`288 The Bitter Truth That Must Be Accepted
Chananya Weissman

October 16, 2023


The following open source information was collected and shared with me by someone with a military background and understanding of how these weapons work. Contrary to wild telephone-game regurgitations of my previous email (see here for one), I have no connections to "top officials in the Israeli government" or high level confidential sources. I'm just a regular guy.

Once this information is arranged before us like a Shulchan Aruch, a set table, it should be easy to connect the dots and draw appropriate conclusions.

I will preface the information with a summary of these conclusions, and you can consider the evidence for yourself.

1. Israel was not invaded by a group of terrorists who surprised them. Israel was invaded by an army with careful planning and collaboration at the highest levels, with specific objectives that were understood on both sides of the border.

2. Foreign countries that we are supposed to believe are our greatest allies were directly involved with providing weapons and training to this army and coordinating the invasion. Chief among them is the United States of Amalek.

3. It was understood on both sides that the IDF, particularly the Israeli Air Force, would take no meaningful action to thwart the invasion and massacre of thousands of Jews for a period of time that was known to the invading army. This is evident from the methodical way they went about their brutal business, with plenty of time to rape, torture, and mutilate their victims, perform for the camera, and even have smoking breaks.

4. Many people are getting sidetracked by the motives behind this attack, political machinations, an excuse to destroy Gaza, etc.. Many of these speculations are foolish, and all of them are a distraction.

The REAL purpose of all this is the same as it always was: to destroy the Jewish people spiritually and physically as part of the larger war against God.

As we say at the Pesach Seder: בכל דור ודור עומדים עלינו לכלותינו, in every generation they stand up against us to destroy us. It's really that simple.

And as Rashi writes on Bereishis 33:4, quoting the Midrash:

אמר רבי שמעון בן יוחאי הלכה היא בידוע שעשו שונא ליעקב

Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai said, it is a halacha, it is known that Eisav hates Yaacov.

Just as halacha never changes, so it is an immutable fact of the world that Eisav hates Yaacov. They may do business with Yaacov, and may even have momentary sympathy for Yaacov, but Eisav hates Yaacov and wants to destroy him. That is a halacha.

The United States of Amalek is Eisav. The UK is Eisav. Most of the world powers today are Eisav. They hate the Jewish people and want to destroy them, albeit in covert ways. That's a halacha.

And the Erev Rav, fake Jews who betray us from within, work hand in hand with them to accomplish this shared goal that defines their existence.

That's what this is really all about. It's not complicated. And it's critical that we internalize this so we can respond appropriately.

With this in mind, here is more supporting evidence. This includes extremely gruesome pictures and videos. I leave it to your discretion to view and share it responsibly. However, contrary to calls from the same people who did this to us to not view and share this information, we must do just that to a certain extent. We must see the true horror of what they did to us. We must internalize it. We must realize the extent of the betrayal. We must recognize our true enemies, particularly those who walk among us. And we must take the appropriate actions.

Here is open source information that I received:

NBC news of all places:


Next, some photos of the usage of these by the vermin, outside of car hit by a thermobaric: Image 1
Note melted metal.

Inside of car hit by thermobaric: Image 2

Note the state of the bodies.

Inside house in Kfar Aza: Image 3

Note the charred skull and body in the center of the photo

Vehicle outside house at Kfar Aza: Image 4

Outside gate of Be'eri: Image 5

Note similar damage characteristics profile.

Here's an apparent thermobaric victim HY"D from Kfar Aza: Image 6

"Here is a video from Re'em: In the background you can hear a member of the security forces describing what happened. He said later (off camera) that these terrorists had explosives specifically designed for closed spaces [thermobarics]. Notably, he said the style of explosives is "unlike anything known to this region" [BS, it's well known US weapons used in Afghanistan and Russian weapons in long use, see attached links, and match with the first "tweet" in this email]:

Anyone seen any of this on the Israeli mockingbird media?

Know your enemies and be able to identify their weapons yourselves:

US position on thermobarics from 2015:


Some US thermobarics:



Some Russian thermobaric weapons:


Available from Belgium: https://kintex.bg/product-4-149

Why this is important:

iding in a "safe room" is like hiding in a furnace waiting for some ghoul to light it...

Shooting the ghoul from a distance with a long gun (rifle) has proven highly safe and effective against this malady.

Here is a very long collection of gruesome videos, with locations indicated, showing what these savages did. Again, they needed to KNOW they would have a LOT of time to engage in this barbarism. Watch and share at your own discretion.



