`268 Erev Rav Yair Hoffman Defends Lying About Vaccines
Chananya Weissman

May 17, 2023


For a while now Yair Hoffman, a “rabbi” in New York, has been mangling the Torah to promote vaccine dogma, which, of course, is readily published by fake-Orthodox propaganda outlets. His style, so typical of Erev Rav, is to make bombastic declarations sandwiched around non-specific Torah sources that he takes way out of context, precisely the way Reform Jews and their ilk claim everything that flies in the face of the Torah is really supported by it.

Chazal had a term for this: megaleh panim B'Torah shelo k'halacha. As I've noted many times, even if such people have Torah and good deeds to their credit, they lose their share in the world to come (Avos 3:11). This is in fact quite reasonable; they leverage their Torah and good deeds to lend credibility to their perversions of the Torah. Their Torah and goods deeds are thus not meritorious, but necessary tools for the crimes they knowingly commit.

Before we get to Hoffman's most recent contribution, in which he really outdid himself, here are a couple of his greatest hits from past propaganda pieces.

Yair Hoffman declared at the end of 2020 that the covid death shots “had no special dispensation. Notwithstanding what one Rabbi in an Israeli hospital is saying, it was required to go through the same process as every other pharmaceutical.” (Emphasis his.)

This is a lie. Even the establishment deceivers claimed that, although the development of the shots was greatly expedited and bureaucratic red tape was bypassed, no scientific corners were cut and no safety considerations were compromised. No intelligent person should have found that claim credible, either, but Hoffman's claim that the entire process was the same as always (as if even that means we should blindly trust establishment claims of safety) was pure fabrication.

In the same piece he put on his Moshe Rabbeinu hat and declared in bold “there is not a heter in the world to avoid the vaccine.(Again, emphasis his.)

Of course, he gives deferential treatment to the usual Erev Rav sellouts like Hershel Schachter and Asher Weiss, while venerating “the data” as if it was delivered straight from Har Sinai, to deceive his readers that his position is open and shut, when in fact it is built on smoke and mirrors.

He later declared from on high that “the vaccine does not cause infertility”, a false prophecy that hasn't aged well at all, yet if Hoffman has had the humility and decency to retract his claims I see no evidence of it.

At the end of this masterpiece, Hoffman added the following disclaimer: “This article is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or as a halachic psak. Readers are advised to consult their own physician and rav for guidance.”

This is bizarre. If all the bombastic medical and halachic declarations Hoffman made to this point were not professional medical advice or psak, what were they exactly? Mere food for thought? Light Shabbos reading?

It seems most likely that Hoffman knew quite well the game he was playing, and a critical component of this game is to cover oneself with a legal fig leaf. JOWMA does the same in their propaganda ads for shots they get paid to promote, which they know are unnecessary and dangerous. Everyone must take these shots, the science is clear, the Torah is clear. Hurry! People are dying! But, wink wink, small print, consult your doctor or rabbi.

If people like Hoffman had an ounce of integrity or anything left of a conscience, they would at least admit their past mistakes, offer a weak excuse, and blame others for misleading them. But the Erev Rav syndicate can do no such thing. If they were ever truly honorable members of our nation, they have excused themselves, and are now foreign agents waging war on the Jewish people from within.

If nine Jewish men are in a room and one of these Erev Rav walk in, it is my sincere belief that you do not have a minyan. Even if you do (let uncorrupted poskim weigh in on this), the proper thing to do is to throw him out.

On May 14 Hoffman outdid himself with a propaganda piece that is so poorly written and generally incoherent that it would be unworthy of critical examination if not for an incredible rationalization for the establishment he serves.

It can be found on The Yeshiva World and VIN News, two muckraking sites that cater primarily to Jews who wear pseudo-religious costumes and virtue signal how frum they are, while secretly being as frei as those they sneer at, if not worse. Sites such as these offer them a fake-kosher outlet to escape their social repression and religious suffocation, and an online space to behave like jerks in the anonymous virtual company of their very own.

It is unclear why the intrepid “gedolim”, who supposedly devote their lives to keeping impurity out of people's homes and minds, who ban books and cell phones and all kinds of things in the most hyperbolic of terms, have nothing to say about sites like this, let alone heresy organizations like JOWMA.

Reasonable people can disagree about where to draw the line in keeping out potentially harmful influences and how public a role rabbis should play in this. However, rabbis who readily sign on all kinds of bans, who often merely piggyback on others and have no direct knowledge of what they are banning, yet allow “kosher” muckraking sites, JOWMA, and so many other enemies of Torah-true Jews to infiltrate our communities without a peep of protest, will have a lot to answer for, no matter how pious and learned they might otherwise be.

