`291 The Judenrat Destroying Israel Under Our Noses
Chananya Weissman

October 22, 2023


While everyone is distracted buying food and underwear for the IDF (Support Our Soldiers!) and arguing with idiots on social media (Defend Israel!), the Erev Rav who temporarily rule over our land are busy making large swaths of the country Judenrein under the pretext of protecting them. Many tens of thousands of Jews have already been turned into refugees, wards of the state, while their homes are left abandoned and their cities turned into ghost towns.     

That was the idea all along.     

Terrorizing people into compliance, making them beg to be taken away from their homes and cities, is the most efficient way to cede control of our land. The PR machine and Shabak-friendly rabbis can even make it into a mitzvah! Open up your home!     

The same people who were too incompetent to put one Apache helicopter in the air for 8 hours while there was a massive invasion and thousands of Jews in 2 dozen communities were being slaughtered, raped, mutilated, and driven many kilometers through open land to a hellhole in Gaza, while it was being gleefully livestreamed...yes, those same people are disarming border communities and have "evacuated" tens of thousands of Jews from all over the south and north with German efficiency, where they will now be refugees living in concentrated areas, large ghettos if you will.      

All for their own protection and the greater good, of course. They will own nothing and be happy.     

And these same people are still giving orders to hundreds of thousands of Jewish soldiers currently stationed outside a death trap, far from their vulnerable homes. How comfortable are you with that?     

Thankfully, our good friends in America, who always have our back, have sent warships and many thousands of soldiers, so just in case something unfortunate were to happen to our soldiers, they could take over and protect us.     

Stop reading the propaganda, and stop bending over backwards to rationalize this as good intentions or incompetence. It's well-planned, highly coordinated evil, plain and simple. And stop being hung up on “why would they do this?” Whether or not you can be absolutely certain of the motive, they did it and they're doing it.

* * *     

At what point did the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto come to the realization that they had more to lose by continuing to be docile and follow instructions than to fight?      

At what point did the Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, and other death camps decide they would rather risk dying today to rise up against their oppressors than keep their heads down and hope tomorrow would be better?     

What pushed them over the edge?     

What made them cross the line?     

Now IS the time to ask questions.

* * *   

Israel is displacing tens of thousands of Jews from dozens of cities and communities all over the north and south of the country. They are turning large cities into ghost towns and families with homes into refugees. Instead of disarming (and destroying) the people who are firing rockets into these areas, they are disarming small settlements surrounded by well-armed Arabs waiting for the order to slaughter the Jews.     

As rockets continue to penetrate deeper into the country, it is clear that liquidating (surrendering) cities near the border and concentrating tens of thousands of Jewish refugees into the center “for their own protection” indefinitely is a farce.      

Since the “leaders” of Israel have established that rocket fire is a valid pretext for liquidating cities, and since rockets can reach anywhere in the country, it is clear what must be done. The entire land must be liquidated of Jews for their own protection.      

But where should they all go?     

Fortunately, the Israeli establishment has had warm ties with Germany dating back to pre-state years, particularly during World War II, when they helped the German leadership decide who would live and who would die. Now is not the time to ask questions. Now is the time to once again collaborate with Germany.      

Germany and neighboring countries can take in all the Jewish refugees who have been rendered homeless for their own protection. Places like Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Treblinka are currently VACANT and unused, and can immediately house many thousands of these refugees, where they will be safe from rockets and militants on paragliders.      

While these scenic and historic camps are brought back into full operation, the remaining refugees can be concentrated in ghettos in places such as Warsaw, Lodz, and Vilna, which are rich in Jewish history, out of rocket range, and free of Arab claims (for now).     

Jewish refugees will not only be able to feel safe, they will have a sense of familiarity and nostalgia at finally returning to their true homes, where they were always meant to be.



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