`269 The Serpents Among Us
Chananya Weissman

May 23, 2023


On May 21 there was a conference at The Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn called Raising the Bar: Improving Health for the Orthodox Community. The conference was spearheaded by Blima Marcus, whose mission is to infiltrate the “Ultra Orthodox” community she claims to be part of, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, with medical propaganda on behalf of government bodies and corporations that are decidedly secular and hostile to the Torah.

One wonders how a nice Ultra Orthodox Jewish girl could make a career out of collaborating with avowed atheists, abomination supporters, baby killers, eugenicists, and the like, in the interests of improving health for the Orthodox community. After all, these people believe there are far too many human beings on earth, and that Orthodox Jews in general have far too many children (considering their antipathy for Orthodox Jews, zero would be an ideal number, but anything more than two is a catastrophe.) It's an odd shidduch – unless the nice Ultra Orthodox Jewish girl is really one of them.

The conference was attended by members of the CDC and heavily subsidized by more than a dozen “hosts” with deep ties to the government and drug companies, despite portraying themselves as serving the local Jewish community. For example, the Boro Park Jewish Community Council signed a massive contract with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to “increase trust regarding the COVID-19 vaccine”, heavily promote the shots within the Orthodox Jewish world, and gather intelligence on the community. For more on this, see Moles and Mosrim in Brooklyn.

Not surprisingly, “Rabbi” Avi Greenstein, president of the BPJCC, was a featured speaker at the conference. His topic was “Growing Health Prevention Focus in Brooklyn: Developing Trust”. Insert your own punchline.

Another sponsor of the event was CHEMED Health Centers, which received nearly 8 million dollars in one government grant alone to “plan, prepare for, promote, distribute, administer, and track COVID–19 vaccines” (see here). In unrelated news, research indicates that CHEMED in Lakewood may have deployed the most toxic batch of Moderna vaccines upon pregnant Jewish women.

The conference featured numerous organizations and speakers who are at war with Hashem. This is not hyperbole or rhetoric. Although they masquerade as healthcare professionals who are concerned first and foremost with protecting God-fearing Jews, their actual views are plainly visible, and cannot be dismissed as irrelevant to their professional activities. The Agudas Anshei Emes blog exposed their true colors in a series of posts:

The Atheist Convention: Medical Missionaries in Williamsburg and Boro Park

The Atheist Convention Is Even Worse Than I Knew

How could things get lower than this?

One cannot disagree with any of the information contained in these posts. One can deny that it makes any difference, one can claim that these kofrim and reshaim should be trusted to provide top-notch, unbiased healthcare advice to the Orthodox Jewish community that represents everything these people hate most, but one could hardly be faulted for being skeptical regarding their true intentions.

One might also wonder why a nice Ultra Orthodox Jewish girl, in her quest to provide health education to a community she claims to identify with, invited specifically these “experts”. Is it all a mere coincidence? Is there no one suitable who doesn't support killing babies and sex change operations to guide us on healthy living?

Furthermore, one must wonder why decidedly secular entities would pour millions upon millions of dollars into initiatives such as this conference. Helping Orthodox Jews live longer and have more babies is not a philanthropic cause that would seem to interest them. Yet, when it comes to protecting the health of Orthodox Jews, as far as atheists are concerned, money is no object.

Remarkable, no?

There was a grassroots effort by concerned individuals to warn the community about this “health” conference. This should have come as no surprise to Blima Marcus. After all, as a supposed card-carrying member of the “Ultra Orthodox” community, she should be well aware that God-fearing Jews are highly suspicious of government intervention in their affairs, and with good reason – thousands of years of good reason. Regardless of how this intervention comes packaged – inevitably for our benefit and protection – we are right to be concerned about their true motives.

Even if their intentions are indeed altruistic, unlikely as that is, we've learned the hard way (or should have) that people who are distant from the Torah should not have authority over the internal affairs of communities that are committed to the Torah.

Hence, we might have expected Blima Marcus to react to this rightful suspicion with understanding, friendly overtures, and a sincere effort to address these concerns. She should have explained why God-fearing Jews should trust these kofrim and not be concerned about our organizations selling out. Are these not at least legitimate questions?

Considering most of the presentations at the conference centered around such topics as “Developing Trust”, “Improving Vaccine Engagement with Charedim”, and “Collaborating With Community to Improve Health”, responding to these concerns would have been a most logical place to start. In fact, Blima Marcus should have made it a priority to engage the very “charedim” and community members who objected to the conference. Wasn't that the whole point?

Ah, but that wasn't the point. The point was to infiltrate the community and wage war on it from within. For that to be successful, informed opposition must not be engaged, but silenced and squashed. Blima Marcus and her religious-looking cohorts were there to work not on behalf of the community they claim to identify with and care so much about, but the kofrim who pay them.

