`260 Confronting Asher Weiss and Getting Assaulted
Chananya Weissman

February 26, 2023


I don't know why certain rabbis are in some sort of protected class and are allowed to get away with murder (pun intended). The more prominent the rabbi, the greater the responsibility and accountability, not less. If a rabbi has to be coddled and protected by people who run interference for him, if his weird behavior and odd statements have to be rationalized to keep his aura intact, he doesn't deserve it.

Last night I managed to confront Asher Weiss for a few precious seconds and ask him if he had anything to say to the many people who were harmed by the shots he forcefully said they had to take. It should not have required an elaborate operation and some good fortune (Baruch Hashem) for this to happen.

The video is available at https://rumble.com/v2ay2n4-confronting-asher-weiss-and-getting-assaulted.html. See the description for more important links.

Notice at the 1:24 mark where I am shoved from behind, and then Weiss himself makes a menacing move at me. It was a brief moment when the mask was dropped and Weiss broke character, before he quickly recovered and went back into phony mode.

A real rabbi would make himself available and explain himself, especially on matters of such serious importance. A real rabbi would not be dismissive and condescending when questioned. A real rabbi would not be openly hostile toward a peasant who managed to sneak through his defenses and ask him a difficult question, one which he has no right to run away from.

Asher Weiss is not a real rabbi. He is a phony. He oozes phoniness. He is a bad actor, in both senses of the term. And I don't want to hear about "respecting rabbis", "lashon hara", and "embarrassing someone in public". Weiss is not the victim in this scenario. He is the perpetrator.

I was in the presence of real evil last night. The fact that Weiss is a scholarly and educated man only makes him more sinister and dangerous.

For quite some time I have been urging the community to confront people like Weiss who distorted the Torah and pushed death shots on our people. Enough coddling them. Do what I did. Approach them and ask them the questions their handlers and our controlled media never will. Get it on video. Share it. There is nothing they can say that would make them look good.

Even if they apologized, it would fall flat, because they should have done that on their own long ago. But they won't apologize. They will show themselves for the weasels they are, and seeing it is far more powerful than an article telling people about it. This is an avoda, and it needs to be done.

You know who the main culprits are. Glatt, Schachter, Tatz, Ariel, Eliyahu, moles from JOWMA, Hatzoloh, and other such corrupted organizations. Unlike the politicians and corporate goons for whom they work, they can't hide from people in their own communities. Go talk to them. And share it.

Many people have all the time in the world to blow hot air on social media, but they won't do anything in real life that will actually make a difference. Last night I stepped forward and did something. I hope more people will do the same.



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