Here is more open source information that helps us connect the dots:


Key takeaways: The carnage is much worse than the official numbers.

Key quote from survivor: " We heard shootings and we were basically barricaded in for 21 hours until the army rescued us"

Al Jazeera (arabic):

Key quotes:

"The Palestinian resistance says that it has inflicted human losses on the occupation many times greater than the numbers announced."

"The United States sent two aircraft carriers to the region to support Israel and warn other parties against engaging in the conflict."

This is America's baby, and they have a particular outcome in mind, in league with their Erev Rav counterparts inside Israel. Specifically, weakening Israel's army, demoralizing the people, making life in border communities intolerable, dismantling border communities, surrendering our land, and destroying any semblance of Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel.

The wheels are already in motion:
The occupation evacuates Sderot of all settlers:

Key quotes: "Israeli Occupation Army Radio said that the evacuation of the remaining residents of the Sderot settlement, estimated at about 7,000, continues today to areas inside Israel. For its part, Israeli Channel 13 reported that the Israeli army asked settlers in several areas near Sderot to remain in shelters...

"According to the Israeli newspaper Maariv, 24 settlements around the Gaza Strip are expected to be evacuated, namely (Nahal) Oz, Erez, Nir Am, Mevalsim, Kfar Azza, Givim, Or Haner, Ibim, Netiv Haasra, Yad Mordechai Kermiya, Zikim Kerem Shalom, Kissufim, Dorot, Sofa, Nirim, Nir Oz, Ein HaShlosha (Third Eye), Nir Yitzhak Be'eri, Magen, Ra'im, Saad and Alumim."

8 days after the “Al-Aqsa Flood”.. Israelis: We will not return to the Gaza envelope

Key quotes:

"On the eighth day of the war, the effects of this shock began to surface, with the voices of many Jewish families ruling out the possibility of returning...

"Journalist Shlomit Tzur titled her report in the weekend edition of the newspaper “Damar Ker” with “The idea is not to leave and emigrate to the Gaza envelope, but to leave the country.”

"We live 7 kilometers from the border fence with Gaza, and yet the militants were able to enter. The feeling of security in the Gaza Strip is non-existent."

"She continued, "It took a long time for the army to arrive, which made it possible for this battle and its disastrous consequences for us to occur. We felt that the state and its institutions had abandoned us. Our town did not receive budgets to build shelters to protect against rocket shells, but we built them ourselves and with our money, and this helped to feel secure in the city." She stressed that "Hamas' success in entering and doing what it did is unfathomable."

"She continued, "We were all afraid of the scenario of groups of armed men entering. We knew it would come one day, but not this way. We knew that as soon as an armed man set foot over the fence, the army would jump, and if not within 5 minutes, then within half an hour. But 10 hours? We were the ones who defended ourselves, not the army.”

"When asked if it was her first time thinking about leaving Sde Nitzan, she replied, “The idea is not to leave the settlement, but the country... Israel. The state has abandoned me, and I feel that if the state allows this to happen, it will never end, and I have no way to protect my children.” "They broke something here. We were in wars, we cried for the dead. But something else happened here." The idea of not returning to the Gaza envelope settlements is not limited to families and residents, but even to some local leaders there...

"Tamir Idan, head of the Regional Council in the Sdot Negev settlement, who was convinced throughout the previous rounds of fighting about the steadfastness of the home front in the southern settlements, spoke differently this time after the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood. According to him, although the desire for the prosperity of the barren land has always overcome all obstacles, the residents of the settlements have internal limits and barriers. He said, "The gunmen killed 16 workers within minutes. Usually, every small animal that approached the security fence would alert the entire system. In this case, it was not 4 gunmen who infiltrated, but hundreds.""

Final comment from me. Hamas did not manufacture these weapons and figure out how to use them, nor were they the real masterminds behind this attack. They were eager executioners, who must be dealt with accordingly, but they are very low on the totem pole.

The most dangerous enemies are those who come dressed as friends...and as Jews.

Only Hashem can save us. Let us all realize the depths of the betrayal and the impossible situation in which we find ourselves — then turn to Hashem and cry out for His salvation. May He utterly destroy all our enemies within and without, avenge every drop of our blood, bring glory to His great name, and redeem His people.

And until He does, at least know your true enemies and stop listening to them. Everything they tell you to do — EVERYTHING — is to further their agenda, which is a final solution.



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