`276 Let Them Eat Cake
Chananya Weissman

July 11, 2023


If you want to find true heroes, don't look in governments or positions of leadership. That's where to look for the greatest scoundrels and most feeble cowards. This is by design; people with integrity and strength of character aren't allowed to get far, lest they spoil the party for those who are really in charge.

If you want to find a true hero, you can visit the West Orange Bake Shop in New Jersey and ask for Yitzy Mittel.  (Full disclosure: until a few days ago I hadn't heard of this bakery or Mr. Mittel, and have no connection to either of them.)          

The Jewish Telegraph Agency – a media service that has no great love for Orthodox Judaism, to put it mildly –  ran an incredible story a few days ago.  Naturally, it was a thinly veiled editorial disguised as news, but if one is not overly susceptible to propaganda he will draw the opposite conclusion from the one desired by the JTA and their Erev Rav ilk.

The piece carries the following title: “A kosher baker rejected a synagogue’s order for rainbow Pride treats. The firestorm has been fierce.”  The Times of Israel, who combine low journalistic standards with blood-libel-level hatred for Orthodox Jews, republished the piece, but opted for an even more inflammatory headline: “NJ Jews reel after kosher baker rejects synagogue’s order for rainbow Pride treats”.

That's right, according to the Slimes of Israel, the Jews of New Jersey are reeling!  What are they reeling from?  A synagogue shooting?  A string of violent attacks?  A huge criminal scandal?

No.  An Orthodox Jewish baker canceled an order for a custom cake celebrating sexual perversity.

Fake “rabbis” from fake synagogues who represent branches of “Judaism” whose sole purpose for existing is to falsify the Torah for people who want to have their “cake” and eat it too, were predictably outraged.

Worst of all, the Supreme Court recently curtailed their ability to utterly destroy this man, his bakery, and everything close to him.  These vicious, vindictive monsters who call themselves Orthodox Jews, and demand to be accepted as such, will have to work harder to bankrupt and ruin this principled man who wouldn't bake them a stupid cake.  The injustice of it all!

Nothing, but nothing, outrages these people more than an Orthodox Jew standing in the way of their cultural revolution.  These hysterical phonies – it's highly doubtful that these Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist “rabbis” are even Jewish at this point –  have sympathy for every terrorist, love for everyone who hates them, and tolerance for everything intolerable, but the one person they cannot stand is the Orthodox Jew who refuses to cater to them.

For all the myriad ways they “interpret” the Torah and its commandments out of existence, denying our traditional teachings and dismissing our greatest rabbis throughout the ages as nobodies who just made it all up (quite the conspiracy theory, and quite the projection), the only “interpretation” of the Torah they cannot tolerate is the one that has immutable commandments, the one that has real standards, the one that has stood the test of time.  One that actually means something, which by definition is exclusive, not inclusive of everything that contradicts it.        

The only Jew these Erev Rav cannot tolerate is one who has principles that he simply will not compromise.  In other words, a real Jew, precisely the sort of Jew they are not.    

One must wonder why these fake Jews who believe men should marry and defile themselves with other men, who insist the Torah doesn't forbid such things, who insist this is exactly what God wants men to be doing, would patronize a kosher bakery in the first place.  After all, where does the Torah say we have to eat only kosher food?  And even if it does, so what?  Nothing a little reinterpreting can't solve.

Besides, who taught us what kosher even means if not the very same Talmudic sages, with their traditions dating back to Har Sinai, that these Erev Rav reject?

It's no coincidence that when these Erev Rav have an appetite for perversity-celebrating pastries they suddenly want them to be kosher.  What good is being a pervert, after all, if one cannot claim to be an Orthodox pervert?  And if one can commission an Orthodox Jew to willingly participate in the farce – or cower before it – that is a true victory.  That's the ultimate goal.          

Yitzy Mittel is a hero.  He surely knew that holding fast to his principles and canceling an order for perversity-themed pastries would not be met with understanding, let alone respect, by the false purveyors of tolerance.      

We all know the rules by now.  You do not say no to the rainbow mafia.  You do not refuse any of their demands.  You do not criticize them or anything they do, ever.  If you have a problem with something, you kiss their feet and keep it to yourself.  If you don't cater to their every wish and demand, if you don't ingratiate yourself to them, if you don't celebrate every push of their envelope to the point of surrendering your children, they will do everything they can to destroy you.   

These people don't have boundaries, after all.  That's the essence of who they are.

Naturally, people who falsify the Torah will skew reality to portray themselves as victims instead of the agitators and terrorists that they are.  But, despite the best efforts of partisan media hacks to flip the script, Yitzy Mittel comes across as a reasonable person with integrity.  He has no problem with serving people whose beliefs are antithetical to his own, but he cannot in good conscience custom-make a product that celebrates something that is antithetical to what he stands for.

Why should he?  Why should anyone?

Would the LGBT mafia expect him to custom-design a cake with swastikas for a Nazi convention?  Would the JTA, the Times of Israel, and their morally bankrupt ilk defame a Jew who refused such an order?

Would the rainbow terrorists expect a Muslim baker to fulfill their order?  Would they be obnoxious enough to seek one out in the first place?  Of course not.  They have the greatest of respect for Islamists, because they too want to destroy Israel – albeit in different ways – and that's the most important thing.

(Speaking of that, a Ramat Gan resident was fined by the Erev Rav tyrants who control Israel for posting a Shema Yisrael sign to protest abomination parades. See here.)

Here's an even sharper question.  It's probably theoretical, since responsible adults with real jobs and businesses aren't running around agitating at gay parades, drag shows, and other “pride” events.  Let's say there was an LGBT bakery and someone ordered a cake featuring verses from the Torah that are incompatible with the perversity movement.  Maybe even a stoning scene!  All in good fun, of course.

Would even one LGBT baker fill this order without so much as a sideways glance, or would they all react with fury and rally the mob?  Who would receive favorable coverage from the Times of Israel in that scenario?

Nu, fair is fair, but hypocrisy is their trademark.  It comes with changing the rules every five minutes, falsifying the Torah, and defying God's nature.        

I don't know who Yitzy Mittel is, but he is a hero.

Why did this extremely important story receive almost no coverage in media with a predominantly Orthodox Jewish audience?  Arutz Sheva merely republished the JTA story (here), and later published an op-ed by Rabbi Dov Fischer (here).  Aside from that, I couldn't find anything.

Why is the supposedly Orthodox Jewish media not celebrating this hero who is risking everything for the sake of the Torah?  Why are they not giving this story – one that has serious implications for our community – any attention at all?

I think I know why.  If they covered this story, they would have to take the side of the baker.  And if they take the side of the baker, they will become the next targets of the rainbow mafia.  So they quietly surrender.


Your local Orthodox rabbi, who would like to remain employable, will not make any public statements about this story for the same reason.

What fearless leaders we have.  Gedolim, I tell you!

Chazal tell us that in a place where there are no men, strive to be a man (Avos 2:5).  (No apologies to the feminist mafia; they're passé now, anyway.)   Yitzy Mittel is a man.  He had the courage to do what very few people would do.  Chances are you wouldn't have the courage to do what he did (at least not yet).

So I want you to support Yitzy Mittel and the West Orange Bake Shop.  We all owe him for standing up for what is right and true, in the face of a mob that will destroy anything in its path.  Let his bakery be so inundated with orders that they don't have time to answer questions from Erev Rav journalists.  Let them go from strength to strength, and let the fake rabbis and perverts eat their hearts out.

If someone can bring an order of chocolate chip cookies to Israel for me, I would be most grateful.




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