`301 Milchemes mitzvah, hishtadlus, and insanity
Chananya Weissman

December 5, 2023


Several people have asked me to discuss the topic of milchemes mitzvah. The Rambam writes about this in the halachos of kings and wars, at the end of Mishneh Torah. But it's moot to talk about milchemes mitzvah when we don't have a Jewish state or a Jewish army. How can you possibly call it a mitzvah to go to war with an army against an external enemy when you are led to battle — in complete servitude, mind you — by an internal enemy that collaborates with the external enemy? We need to get our house in order and live properly as Jews under Torah law. That's the real milchemes mitzvah.

The IDF is not a Jewish army and the people who give the soldiers orders are anti-God traitors who are not sending them to "fight for the lives of our people", but to get maimed and killed for a globalist agenda. Any good they accomplish for our people is incidental and in spite of the intentions of those in charge. There is no mitzvah to subject oneself to this. You're welcome to volunteer to be cannon fodder if you disagree, but the greatest Rabbinic leaders of the past century wouldn't side with you, so you have no right to impose a novel interpretation of milchemes mitzvah on anyone else.

* * *

The people who fervently declare "Of course we trust in Hashem, but we have to do hishtadlus" are not exactly role models of spiritually connected Jews who devote the majority of their efforts to davening, learning Torah, and running from one mitzvah to the next, with a token amount of hishtadlus to satisfy their obligations, but precisely the opposite. Funny how that works.

* * *

Anyone who argues that the proper response to October 7 is more dependence on the military, more blind fealty to the Israeli flag, and more people enslaving themselves to IDF commands needs to explain why more of what failed to prevent the catastrophe— and more of what led to it in the first place— isn't the definition of insanity.



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