`265 What Would King David Do?
Chananya Weissman

April 10, 2023


In this age of instant reactions and herd mentality, we need to step back and ask a simple question: What would King David do?

I encourage everyone to read through the parts of Shmuel and Divrei Hayamim that cover King David's life. Even a superficial reading will fill you with true Jewish feeling and thinking, and an occasional refresher course will fortify your mind against un-Jewish ideas.

King David would not plead with the United Nations to condemn the recent slaughter of Jews in Israel. Under his watch, Israel would have nothing to do with the wicked farce that is the United Nations, let alone grovel for their recognition, sympathy, or approval.

King David would not plead with world leaders to issue statements in support of Israel. He would not ask them to affirm Israel's right to exist or Israel's right to defend itself. Who does that? How pathetic!

King David would not freeze construction of homes in any part of Israel, ever, in order to mollify those who don't want Jews living there. Who ever heard of such a thing? How could a leader of any country adopt such a policy and face his people, or even himself?

King David would not respond to the slaughter of Jews by granting approval for limited construction of additional homes. One builds homes for his people because that's what normal people do, not as a punishment to those who murder his people. Do you think the bloodthirsty Arabs are deterred because of this? Do you think they ever sat around planning a terrorist attack, and then called it off because an apartment was approved in some border town in response to the last one?

Do you think they quake in fear because we quickly clean up the aftermath of a terrorist attack and “go back to normal”, proclaiming that killing our people won't deter the rest of us from going on living? Do you think that deters them? “Oh no, the Jews cleaned up the blood! They are drinking coffee and shopping again! Why should we bother killing more of them?”

Our enemies laugh at us. They scorn us. And they are right. We are fools and losers for pretending this is an act of defiance or deterrence.

Our enemies would not laugh at King David. They would cower in fear at the very mention of his name.

Needless to say, King David would not obsess over protecting “innocent civilians” when fighting for the lives and dignity of his people. He would chase after Israel's enemies, and wouldn't stop until they were utterly decimated (Tehillim 18:38). If a few “innocent” friends and neighbors of our enemies were in the wrong place at the wrong time, that was their bad luck; war isn't pretty. Our people come first.

King David would not worry about “radicalizing” more terrorists by unleashing fury on the current batch of terrorists. King David never made such calculations. He took care of business. It worked extremely well, far better than anything the people who make all sorts of calculations ever tried.

King David would not spend a fortune sending aid to foreign nations that despise Israel. That is not a sanctification of God's name; it's a desecration of God's name. Let Turkey have earthquakes. Not our problem. We have plenty of our own poor and suffering people to take care of first.

King David would not worry about other countries cutting off their “aid” to Israel for behaving like a real Jew. King David would never accept their "charity" in the first place, let alone grovel for it. He would not allow Israel to be dependent on other countries, or beholden to them, or allow them to meddle in our domestic affairs. That is a desecration of Hashem's name like little else.

King David would not only allow Jews to pray on Har Habayis, he would encourage it. It would be incomprehensible to him that Jews face any restrictions in their own land, in their holiest place, while foreign interlopers act like they own the place.

King David would never be concerned that a Jew behaving like a Jew, and observing anything in the Torah, would be considered “provocative” to Israel's enemies. What business do we have being in Israel at all if not to behave like Jews and observe the Torah? If our enemies are provoked by that, King David would dare them to do something about it. Just you try.

They might try. Once.

If King David were in charge, we would have Pesach sacrifices in accordance with the Torah. We would certainly not worry about slaughtering a sheep being viewed as primitive or provocative by our enemies.

If King David were in charge, beautiful innocent Jews would not be slaughtered as Pesach sacrifices in lieu of sheep. If anyone so much as lifted a finger against a Jew, or a rock, or gave him a dirty look, King David would get biblical on them. He would show them what a holy war is.

But King David is not in charge. The Erev Rav deep state is in charge.

So Jews are regularly slaughtered, and maimed, and beaten, and spat upon, and intimidated in their own land, by miserable squatters who are emboldened by our fear and fecklessness. We nervously try to explain to the world why this is wrong and unfair, seeking love and receiving only scorn. Again, the world is right to scorn us. Why should they love people who don't love themselves? Why should they respect people who don't respect themselves?

Why should our enemies fear people who are always quick to fight their own, but make calculations before fighting their enemies? Who squabble among themselves, yet reach out to their killers with “gestures” of peace?

King David would be quick to fight his enemies, but would be a brother and friend to all his people, instead of dividing them against one another.

The problem is not so much that King David is not our leader, not even close. The problem is that too many of us don't want King David to be our leader. They have drifted so far from the Torah, from what it means to be a real Jew, that they would be horrified by the thought of someone like King David leading us. They prattle about “Jewish values”, empty buzzwords like “love” and “tolerance”, but they represent neither Judaism nor anything of value.

Even Jews who believe themselves to be religious have been corroded by fake Jewish leaders, relentless propaganda in the media (even the “right wing” and “religious” media), educational institutions that produce obedient clones and drones – each according to their mold – but not people who would ever vote for King David if the Erev Rav deep state even allowed him to run for office. After all, King David doesn't just spout inflammatory rhetoric like the pretend religious leaders who work for the deep state, who serve as bogeymen to divide the people, create chaos, and lead their followers nowhere; he's the real deal. If the deep state couldn't destroy his name in the media, or have him disqualified as a terrorist, or jail him for some bogus crime, they would eliminate him.

And most of the people would be glad to be rid of King David. He's inconvenient. He's impractical. He gives us a bad name.

They want leaders who are a little proud of being Jewish, but not too proud, not when the goyim are watching. They want leaders who pay lip service to the Torah, but are ashamed of the parts that matter most.

That's the problem. Not enough of us understand what a true Jewish leader is, even if we pray every day for the kingdom of David to be restored. We don't mean it.

Hoshea 3:5 writes as follows:

  אחר ישבו בני ישראל ובקשו את ה' אלהיהם ואת דויד מלכם ופחדו אל ה' ואל טובו באחרית הימים

Afterward the Sons of Israel will return, and they will seek Hashem their God, and David their king, and they will fear with yearning to Hashem and to His goodness in the end of days.

Chazal explain that we will not be redeemed until we yearn for three things to be restored: the kingdom of Heaven, the Bais Hamikdash...and the kingdom of David (see Hoshea and the Three Requests and The Leader We Pray For).

I'm totally disgusted with the Erev Rav, with the fake leaders, with this cheap facsimile of a State of Israel that disgraces the Torah and degrades our people. I yearn for the kingdom of Heaven, the Bais Hamikdash, and the kingdom of David. Nothing less will suffice.

When enough of us truly want it, we will get it.

What more will it take?



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