Back to Hoffman's latest piece. I was pleased to see that an overwhelming majority of those who commented did an excellent job refuting the dubious claims he continued to make about vaccines and “anti-vaxxers”, a propaganda slur whose efficacy has all but worn off like that of the shots they so rightly declined.

As usual, those opposing the shots come across as articulate, informed, and reasonable, while the ever-dwindling number of raving trolls who appeal to authority and demand “data” for that which we can see with our own eyes are like the last wisps of smoke from a cigarette that has been snuffed out. Even in their heyday they could only bully people into compliance, not actually win them over, and these little bullies have lost their punch.

There is one point in Hoffman's rambling drivel that deserves great attention. After all that we have learned – so many of us the hard way – about the reality of covid, the death shots, and the highly coordinated incestuous web of censorship and deceit, Hoffman is forced to acknowledge that the shots caused “rare, but often serious” adverse reactions.

That's right, folks, the shots Hoffman previously claimed there was no heter not to take, the dangers of which he downplayed and denied, have now admittedly been responsible for a small number of problems. (He should inform Asher Weiss, who previously denied even that. Maybe it isn't the cholent after all.)

Does this segue to a heartfelt apology from Hoffman for leading whoever was foolish enough to be swayed by his propaganda into harm's way? Of course not. Hoffman begins this piece with irrational, unfounded fear-mongering about polio (the Mengele establishment's health panic du jour to inject people, children especially, with Amalek juice). His belated acknowledgement that the covid shots caused rare adverse reactions is just another fig leaf to portray himself as an honest, reasonable person, and cobble together some credibility to push the latest propaganda.

Hoffman then cloaks himself in a mantle of emes in a repugnant misappropriation of the Torah and Hashem, neither of which guide him. What immediately follows this false appeal to Hashem's seal of Truth is his most damning statement:

During Covid-19, finally, a vaccine against the deadly version of the virus came out. It saved many people. However, in order to save these people, the NIH, CDC, and a number of others including doctors – suppressed some of the information regarding the Covid-19 vaccines and adverse reactions to vaccines.

Hoffman expresses absolutely no objection to the deliberate suppression of medical information that destroyed many people's lives. He simply glides right past this astonishing admission, as if it's a parenthetical point, and only laments that these unfortunate victims – who, again, were knowingly misled into harm's way – did not receive better treatment after suffering harm. The moral crime was not harming them in the first place – it was for the good of society, after all, a necessary human sacrifice to the covid gods, Ba'al and Molech, to save others – but dismissing their claims and denying them better medical care after the fact.

For a person who passes himself off as an Orthodox rabbi, someone who writes authoritatively on halacha, who professes to be an ambassador of the gedolim and a purveyor of Hashem's truth itself, to make such a statement and get away with it tells us all we need to know about the state of affairs in the Jewish world.

Yair Hoffman explicitly defended governments, health officials, doctors, and the media knowingly lying to people about the potential risks of an injection, so long as they believe (or claim to believe) it will “save lives”.

Now go ahead and take your “polio shot”.

Hoffman then offers an amateurish psychoanalysis of “anti-vaxxers”, going so far as to accuse them of seeking to profit from their deranged suspicion of other vaccines. Even the original snake would blush at Hoffman's utterly shameless inversion of reality.

So after finally admitting that yes, indeed, the covid shots caused harm in a few rare cases, and that actively lying to people about the dangers of a medical procedure is kosher for the nebulous “public benefit”, Hoffman continues to malign those who dare question vaccines in general or otherwise harbor suspicions about the integrity of the establishment.

Yes, we lie to you sometimes, and we might maim or kill you, but we do it for good reasons, so trust us always, you deranged anti-vaxxer.

This was published as a legitimate Torah piece in multiple “Orthodox” media outlets, who clearly support these views.

Yair Hoffman does not really believe what he wrote. Erev Rav like him and the numerous rabbinic phonies in this evil syndicate know exactly what they are doing. They are like crisis actors, just playing a part in exchange for whatever material rewards the monsters they serve offer them – careers, prestigious positions, awards, favorable media attention, and financial perks.

Perhaps long ago these people still had a conscience, some spark in their soul that cried out in pain when they severed their connection to Hashem and goodness. It is clear that there is nothing left of these people, just spiritual husks filled with darkness. Their crimes are too great to be atoned in this world.

I am grateful that Hoffman made such outrageous statements that no decent person would find convincing. The snakes are getting desperate. They need to pass off the covid shots as a one-off so they can maintain a semblance of credibility, continue to control the masses, and continue misleading us about so many other things.

It is high time the masses rose up as one and utterly rejected these Erev Rav. These are not good people who maybe made a mistake. These are evil people. The propaganda organs that promote them are evil. Whatever Torah and good deeds they display serve only as camouflage so they can mislead us more effectively.

According to Chazal, they have no share in the world to come.

Let them no longer have a place among us in this world, either.



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