2009 Please Respect Our Neighborhood
Chananya Weissman

Welcome to our neighborhood. This is a Torah-observant community and we ask visitors to be sensitive to our religious lifestyle.

The Torah forbids speaking lashon hara (gossip and slander), and we request visitors to do their utmost to refrain from this speech while in our midst. Even inadvertently overhearing lashon hara can severely disrupt our spiritual wellbeing, so please think twice before you speak about others.

Please be kind and respectful toward others, even those – especially those – whose philosophies or level of Torah observance may differ from yours. In our community we strive to emulate God. Just as God loves His people and looks for the good in them, we try to do the same. We’re not kidding anyone; it can be very difficult. Some people really put us to the test. But we try. When you visit our neighborhood, please do the same.

Please show good manners in our community. This includes basic courtesy and civility, patience, clean speech, not making a mess, and cleaning up after yourself if you do. These are all key components of our religious lifestyle that often go understated.

Our neighborhood is home to many Torah institutions. We encourage all visitors to spend time studying Torah with us, regardless of your background or level of observance. No one will be made to feel unwelcome, uncomfortable, or looked down upon. We wouldn’t tolerate such a thing in our neighborhood.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our neighborhood, and that you will come again soon.

Oh yes, we would appreciate it if you dressed modestly as well. Thank you.

Rabbi Chananya Weissman is the founder of EndTheMadness (www.endthemadness.org), a volunteer effort to rehabilitate the culture of the shidduch world. He may be contacted at admin@endthemadness.org.