`283 A Deeper Look at the OU and Fake Meat
Chananya Weissman

September 20, 2023


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In the wake of last week's “ruling” from the OU that lab-grown pseudo-poultry from Supermeat is super kosher, here are some items of interest. As we examine these items, pay attention to the subtle games they play with language to erode our sensitivities and gradually manipulate us to accept that which we would reject with disgust if they were straight with us. This snake-like seduction is one of the calling cards of Amalek.

Back in 2018, the OU posted this:

Ah, being featured in the New York Times. What yichus! The dream of every spiritually assimilated Jew, who wants nothing more than to be accepted and respected by those who hate him most.

Your initial reaction was probably either excitement or disgust at the possibility of "kosher bacon" so much so that the "clean meat" appellation flew completely under your radar.

But hold on a second. How dare they refer to fake meat grown in a laboratory as "clean meat"? How dare they imply that ACTUAL meat, which is natural and healthy, which we have a mitzvah to eat, which is an integral part of our holy service of Hashem and the atonement process, is dirty?

Heretics and atheists can hurl obscenities about the Torah until they face their Creator, but this is the Orthodox Union promoting actual kefirah in a cheerful social media post that is supposedly celebrating progress.

Next look at the title of the article. "Kosher bacon" is referred to as a once-impossible goal. A goal? Really? Since when was this a goal of Torah-observant Jews?

Why is such thinking even being encouraged? Is kosher adultery soon to be a goal? Kosher idolatry? Are we supposed to be lamenting all the wonderful treif pleasures Hashem denied us, and seeking to create approved facsimiles?

According to the OU, apparently yes. Not only is it a great business model and marketing tool, it's an actual goal.

Although the linked article is no longer available, there was substantial positive coverage in the usual Trojan horse media, which downplayed or ignored the serious halachic and theological concerns with taking cells from a living being, growing them in a lab, and passing this off as a kosher meat substitute, real or not. One example from Ami Magazine can be found here. Notice how they only make vague reference to "serious technical issues that the kosher certification agencies will need to overcome".

In 2018, Erev Rav Yuval Cherlow made headlines by declaring that "cloned meat produced from a pig shall not be defined as prohibited for consumption – including with milk."

Cherlow is relentlessly referred to as an "ethicist", which sounds enlightened and morally superior to primitive, non-ethical rabbis who are merely guided by the Torah — which is, of course, the point. This is Cherlow's reason for existence, to take secular "ethical ideals" and shtup them into the Torah.

No serious student of Torah will confuse Cherlow for a posek to be reckoned with, but the media treats him like one. That too is the point. Cherlow and the media are primarily targeting the overwhelming majority of people who are not serious students of Torah, who can't tell the difference between real Torah and activists cloaked as rabbis who hijack the Torah to push an agenda.

Cherlow has a long history of promoting radical positions that are completely antithetical to the Torah. In 2012 he called for Israel to recognize Reform conversions — which are as halachically valid as baptisms, and serve only to destroy the Jewish people from within by diluting the population with more fake Jews / Erev Rav.

Of course, this position was celebrated by Ha'aretz, which suddenly pretended to have great respect for rabbis and their opinions. Funny how that works.

And, of course, Cherlow was a huge proponent of terrorizing people who refused to take covid shots. Once again, Cherlow leaned on "ethics" (in other words, whatever he decides, in his moral purity, is good). The Jerusalem Post, another anti-Torah propaganda outlet, fawned over Cherlow and his disgusting statements as if they don't despise actual Orthodox rabbis:

"Anyone who refuses to take the coronavirus vaccine should be hit with limited social sanctions as a result, Tzohar Center for Jewish Ethics director Rabbi Yuval Cherlow said in a statement. The sanctions proposed by Cherlow, who is a leading ethicist in Israel, would consist of keeping people from frequenting business establishments like retailers and public transportation..."

And this forked-tongued gem: "Instead of a punishment for not being vaccinated, the rabbi explained that it should be used as an incentive." Right. Like what the nice man from the Mafia said.

Cherlow even had this response in the Times of Israel (funny how Cherlow's favorite places to issue his "ethical" rulings are as far removed from Torah as can be) to the question of whether it's okay to be part of a human vaccine trial: "how could you not participate?!"

