`293 A Leisurely Massacre
Chananya Weissman

October 24, 2023


Extremely important article: PA armored vehicles agreed to by Israel move into position as Israeli citizens begin taking countermeasures
Solutions: Mass teshuva and tefilla, obviously.  Then the hundreds of thousands of fine, heavily armed Jewish soldiers should consider a different direction than just doing what they are told.  The people giving them orders no longer have any legitimacy.  Continuing to obey them should be more frightening at this point than defying them.
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Allow yourself to be enraged by this recording and no longer fret about “innocent civilians”.

Then allow yourself to wonder how this kid who just murdered ten Jews in cold blood would be preoccupied with bragging to mom and dad on the phone when he should have been expecting an overwhelming military response any moment.

This is not an isolated incident.  They took their leisure, because they knew there would be no overwhelming military response, or any meaningful military response, for quite a bit of time.  So they could spare a few minutes to call home, take selfies, rape and torture people, loot their dead bodies, and other fun activities.

They knew they would have time.

It's the only reasonable explanation.  

Stop talking yourself out of it.  Break out of the conditioning, and let the cold hard truth sink in.

Then allow yourself to be enraged at the people who enabled this atrocity.  The most dangerous enemy is the one within.
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Why do people refer to terrorists as cowards?

Why do people refer to homicidal and genocidal savages as cowards?

What they did is heinous, but it definitely wasn't cowardly.  It was bold and daring.  They risked their lives.  Many of them were killed, wounded, or captured.  They knew going in there was a strong possibility that they would lose everything (even with the window they were granted to rampage) and they went ahead with it anyway.  That required tremendous motivation and courage.

So why do people refer to them as cowards?  Do they think it will hurt their feelings?  Do they think it will spoil their celebration?  Is it a coping mechanism?

You know why people really refer to them as cowards?  Because the propaganda machine put the words in their mouth (just like the oft-regurgitated absurdity that "now isn't the time for questions", and calling people "conspiracy theorists" for arriving at independent conclusions).  The brain dead masses parrot the message from the "experts" who think for them, like they always do, and act as if they are clever.  

The terrorists aren't cowards.  We are.
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A timely message from Dr. Zelenko, of blessed memory



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