`272 Yair Hoffman Throws a Vaccine “Hail Mary”
Chananya Weissman

June 14, 2023


This is a response to two recent articles: Vaccine Deniers versus the Satmar Rebbe and The Baker, the Dentist and Our Biases.

"Rabbi" Yair Hoffman is mailing it in at this point. This is some of the most poorly written and poorly argued "Torah" propaganda I've seen from someone who puts his name to it. Honestly, it's fair to wonder if he was sober and fully awake when cranking this out, or if he was rushing to meet a deadline.

It would be easy to spend 2000 words ripping apart Hoffman's “arguments” line by line, including the utterly stupid, halachically worthless letter he dredged up, but we're past that. The following rambling paragraph sums it up best:


The hordes of commentators who cast aspersions on our doctors, our Gedolim, and any article that points out the overwhelming benefits of the classical vaccinations as will surely appear. It is likely that they appear in such numbers is because there is apparently an email network where they anti-vaccination people alert each other to comment to give the impression that most frum people are against vaccinations.”

It's quite a coincidence that his propaganda always gets posted on both VINnews and Yeshiva World within minutes, no matter the time of day it gets posted. What are the odds that two shady, fake-frum propaganda sites would really be one, like a troll farm, but pose as separate entities to give the impression that most frum people are for crapcination?

There is no chance Hoffman actually believes his own drivel. How much does he have to get paid to keep cranking this stuff out? Does he care that his echo chamber barely exists anymore, and that there is zero chance anyone finds his silly appeals to authority convincing anymore?

Do people like Hoffman, Asher Weiss, Akiva Tatz, Blima Marcus, and the rest of the slimy moles among us ever look in the mirror and wonder why so many people find the crazy ignorant anti-vaxxers far more convincing?

Seriously, Hoffman and his fellow pharmaceutical hacks are the most pathetic bunch I've ever come across. Their side is backed by unfathomable sums of money, the government, the media, the corporations, the tech companies, all the “experts”, all the “gedolim” – and they STILL lost to an unorganized bunch of concerned citizens with the deck stacked against them.

It's like a team of hall of fame athletes in their prime going up against a junior varsity team and getting blown out.

While Hoffman and his ilk have almost every advantage in this war for people's minds and souls, they have deteriorated into a pathetic group of clowns desperately clinging to a long-lost narrative. But, but...the doctors say so! 10,000 to 1! The Gedolim say so! You MUST listen to us!

If they weren't so detestable and downright evil, I would feel sorry for them. It's sad to watch people who have potential to accomplish good things turn out this way. But I feel worse for all the gullible fools who ruined their lives because of them. I don't have any pity left for the people responsible for this.

I'll tell you how the side with all the advantages managed to lose the public, and is continuing to lose by the day. No matter how much they appeal to authority and demand you ignore reality, like a flock of squawking geese, reality always wins in the end. No matter how much money, power, and how many order-following moles they have on their side, there is one thing they lack that makes their defeat inevitable.

The truth.



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