So when Cherlow is one of four hand-picked rabbis by Supermeat to declare their Franken-meat super kosher, it should be setting off alarm bells in the minds of God-fearing, Torah-observant Jews.

And if the OU is associated with people such as this, it's time to reconsider what the OU has become — and perhaps what it's already been for quite some time.

Indeed, the 2020 JTA article about cloned meat from a pig supposedly being kosher concluded with this statement from Cherlow: "halachic thought should examine the needs of all humanity, not only one’s own case". If we translate this woke mumbo jumbo to plain English, it means that Jewish law should not stand in the way of "the greater good", for secular ethics and "the greater good" are the highest ideals, and Jewish law is an arcane obstacle.

Don't be selfish, you primitive Jew who frets over halacha.

Erev Rav Menachem Genack, CEO of the Orthodox Union’s kosher division (interesting title), was also hand-picked to "kosherize" fake meat. He took a more conservative-sounding approach in the media, but in hindsight it's clear this was essentially controlled opposition. The OU is captured; the organization as a whole is nothing more than controlled opposition, to the extent that they even pretend to oppose the anti-God agenda at all anymore.

The fact that the OU would eventually certify fake meat as kosher in 2023 (in lockstep with a huge push from the globalists) was a foregone conclusion years before, when the Amalekite and Erev Rav media were conditioning the public.

If this is too hard to digest (no pun intended), you simply must watch this bizarre video from 2018 from Genack and the OU. Genack is shown sitting in front of a huge stash of alcoholic beverages, and speaks as if he needed them to calm his nerves for the sales pitch for "clean meat" he fumbles his way through.

How many World Economic Forum talking points could Genack squeeze into three minutes?

He touts Bill Gates investing in this "new technology" as a selling point to the kosher consumer. Who's not hungry already?

This is followed by "an extraordinary statistic": "The amount of carbon dioxide that is produced by cattle in the United States exceeds all the CO2 of cars and trucks in the United States. So the carbon footprint in America would be enormously diminished if we can move away from cattle and [unintelligible] as a source of meat."

When Genack utters these words he sounds frightened, slightly intoxicated, or both. Convincing and rabbinic he most certainly is not — but the listener is not supposed to be a critical thinker. After all, who are you and I to have doubts about the CEO of the Orthodox Union’s kosher division?

But really, here is one of the faces of the OU warning us that cow flatulence is a threat to humanity. Carbon dioxide itself — which plants need to breathe, and to produce oxygen for you and me — is an existential threat. And therefore we must do away with cattle and replace it with fake meat.

Genack continues with the next Amalekite talking point: "The world population is growing." This is scary and dangerous. There isn't enough for everyone. The first commandment Hashem gave the entire human race, to procreate and fill the earth — no limits or restrictions indicated — is now an existential threat. That same God, according to Genack and his handlers, cannot or will not provide for these people if we faithfully observe this commandment.

Only science can save us. That, and fake meat.

Then Genack invokes "climate change". "There's shrinking arable land across the globe." Never mind that the world is full of open land ready to be populated and/or produce more food. The experts say otherwise! There just isn't enough protein for all of us, and fake meat is our salvation.

Next WEF talking point (it's surreal how he keeps pumping them out): "Scientists are thinking and marketers are thinking about other sources, including insects — for us, in terms of kosher law, that would be an issue [fumbles unintelligibly for several seconds]...we have a tradition of which locusts...one is permitted to eat — but this is part of the solution."

That's right, eating bugs is "an issue" for us. Genack sounds almost apologetic. It feels as if a couple of tough guys standing behind the camera glaring menacingly at Genack as he stumbles through his sales pitch, like a hostage reading a forced confession. Did I do good, boss? Please don't hurt me.

"And for us in the kosher market it's important, because it can be a solution to the high cost of kosher meat."

Genack looks away awkwardly as the video ends.

If you're not convinced by the powerful Torah arguments Genack makes for fake meat, and you don't care about all these existential threats to humanity (shame on you), you should embrace fake meat because it will be cheaper than the real thing.

