`297 The Clever Jew
Chananya Weissman

November 6, 2023


The “clever Jew” argues against ruthlessly killing his enemies, and not giving a damn what anyone says about it. “That will only radicalize more of them! If we take out their leaders, the new leaders might be worse! It will turn the world against us! The next generation will also try to kill us!”

Our enemies have no such qualms when it comes to killing Jews.

The “clever Jew” can also suggest no alternative, other than temporarily making it more difficult to kill him, appealing to the world for the moral high ground, and giving up actual ground piece by piece. Better to bleed a slow death, rationalizes the “clever Jew”, than fight to win and lose all at once, because either way we are doomed to lose.

Deep down, the “clever Jew” is really a defeatist with no plan and no hope, who can talk himself into anything except actually keeping the Torah and serving God.

His “cleverness” is only matched by the godless Rambo Jew, who yearns for nothing more than to go down fighting as long as he takes down a bunch of the bad guys with him. He throws a bone to God and believes this is what God wants of us, to die with honor instead of cowering. But, either way, beneath all the tough talk there is really no plan and no hope. Either way he will die. There are far too many bad guys, even if we all became brave little Rambos.

The truly clever Jew looks to the Torah for guidance BEFORE making decisions, not after he made up his mind and is then only fishing to support his decision. But truly clever Jews are few and far between, which is why we have to be educated in painful ways.

* * *

The propagandized "unity" campaign is just another psy-op to overlook what really happened on Simchas Torah, and instead support the needless slaughter of our people in an aimless slog through Gaza.

You're not "supporting our soldiers". You're supporting the monsters who force-vaxxed them, held them back on Simchas Torah, and are giving them orders now.

But don't mind me, it surely feels better to be a pom-pom waving cheerleader, especially when that's the latest thing.

* * *

This just in! The world hates the Jews no matter what! Can we move on now and actually do something productive?



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