them. Now we're going to get revenge and rescue our hostages, no matter the cost. Right. An extremely powerful machine with unlimited resources is working overtime to make the masses believe this, or at least continue to play along.


The Meuhedet clinics displayed so many brochures for the flu “vaccine” all over the place that they felt like a hall of mirrors. Whoever paid for all those brochures really, really wants you and me to take these shots. Does anyone else remember that these are the same people who really, really wanted you and me to take the Covid “vaccines” not too long ago, which coincided with so many unfortunate coincidences that surely had nothing to do with said shots?

They sure are counting on that. With good reason. No matter how many times they recycle the same tricks, no matter how much carnage they cause, they keep getting away with it, and their victims (the ones who survived the last round) keep believing in them, and keep buying into the next thing.

Admit it: you still spend hours and hours on “news” sites, listening to controlled opposition, forwarding around memes, and believing we all just need to vote smarter next time, flatten Gaza, and maybe get a gun license. Or maybe move to some rural place and grow your own food until this all blows over.

Despite the ubiquitous calls to take a flu “vaccine” lest I harm myself and others, I resisted the tremendous fear and overpowering temptation to assuage it with an injection. I did, however, take a brochure and scrutinize its contents, which I will now critique. This is not what they expect people to do, but of course that too is part of the conditioning we have all been subjected to from the moment we entered this world.

The brochure is a tour de force of propaganda and brainwashing that is both cheap and highly sophisticated. The front page states in big letters: “We take the vaccine and not the risk”.

This is a gentle command with the implied social pressure that everyone is doing it, and therefore you must as well. Unity!

Underneath the Communist directive is a statement of fact that the vaccine has no risk; the only risk is in not taking it. It's a no-brainer, in more ways than one.

The front page also informs us that the vaccine is given without charge and without need for an appointment. The price of food, shelter, utilities, and other basics of survival continues to rise, but somehow the price of the vaccine remains exactly zero! Of course this makes perfect sense, so much so that we shouldn't even contemplate it. The people who control our land and our lives (whoever they really are) care so deeply about our health, our families, and our survival that they managed to keep the flu vaccine free while the cost of everything else spirals out of control. Thank you!

Even better, they made sure we could get these shots without even making an appointment. Just walk right in and someone will be happy to inject you immediately! Need an MRI? Surgery? Pretty much anything else? Be prepared to wait weeks and months. Need someone to save your life at the emergency room? Good luck finding a human being to give you attention while you scream in agony and waste away.

Want a flu shot, though? Come right in. No waiting, no cost. Your local eugenicist stooge will be happy to see you.

The next page informs us that “the coming winter isn't a regular winter. The Coronavirus is still part of our lives, and therefore the need to take the flu vaccine is multiplied many times over.”

Of course, the most unusual winter was the winter of 2020, in which these same people claimed with an entirely straight face that there were exactly ZERO cases of flu (since people were wearing masks and staying apart), precisely when the “Coronavirus” was ravaging the population (since people were simultaneously not obeying orders to wear masks and stay apart).

I do not have a medical license, so I am not qualified to challenge this expert claim, and all the medical professionals who did challenge this expert claim were relieved of their medical licenses, so clearly they were not qualified either. Hence we must accept it and take the flu vaccine this winter.

The brochure proceeds to inform us that one of the benefits of the flu vaccine is that it will also lighten symptoms of the Coronavirus. How? Why? Don't ask. It just will.

Could it be that whatever they put in the Covid shots that no one wants anymore is now in your local neighborhood flu shot? Don't think about it. They would never do that.

The next page is really fun. We are informed that the influenza virus changes every year, which is why we need to take a new vaccine every year. We are not informed that each year's vaccine is based on the previous year's strain of flu, nor informed how that is supposed to protect us this year (or how any flu shot was worth even the prick in the arm). It sounds expert-y, so just go with it. There must be a good explanation, and anyone who doesn't buy it should be mocked, ostracized, and maybe even jailed. He endangers us all.

After some mindless filler, the brochure asks the question. “Who should get vaccinated?”

Two pages later we get the obvious answer — “Everyone!” — but here they respond with a list of populations in order of precedence, as established by Israel's Ministry of Health (any resemblance to the eugenicists' hit list is purely coincidental):

People 65 and up, people with chronic illnesses under age 65, people with serious mental illnesses, medical staff, children from 6-23 months, pregnant women, home caregivers, foreign workers who care for the elderly, special needs students grades 1-6, people who live in welfare housing, prison inmates, students grades 2-4, children from 24-59 months, students grades 1, 5, and 6, and people 55-64.

The rest of you can keep working like slaves and paying 70% tax until you fall into one of the above categories.

The next page begins with a question: “What are the side effects of the vaccine?”

Instead of a straight answer, we are informed that “for fifty years already the flu vaccines have been given to tens of millions of people in dozens of countries. Health ministries all over the world have been closely monitoring people after taking the vaccine, and no serious side effect following the flu shot has ever been reported [I am not making this up]. Therefore, in most cases side effects are not expected. Indeed, in extremely rare cases one might notice localized phenomena, such as pain or redness at the site of injection. These phenomena disappear within 24 hours.”

I will leave it to others for whom this is in their wheelhouse to tear it to shreds. I'm merely presenting the utterly absurd lie that is plastered all over the health clinics, particularly the one in the heavily religious neighborhood I visited first.

Because if we can say one thing about the Zionist establishment, who are most definitely Jewish because they have Jewish names and speak Hebrew, it wants Torah-minded Jews to have lots and lots of children, to be fruitful and multiply, and live long, healthy lives. They would never, ever do anything to prevent that from happening. And even though they did in the past, they stopped already. This time for real.

What will it take for more people to wake up, to really wake up about what is going on all around us? What will it take for people to accept the ugly truth about the people and institutions that are supposed to be protecting us? What will it take for people to stop submitting their bodies and souls to these people and institutions for healthcare, religious guidance, and protection from presumed dangers? What will it take for people to stop believing their propaganda, let alone paying for it and bringing it into their homes?

What will it take for people to stop playing their game and make a real change?

Probably whatever it will take to finally achieve redemption.

I hope we don't need to keep learning the hard way.



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