`294 The Erev Rav want us dead
Chananya Weissman

October 26, 2023


I struck a nerve with some people by asserting that the monsters who committed these atrocities are many things, but they are not cowards.  “Their main targets are babies, children, women, elderly. Once they're faced with a true fighting force not hopelessly outnumbered they lose,” wrote one.

First of all, not necessarily.  They killed many soldiers and other heavily armed fighters, and delight in that as well.  They are willing to die.  Either way, not picking a fight with someone stronger than you doesn't make one a coward. That's prudence.  

They are not cowards.  What they did was incredibly bold and daring, even if their main targets were mostly defenseless.  It required courage, far more courage than the people calling them cowards have.

Cowards are people who wear masks, and take shots, and huddle in their safe rooms waiting to die, and wait for instructions from their corrupt “experts” and fake leaders to manage their lives for them.

Cowards are people who let media, or social media, or alternative media, or the people around them do the thinking for them, and then pretend to be independent, critical thinkers who arrived at their own conclusions.

Cowards are people who are too scared to speak out and go against the grain.

Cowards are people who are too afraid to not follow orders.

Cowards are people who give up their guns to the Shin Bet and then cry about it on social media.

Cowards are people who talk and blow lots of hot air, but never actually DO anything.

People who kill babies are just monsters. The people calling them cowards are the cowards.  Our people are (for the most part) cowards.  Criticize me all you want — I never cared and I don't care now — but it's the truth and it needs to be said.  

Because cowards are those who always criticize the easy targets, the other guys, but are afraid to call out their own.
*   *   *
It is not the time and place for us to fight a physical war.  If we are attacked we need to defend ourselves, of course, and some hishtadlus there is appropriate, but anyone who thinks arming a few dozen people here and there is going to save us is delusional and distant from Hashem — exactly what the government wants.  
The emphasis needs to be on a mass teshuva movement, a complete separation from the state and their media, and no more following their orders. 
Those who want to advance the physical aspect of the response should try to influence the hundreds of thousands of armed Jewish men idling by the borders waiting to be sent into death traps while their homes are vulnerable.  That is far more sensible than thinking a few dozen alta kockers with big mouths will save entire cities.
*   *   *
On that note, I received the following from a commander of a local citizen's protection squad in a major city that I will not name for security reasons.  It illustrates EVERYTHING that is wrong with this response — which, I believe, is precisely the reason our Erev Rav leaders who want us dead are promoting it. 
I have put the key lines in bold.  If I didn't do that, it would be very, very easy for people to be excited by this development instead of seeing it for what it really is — just another Erev Rav smokescreen to keep us chained to those who want us dead and have a false sense of security (the situation is under control by the authorities and experts), while distancing us from Hashem.
*Important message to all armed men in [major city]*

As of this Shabbat, there is an alert squad with full authority from the Israel Police, in coordination and communication with police and community officials.

This class is armed with long weapons and works in all operational aspects of the defense of our city, under the sole command of the Israel Police

It is about 60 fighters.

In a real event, this force is a police force for all intents and purposes and is the *only* community force that has legal authority, intelligence information, and means to wage war!!!!!

*I emphasize in all seriousness in order to save lives:*

In the event of a real incident, the armed public in [major city] *is requested in every language of request* to think a million times before interfering in the incident!!!!!!

In a few minutes the standby squad will arrive and conduct a fight, *and it's your duty* to prevent the situation of a police shooting - God forbid they shoot you and don't shoot us!

If you are involved in an emergency incident - be ready to *identify* in front of the emergency room and act *solely* according to our instructions in the field. As I mentioned - these are people who are policemen for all intents and purposes.

Please spread this to every gunman you know.

If you have any questions, you can contact me privately....
End of quote.
In other words, this citizens task force is just another branch of the police and is entirely beholden to them, even in the event of an attack.  They must wait for orders and comply with orders.  At the same time, residents who are under attack must wait for these saviors to come and rescue them (which worked out wonderfully for the people in the south), while being warned that they don't have the LEGAL AUTHORITY to protect themselves, and that doing so is dangerous. 
It could even get them shot by the task force, who mistake Jews protecting themselves for terrorists.
So sit back and do nothing.  You're in good hands.
*   *   *
The Israeli Deep State is Enabling the Next Jewish Massacre
They are arming our enemies, disarming our people, and whatever you hear about them making it easier for some people to get weapons is a smokescreen, a fig leaf.  Again, they want us dead.
The Arabs in Israel are celebrating and waiting for the green light to slaughter the Jews: Arab Citizens of Israel, "Innocent Civilians", Celebrating Rocket Fire on Israel
If you manage to survive the next massacre, you will own nothing and be happy: Gantz said to tell Gaza border residents they might not return home for a year
A few weeks sure turned into a year pretty quickly.  Then again, it was just two weeks to flatten the curve.  If anyone still trusts anything these professional liars say, they might as well just roll over and die right now.
Here's more: The Judenrat Are Uprooting Jewish Communities in the North

English summary: The army is removing Jews from their homes in the northern city of Kiryat Shmona. This resident is warning people that if they allow themselves to be removed they will most likely never be allowed to return. This is your home, your family, and no one has the right to remove you from your home. Take a stand now and do not allow themselves to trample on your rights, or it will be too late. If you allow them to make Kiryat Shmona Judenrein, they will do this in more and more communities.

He further notes that if anyone attempted to remove an Arab from his home, he would fight, and 100 neighbors would immediately come to his aid. The Jews need to do the same.

Seriously, at this point, what do you have to lose?  At what point will people finally cross the line and treat those who are coming to destroy their lives as enemies, even if they speak Hebrew and dress as Jews?  At what point is it more dangerous to listen to authority than to defy it?  When the gas comes out of the showerheads instead of warm water, it's already far too late. 
*   *   *
We don't have the time to learn how to fight and we have no way of getting resources without the establishment's permission.  If we made an Altalena they would sink it again.  It's not the right direction at this point.
Trust me, there is almost nothing I would rather do than mow down terrorists, but I'm not delusional.  We are in an impossible situation — which is precisely what needs to happen for us to collectively wake up, cast off the idolatrous reliance on fake leaders, the IDF, foreign nations, Rambo wannabes, or anything else.  
We have only Hashem, and He is waiting for us to turn to Him, only to Him, and stand proud for His great name.  This is the unity we need.  Unity with Hashem, and unity with each other under the Torah and faith in His protection.  He WILL fight for us, but we need to divorce ourselves from the Erev Rav and their schemes. 
The Erev Rav have no legitimacy to give us orders.
They have no right to take away your weapons or destroy your community.
They should not be relied upon in any way to protect you.
The IDF should be disbanded and replaced with a true Jewish army, which will operate entirely according to the laws of the Torah, which are clearly outlined for us.
Everyone with a true Jewish spirit takes orders from no one that are contrary to the Torah and the wellbeing of the Jewish people. 
As soon as we internalize the true Torah messages and truly turn to Hashem en masse, we will no longer need to learn in more painful ways, and we will enjoy the real victory we all desire.  There is no other way.



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Our rulers would never covertly try to kill us, because that would backfire on them in the next election, and then they couldn't be our rulers anymore.   So even if everything they're doing would make perfect sense if they were covertly trying to kill us, it must be just a big misunderstanding.

So I take it all back.