`287 Video Evidence of the Lies and Betrayal
Chananya Weissman

October 13, 2023


After viewing the information in this article, I need you to share it as widely as possible, especially with the brave Jewish soldiers whose lives are being endangered for all the wrong reasons, while the Jewish communities across Israel are left almost entirely defenseless. Every single one of them needs to know this immediately.

According to the official story from the Israeli military and Erev Rav establishment, parroted by all the media in the world, the Hamas executioners infiltrated from Gaza at approximately 7:40 AM. Just one of countless regurgitations of this lie is in The Washington Post, here.

Newly discovered security footage from Kibbutz Be'eri, where over 100 Jews were slaughtered, shows the savages invading the kibbutz and beginning the murderous rampage at 5:55 AM — after they had managed to cross the border, "take out" the bases (which we are supposed to believe were defended), and traveled several kilometers.

See the video here (credit to Sacha Roytman).

This is supported by a report from a local resident that has been widely shared, who said that the infiltration actually began at 4 AM. See the full report here.

Another video gleefully shared by the Arab savages shows them taking their sweet time hunting Jews, slaughtering them, burning down homes, and rounding up hostages. Watch it here.

This is not how people look when they know a military response is likely to come at any moment. It's how they look when they know how much time they have to engage in their sport without anyone interfering with them.

They were wide open targets as they traveled several kilometers back and forth on open land near the border. A single helicopter with a machine gun could have mowed them down. But the Hamas executioners knew there would be no helicopter or any other response from Israel's military at any point during the EIGHT HOUR KILLING SPREE. They knew exactly how much time they had to complete their operation and go out the same way they came in.

They knew this because they were told how much time they would have. They knew it because it was planned and agreed upon on both sides of the border. There was collaboration at the highest levels. That is the only plausible explanation. It is indisputable.

We currently have hundreds of thousands of Jewish soldiers at Israel's southern and northern borders, under orders to idle there without even proper food and clothing (private citizens, who already pay upwards of 70% in taxes, are raising money to bring them basic supplies), while the Erev Rav puppet leaders make blustery statements.

While this is happening, the home communities of these reservists — their wives, children, and elderly parents — are left naked and exposed, as the Yishmaelites across the country are sharpening their swords.

The numerous traitors who collaborated with Hamas to slaughter and terrorize our people, lied about everything, and concocted an absurdly porous cover story, are the same people giving orders to our soldiers. Perhaps continuing to listen to them is not the best idea.

Perhaps instead of idling and suffering by the border, awaiting orders to enter a death trap, they should return home and protect their families and neighbors.

Perhaps the people giving the orders should be apprehended and interrogated — all in an entirely legal and non-violent manner, of course — by the hundreds of thousands of brave soldiers conveniently assembled by these same people.

Is this not their moral right? Is this not their moral duty?

The question is not which people in power committed high treason and a host of other crimes against our people. The question is which of them truly had no knowledge of any of this, no role to play, no complicity, no Jewish blood on their hands.

Before we follow any further instructions from anyone in power or in the media they control, or allow them to distract and mislead us any further, it would be appropriate to find out.

Whoever refuses to accept that this was a betrayal at the highest levels, and believes we should continue to do what we are told, might as well walk into the gas chambers as the previous batch of corpses is being shoveled out, convinced there's a hot shower waiting for him.

This is the truth. Deal with it.

* * *

Yesterday Frontline News released an emergency warning that the Arabs in Shomron were evacuating their women and children in preparation of an attack on nearby Jewish communities, who were left without significant military protection. Thank God, this report went viral all over the world, and the Erev Rav establishment was forced to send reinforcements, as this "surprise massacre" would no longer be a surprise.

The official propaganda in Hebrew from the Erev Rav establishment is here. They didn't move in troops to protect the Jews. They did it to protect themselves.

Our efforts make a difference. Don't stop.



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