Rule of thumb: no matter what people would have you believe, when push comes to shove they work for those who pay them. Blima Marcus, Avi Greenstein, the BPJCC, JOWMA, and numerous other colleagues in their incestuous web of moles, do not work for God-fearing Jews. They work for the greatest enemies of God-fearing Jews.

Indeed, Marcus made no effort to reconcile with her detractors within the community. She took to Facebook and Twitter – not exactly hotbeds of God-fearing Jews – to attack and mock those who objected to the event. What, are they against supporting “community pediatricians in their holy work caring for our children in challenging times”? Sure, that must be it. Marcus's abortion-promoting friends care more about Jewish children than their own parents. Of course.

It's telling that Marcus's friends and followers tend to be those whose beliefs and lifestyles are antithetical to the Torah, which is reflected by their snarky comments in reply to her posts. If Marcus, as a supposed “Ultra Orthodox” Jew, is personally offended by these attacks on her people, there is no evidence of it. On the contrary, she seems to delight in them.

Another rule of thumb: if your friends and allies are hostile to “Ultra Orthodox” Jews, you are not an “Ultra Orthodox” Jew, or even a God-fearing Jew of any persuasion.

On May 18, three days before the kefira conference, the secular Jewish Telegraph Agency published an article titled “Anti-vaccine protest targets Orthodox health event in Brooklyn”. The article was dutifully republished in the New York Jewish Week – no friend of Orthodox Jews, to put it mildly – and VINNews, a sleazy “news” site that propagandizes primarily to the Chassidic community.

The article is a fine example of Judenrat journalism, with thinly veiled canards about Orthodox Jews being primitive, irrational, violent, and spreaders of disease. Blima Marcus was quoted extensively in the article, and it is fair to wonder if she spearheaded the “story” being covered in the first place. Either way, if Marcus was really trying to support the Orthodox Jewish community, contributing to a hit piece in the likes of the JTA and the Jewish Week – which cater to an audience that is inimical to Orthodox Jews – would be an unusual approach.

A small group of community members stood outside the hotel with signs objecting to the event. Blima Marcus made no effort to engage them and attempt to alleviate their concerns – which, again, was the stated purpose of the event. Instead, she took pictures of these private individuals standing up for Hashem and posted them on social media, which naturally invited her anti-God followers to heap abuse upon them.

Blima Marcus couldn't resist adding the following comment, which is a window into her true nature: “And hats off to Williamsburg Shomrim who heckled the protestors for 6 straight hours while ensuring we remained undistubed [sic].”

Since when is it the role of a community security group to heckle religious Jews who peacefully object to an event in their community?

Is that the sort of “engagement” Blima Marcus and her cohorts have in mind if they achieve more of a foothold in the community? Knowing the agenda and ruthlessness of those for whom she works, if those who oppose their activities get off with mere heckling, they should consider themselves very fortunate.

Marcus would gleefully turn them in – whatever it takes for “public health”.

Indeed, she shared one particularly sinister slide that summed up a presentation on “improving vaccine engagement” by an enemy of Hashem and the Jewish people. It contained the following “priority”:

“Resources that can respond to the evolving non-vaccination advocacy and counter this harm. Communities (editors; educators) can support public health by not publishing content/adverts that are misleading or misinformed.”

In other words, commissioning the media and schools to propagandize on behalf of drug companies, Amalekite “health officials”, and the government, and to censor any dissenting view. What constitutes “misleading and misinformed” would of course be determined exclusively by them.

Nothing to be concerned about there, you crazy conspiracy theorist. They only have our best interests in mind, as history has taught us. We should give these “experts” complete control over our communication and education. What could possibly go wrong?

According to Blima Marcus, the “Orthodox Jewish nurse” who hobnobs with anti-God activists and menaces God-fearing protestors, you're crazy and dangerous if you have any objections to this.

I do not understand why more Rabbonim have not publicly condemned Marcus and her activities, which are at complete odds with the physical and spiritual welfare of the community she claims to represent.

I do not understand why organizations such as the BPJCC, JOWMA, and Hatzolah, which have sold out to secular entities seeking to infiltrate our communities and destroy them from within, can get away with it for so long without an intense public pushback.

I do not understand why Jews who are so concerned about keeping impurity out of their homes continue to subscribe to publications that work hand in hand with our enemies to spread kefira and drug company propaganda disguised as news.

I don't know what more it will take before people wake up en masse and drive the evil out of our midst with the same determination we have to find every morsel of Chametz before Pesach.

Why will God-fearing Jews show up by the hundreds of thousands for a funeral, but only a handful care that kofrim are coming for them and their children, and are already at their doorstep?

Wake up already and take some action. It's already late in the game and you're running out of time.



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