It's cubic zirconia for the kosher palate, with a side of saving the planet from cows, too many people, and starvation. A mitzvah!

What are the odds that the OU would coincidentally endorse everything Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the rest of the most anti-God people on the planet are promoting, because it just so happens that's EXACTLY what the Torah promotes as well?

If you don't believe the OU is a sold-out money-churning racket that works for Amalek now, you have to believe it's all a happy, Torah-aligned coincidence. Those are the only two possibilities.

This is a good time to remind you that the OU was all-in on the false Covid narrative and ruled — against the Torah and all reason — that the Torah obligates us to take the poison shots as soon as possible. According to the OU and their "poskim", the emergence of these shots was an act of benevolence from Hashem.

Erev Rav Hershel Schachter, front and center with this shmad ruling, was also hand-picked to certify Super Not Meat.

Let's take a closer look at Supermeat, the company that scored the cherished OU certification.

Exhibit #1

That's right, these morally superior enlightened people have decided that obtaining leather from an animal is cruel. This is very problematic if you're a Jew — even if you're a spiritually diseased Jew who abstains from meat on "moral" grounds — because you cannot write a Sefer Torah, Tefillin, or a Mezuzah without slaughtering an animal and producing leather from its skin.

According to Supermeat, this is cruel. The existence of a Sefer Torah is cruel. A God that commanded us to write His laws in such a way is cruel.

The apologist will rationalize that the OU is not certifying the beliefs of the people at Supermeat, just the product. The problem is that Genack in his rambling video, and all the propaganda pushing this fake meat, are specifically touting this sort of fake morality in conjunction with the fake meat. The discussion is not centered around whether the product is technically kosher, but the need, the urgency to find a way for it to be kosher, specifically because of these heretical beliefs.

So yes, it matters that Supermeat considers the existence of a Sefer Torah made from real parchment to be a blot on humanity, and it matters that the OU feigns obliviousness to this.

Then we have this:

Exhibit #2

Well if a rabbi says it, it must be true. Nothing ethically dubious, intellectually dishonest, or false prophet-ish about shopping around for a rabbi who will say what you want him to say, then touting his statement to market your product. That's exactly the way the public is supposed to form their theological beliefs and make life-altering decisions.

I will write more about this becoming normalized in the Orthodox world in a separate article.

As we've seen, the media is a full partner in this charade. The same media that feigns respect for "rabbis" when they push anti-Torah garbage publishes hit pieces when they don't. Here's one example from the Jerusalem Post portraying the Jerusalem Rabbinate as ignorant tyrants for objecting to the term "lamb bacon" on a kosher menu. This incited dozens of hate-filled vitriolic comments, the likes of which would make neo-Nazis stand up and cheer — and that was the point.

Regardless of one's opinion in this particular case, the secular media and their ilk are cynical frauds, pretending to respect rabbis and halacha only when it suits their agenda.

Exhibit #3

Supermeat — Real meat, without harming animals.

Oh, so now it's real meat? That's a stretch even according to the Erev Rav celebrity endorsers, but if the OU has any problem with Supermeat calling their product real meat, you wouldn't know it.

Nor does the OU have a problem with Supermeat claiming that eating real meat (REAL real meat) is "harming animals". So Hashem commands us to harm animals? Harming animals is an integral part of the avoda at the holiest place on earth, a "pleasing fragrance to Hashem"?

Don't you feel so primitive and awful being a Torah-observant Jew? Aren't you ashamed of yourself? According to Supermeat, you should be. The OU would seem to agree.

Exhibit #4

He's also betting millions of dollars that he can convince you, or force you. Because he cares.

But really, Supermeat is just another plucky Israeli start-up, and we should be really proud, because this is why Hashem brought us back to Israel after thousands of years — to save the planet from everything the Torah tells us, and make lots of money. They're just some cool kids from Tel Aviv having a good time and being virtuous. They probably never even heard of the World Economic Forum.

Exhibit #5

Or that. Keep your food traditions alive by switching to lab-grown Frankenmeat and keep our planet alive, too! Otherwise we're going to die, and it's YOUR fault.

And just in case you're not totally convinced:

Exhibit #6

The experts say so.

To be continued.



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