`298 Marching to the wrong beat in Washington
Chananya Weissman

November 14, 2023


The march on Washington is an Erev Rav farce. Hashem wants us to do teshuva and turn to HIM to save us, not to grovel to our enemies (yes, our enemies) who are funding and planning our destruction to "stand with Israel", by which they mean to stand with our other enemies (yes, our enemies) who are funding and planning our destruction along with them.

The event is run by kofrim, and the program is one kofer after another. Naturally, "religious" Jews who pay lip service to Hashem are kowtowing after them for a "good cause" (which never happens in reverse). Jews who understand the actual role of hishtadlus (it isn't just a buzzword, and it isn't anything goes) and who have a deeper connection to Hashem and the Torah will want nothing to do with this event.

All the march does is distance us from Hashem, attach us to our enemies, mislead us, make fools of us, and create strife within the community over who attends and who doesn't. There is no upside.

Why don't they get a million Jews to go to shul and daven and do teshuva, then go to the Beis Medrash and learn Torah? That's 100% guaranteed to be effective. But they won't do it. They have to go to Washington with all the heretics and atheists to "show their support for Israel", which is nothing more than a meaningless catchphrase, and rationalize that this might help in some wistful, amorphous way.

In reality, it's just an opportunity for people to feel good about themselves, virtue signal, and get swept up in the next thing. It won't do any actual good for anyone or swing the pendulum with Hashem.

The call of the hour is not to mindlessly "stand with Israel"— whatever that even means. It is not to stand with the monstrous Erev Rav who run Israel, or support their continued right to give orders to Jewish fighters. It is not to appeal to the United States of Amalek for "support", nor to enter a Color War contest to see who can bring more people to a march. It is certainly not to stand with kofrim in "standing for Israel".

We really need to get our heads on straight already and do what the Torah clearly tells us.

Challenge these marching automatons to get a million Jews to do teshuva and take on greater mitzvah observance. Seriously, try this, and watch them react with indignation and outright kefirah.

It's just another Erev Rav farce.



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