`299 Real Achdus Isn't Hype and Ecstasy
Chananya Weissman

November 15, 2023


Funny how people only play the achdus card when justifying standing around together with people they shouldn't be standing with, in places they shouldn't be, participating in things they shouldn't be participating in. Achdus! No one ever supported me or serious Torah Jews going against the goyish grain simply for reasons of achdus.

Funny how the "achdus" crowd is singularly vicious toward fellow Jews who have serious concerns about the whole thing. How quickly that "achdus" goes right out the window when someone tweaks them and their warm fuzzy fantasy. They can dance with kofrim, but not respond reasonably to serious Torah-oriented Jews who have real concerns.

Interesting how they react just like drug addicts, cultists, and Covidians, no? Surely just a coincidence, in a world full of coincidences.

So now that it's over, what tangible, non-imaginary thing did the rally accomplish?

Did we "fight antisemitism"? 

Does America "support Israel"?

Is Israel no longer an anti-Jewish globalist open air prison run by monstrous Erev Rav?

Does it matter as long as it's "Israel"?

Are the Jewish people "unified"?

Are the Jewish people unified under Hashem and the Torah, not false gods and empty slogans?

Did we show our enemies?

Did we show the media?

Did the frum lemmings who kowtowed do enough kiruv to justify joining with kofrim? Is any amount of kiruv justification? Did Avraham set up shop in Sodom to do kiruv?
Assuming the rally accomplished something tangible, what did it accomplish that couldn't have been accomplished even better without joining with kofrim?

Does actual hardcore Torah support this sort of thing? Not what you imagine it says or want it to say, but actual hardcore Torah?

What's the next thing that the heretical propaganda machine will hype?

Why am I 100% certain that, whatever it is, it won't be teshuva, tefilla, and Torah?

Why am I 100% certain the masses still don't care?

Why are they 100% certain that Hashem is pleased with all this, that this is EXACTLY what He wants, so much so that they don't even need to bother fact checking with the actual Torah?



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